Dark Row Self Coop Farming Limited Time Dungeons


The past 6 months have given new value to both Coins and Super Snow Globe Dragons due to the Super Level Limit Breaking (level 110 -> 120) which is needed for utilizing the Double Damage Cap Latent.

With this in mind, Shura 3 / World of Carnage 3 is the single best place to acquire these materials. Sadly, this is an incredibly challenging dungeon and will most likely be out of reach for the majority of players.

While this may be distressing, we now have highly lucrative Limited Time Dungeons (timings found under LTD tab) that can be Swipe Farmed in coop. The two I have in mind are a Gathering of Snow Globes (for Super Snow Globes) and Revenge of the King Diamond Dragon (for Coins).

As such, I wish to share my set up and though process for overcoming these dungeons as quickly as possible.

Video commentary

Why Dark?

Both Gathering of Snow Globes and Revenge of the King Diamond Dragon feature Light as the strongest/most durable spawn and being Dark grants everyone 2x damage which can be thought of as a bonus <50% awakening. Furthermore, the availability of Chuan makes this easier along with a full Harem of Lucifers acting as incredibly viable (and accessible) subs.

Another thing to remember is that in coop, you will have 10 active skills along with only having to overcome 5 floors in total. As such, the goal will be to bring enough Skill Boosts Skill Boost to trigger the active skills you will need and simply populating the rest of the inherits with Rows Dark row,<50% . or relevant Killer awakening.

Remember, the requirements are pretty low for these dungeons so team compositions have tremendous flexibility.

Viable leader options

We want a leader who has an activation clause that is not tied to combos or multiple colours/dark combos. Someone who activates from a blob of Dark orbs (aka a Row) works well.

There are probably more options but these are the ones I have/most familiar with. Furthermore, both Lu Bu and Vritra are Pantheon cards which makes them more accessible.

Dark Orb generation with 50% or more HP Cut (Ilmina link)

This should be the first active skill you use in order to get below half health to trigger leader skills and/or <50% awakenings. If you only cut by 50%, you may need another HP cutting active later on in case of a Heal Skyfall.

There are no preemetives in these dungeons so going down to 1 HP is perfectly fine.

Dark Row generation (Ilmina link)

More in link

Chuan is always a solid choice

3 or more Row Dark row inherits (Ilmina link)

3 or more <50%  awakenings (Ilmina link)

Weapons with Redeemable Material Killer  (Ilmina link)

Used for Revenge of the King Diamond Dragon

Weapons with Enhance Material Killer 42 (Ilmina link)

Used for Super Snow Globe Dragons

Weapons with <50% (Ilmina link)

These Weapons work generically well vs all spawns but using the specific Killer will be more efficient as it is 3x compared to the 2x below.

Killer Latents

On your hardest hitting cards, you can apply Enhance Material 42 and/or Redeemable Material Killers to augment their damage. Each latent grants 1.5x ATK and is multiplicative.

You can always do a 2-2 split (for 8 slot cards) and enjoy 2.25x ATK vs all spawns in either dungeon.


Coop Swipe Farming is wonderfully time efficient and I can comfortably do 20 or so clears (full stamina + ad refill) within the 30 minute window. While this is less stamina efficient compared to Shura 3, this is far easier, can be done with minimal effort, and for myself, does not hurt my wrists.

Hopefully this provides some inspiration for players who have either 2 accounts or a reliable friend.

Happy Puzzling!

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