[Videos] Challenge 10 & 9: A Mantastic & Fantastic Coop Spectacular


This round of Challenge Dungeons came with a wide array of challenging spawns along with problematic mechanics that require careful planning to overcome. All the videos were lifted from my Twitch stream (which you can catch every Monday and Thursday at https://www.twitch.tv/mantasticpad) so excuse the lack of editing. Blue Sonia Blue Sonia is an Fantastic leader due to her high burst potential, wonderful damage control, and insane recovery. Due to the music being played on stream, some countries may not be able to view them on YouTube; however, you can simply re-watch the past broadcast on Twitch =)

Challenge 10

Challenge 10 had a wide array of troublesome spawns that required you to have damage control, bind clearing, and high burst damage to succeed. I made a nearly lethal error on the second floor as I misread that he will bind all monsters for 4 turns on his first attack. Lesson learned: carefully read all the dungeon mechanics!

Blue Sonia BL Hermes Bankai Andro Ryune I&I Blue Sonia
Blue Sonia BL Hermes Awoken Oorochi Blodin BL Hermes Blue Sonia

I used B/L Hermes BL Hermes as a base for inheriting Awoken Sakuya Sakuya to remove the preemptive dark binds from Nordis. Normally having a card that is not bind immune inherit a bind clear is risky; however, Nordis will only bind dark monsters so I was safe.

Hermes Inherit
I eventually broke the transfer

Aside from the miscalculation on the second floor, everything went according to plan and just goes to show the power of Blue Sonia when it comes to stalling.

CH10 kill shot
Nordis got wet

Challenge 9

Challenge 9 should have been renamed “How to Kill Ilsix” as the other floors were relatively straight forward by comparison. I chose to use Blue Sonia due to her amazing recovery and her ability to easily handle Ilsix at the end.

Blue Sonia BL Hermes Bankai Andro Ryune I&I Blue Sonia
Blue Sonia BL Hermes Awoken Oorochi Blodin BL Hermes Blue Sonia

I chose not to use any Skill Inheritance for this dungeon because all the subs already provided the actives I required. Everything went relatively according to plan and Ilsix was a better behaved dragon.

Ilsix win

The key to handling Ilsix with Blue Sonia is bringing a B/L Hermes to convert all the heart orbs after he does Frenzy (after reaching the 1-29% HP threshold where he loses Resolve). This allows you to easily kill him with water rows and the locked jammers do not present a problem.

Challenge 7

I decided to bring a more rarely seen leader for Challenge 7 and decided to use one of my favourite cards: Zaerog Infinity Z8. Zaerog Infinity has an exciting leader skill that forces you to make numerous dark combos to trigger 36x (49x for Dragons) ATK. This forces you to bring many orb changers along with carefully planning cascades to help grant an extra dark skyfall from his 3 turn buff.


Hopefully these videos were informative and helps you better understand how to navigate the treacherous encounters found in Challenge 9 and 10. If you have not already, you should check out my Twitch Stream every Monday and Thursday at 6pm PST.

Happy Puzzling!

10 thoughts on “[Videos] Challenge 10 & 9: A Mantastic & Fantastic Coop Spectacular”

  1. Awesome!
    Due the Japan timezone, we’re usually at work when you’re streaming, so, it’s very nice when you post the videos.

    And good job!


    1. Who do you run on your XM team and what inherits? Where are you finding problems?

      You will need to be careful of floor 2 and the bind (don’t do what I did lol)


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