Cloud City’s Scarlet Blaze Clears


I did all of my Cloud City’s Scarlet Blaze clears earlier on in the week on my Twitch Twitch Stream and subsequently uploaded them to my YT YouTube channel. However, I realize this may not reach all of my readers so I will provide a compiled list of them here. Perhaps next time I will post these on my website in a more timely manner.

Challenge 10

Challenge 10 was surprisingly straight forward and was actually done first try on both accounts.

Challenge 9

I realized from extensive testing on Fantastic that the poison skyfalls could easily ruin a promising run.

Challenge 8

Avoiding light and dark teams made Machine Hera easy to deal with as you ignore her 2 turns of light and dark absorb.

Challenge 7

Challenge 7 was one of the two that gave people the most trouble over all (other being Challenge 6). No Awoken Skills prevents Skill Boosts Skill Boost from taking effect. A more budget option is to use Gunma 440 and match all 12 elements on your team to ping down floor 2.

One of the hardest Level 7’s in my mind.

Challenge 6

Challenge 6 was another tricky one as it features both Sopdet and then Metatron as the final boss. Dark Athena proved to be quite a consistent leader overall and having a large burst plus defense break/void is crucial to success.

Perhaps the hardest Level 6 of any Challenge series.


Challenge 5

Just use a team of Gods and you should be fine with the amplified stats.

Challenge 4

Using either mono colour or 7 Combo 45 proved to be successful.



This set of Challenges was easier at the top but much more difficult on level 6 and 7. Let me know how you fared in this series and what strategies you used to overcome these new encounters.

Happy Puzzling!

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10 thoughts on “Cloud City’s Scarlet Blaze Clears”

  1. Thanks for the vids. i am currently stuck on 7. I have everything i need to get through it except for consistent skill. Doing 7 combos is very frustrating with anubis/diablos.


    1. In the end I eked out a few more levels. I realized I can’t consistently do 8 combos without time extends. So switched and found i could do it with Dark Metatron…but then flubbed up and had no more friends with her up. Fortunately Dark Athena worked too.

      Then level 8 was surprisingly easy with Meri. I had some stamina still, but i didn’t feel like investing in the last 2 levels. Still 8/10 isnt bad. Had i started playing the harder ones sooner i think i could have done them all.


  2. Thank you so much for your advice. I don’t own Anubis, so I was totally hitting a wall with level 8, with my Dathena team.

    After see you video, I switched to my awoken Kenshin/ ultimate Krishna team. Blazed through level 8 on both my accounts on first try.

    Really, really really thank you Mantastic.
    And all the best with your new place. =)


  3. C6 for me was the hardest…. I don’t have a relevant DA boost, Loki and Yumi enhance weren’t enough. I had to rely on a friend with one… Of which I have exactly ONE. Sigh. Took me days of waiting and messing up things like forgetting to swap back inherits before I passes last night. I went through with Yog and Minerva for everything else. C10 I stoned the boss because I had about half an hour to finish hahha.


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