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Cosmic Trinity – Why Dark Athena and Ra Dragon are Faltering and the Idea of Support Teams


Cosmic Trinity offers the most challenging encounters that are currently available but are gatekeeped behind 3-Player Coop. Now I understand that not everyone likes the idea of trusting random strangers, but at least your own personal progression is less hindered by comparison to 2-Player mode.

With all that being said, new teams and leaders have emerged as more ideal/meta while cards that were previously at the top have begun to falter and decline.

This article will examine what makes a powerful team/leader for Cosmic Trinity, why Dark Athena and Ra Dragon are faltering as well as things you can do to improve your own chances of success barring perfect/ideal teams.

In addition, I will also be touching upon the idea of utilizing a support team if you are lacking top tier teams for Cosmic Trinity.

Video commentary

—video coming soon—

Support team in action

What is Cosmic Trinity?

Cosmic Trinity is one of the new 3P dungeons that falls under the Complete Annihilation difficulty.  It features various Descend bosses that gain increasingly higher stats up until the point where they can have 50+ million HP and deal essentially lethal amounts of damage to the average team. Furthermore, they appear in a random fashion which makes it challenging to actually plan accordingly. Finally, the final floor is guarded by a brand new encounter that is quite terrifying, but has various ways to cheese it.

Thus, half the challenge is actually being able to survive until the final boss while having the capacity to deal sufficient damage against spawns with 200-500 million health. Continue reading Cosmic Trinity – Why Dark Athena and Ra Dragon are Faltering and the Idea of Support Teams

My Perspective on Multiplayer

Multiplayer/Coop has been live in NA for a modest period of time now and has given us numerous laughs, heart aches, and frustrations. Puzzle and Dragons was originally a solo game that could be picked up and put down at will. There was less pressure to perform or match quickly and you could even put aside your device mid dungeon and come back at a later time. These features combined with the whole match orb/collect pretty girls/puzzle process medium is probably the reason many of you are playing today. For the most part, PAD has been a solo game with only some interaction between other players. Then came the introduction of Best Friends, Ranking Dungeons, and finally Mutliplayer.

Best Friends gave new meaning to virtual partnerships as it granted players access to numerous benefits and access to more leads for prolonged periods of time. A smashing success overall. On the otherhand, Ranking Dungeons have probably been met with mixed reviews. Granted these are completely optional and only award a one time, varying reward and you do not need to attempt (but should at least for the participation rewards). Introducing the game’s only PvP (player versus player) component can be frustrating, especially given the limitations of the scoring system, but again it is completely optional and does not have too big of an impact in the long run. Another bad side effect is the feeling of not being good enough as you are given a (albeit inaccurate) percentage ranking based on a poorly designed scoring system.

Now we have the Multiplayer feature which has a diverse array of emotions from players of all progression and skill levels. Upon Coop’s initial release, I wrote a nice little post on my initial impressions if you care to take a look. However, after about two months of largely playing with myself, I have a much stronger opinion formulated on multiplayer. As a disclaimer, my alt account, Fantastic, is nearing rank 500 and is quite developed and I am able to form a very powerful Blue Sonia Blue Sonia team between my two accounts. This allows me to excessively play with myself as I always have a partner who is ready to go. Continue reading My Perspective on Multiplayer

3 Minute Stamina and Coop Gameplay Initial Impressions and Tips

Coop/multiplayer dungeons were part of the newest update and allow players to team up with their friends to take on some new dungeons along with some of the most challenging descends. I spent a great deal of time playing with my best friend (donutdust) and Mom (MOMtastic) last night and it was the most fun I had in PAD in a long time. It helped that they both came to visit me and the room was filled with lots of laughter, cries of joy, and wonderful drops. Furthermore,  with the advent of 3 minute stamina recharge and reduced stamina cost for entering dungeons in coop, we were able to play for a very long time. Continue reading 3 Minute Stamina and Coop Gameplay Initial Impressions and Tips