GungHo Belial Is a Game Changer


The GungHo Collab returns to North America and I almost feel it is simply an excuse to bring back the Orb Skin, GH Belial . At this point in time, GH Belial is one of the most over-tuned cards in the game and she is arguably the best universal Cleric available.

This is significant in a meta where the Cleric role is the most important card on a given team due to the prevalence of Binds, Awoken Binds, and Unmatchable mechanics. As such, having a fast charging solution is mandatory in virtually all content. Furthermore, GH Belial provides 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost, Super Poison Resist , a Massive Healing Solution (+heart x5), and a 5 turn full-Cleric active skill on a non-Transforming card. By not Transforming, players can inherit a Delay/Haste/whatever is needed to solve Floor 1 for their respective team.

While all of this is meaningful, GH Belial cannot be Monster Exchanged for and players will either have to get lucky and roll her or IAP/purchase her Bundle directly. To clarify, GungHo does not support me in any way whatsoever so there is no incentive for me to mislead my readers by saying she is worth purchasing with real life money.

I was fortunate enough to roll one and have the IAP Bundle gifted by Deknas so I own both her Cleric and Dark form and to be honest, it has been incredibly valuable as I now have access to two amazingly powerful cards.

More so the point I wish to express is that if you are IAP-friendly, GH Belial is a meaningful purchase as she will have value for the foreseeable future as she will make your PAD life significantly easier, regardless of the form you choose to pursue.

Video commentary

GH Belial

  • Arguably the best/most universal Cleric in the game
    • Full Bind/Awoken Bind clear
    • Full Unmatchable clear
    • 5 turn CD
      • Does not Transform
      • Can inherit a Delay/Haste for F1
    • Can be used off-colour
  • Super Poison Resist
  • Incredible Healing Solution
    • +heart +heart +heart +heart +heart
    • Huge RCV
    • Solves any 1x RCV team issues
      • Enables -RCV Weapons on other cards
  • 4 SB Skill Boost
  • Viable enough Leader if Swapped into
  • Jiggles
  • GungHo will probably buff/keep her relevant for a long time
  • No personal damage
    • May be an issue in WoC3/MD1
  • No SBR Skill Lock Resist
    • May be problematic if many cards lack this
  • Cannot Monster Exchange for
    • But can IAP directly
  • Dark form is a premier Farming leader
    • Makes you want 2 copies
Dark GH Belial

  • Outstanding Farming leader
    • 24x ATK when below 50% HP & 6 or more Dark orbs
      • Easy to do
    • Great for TA3 / Swipe Farming
  • 1 turn CD
    • -50% HP
    • +3 Dark orbs
      • Easily inherit a relevant active over top
  • Super Jammer Resist
  • Immense personal damage with 10 combos
      • High ATK
  • Jiggles
  • 1 SB Skill Boost in coop
  • Opportunity cost of not using Cleric form
  • Cannot Monster Exchange for
    • But can IAP directly
  • No SBR Skill Lock Resist
    • Less issue in coop


GungHo Belial is worth purchasing if you are playing through challenging content as her Cleric potential is amazingly high. Furthermore, there is a strong likelihood GungHo will keep her relevant as I feel she is a modest revenue source through her IAP bundle.

With all that being said, it is worth considering purchasing GH Belial if you have the means to do so.

Happy Puzzling!

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11 thoughts on “GungHo Belial Is a Game Changer”

  1. ‘Worth buying’ is certainly dependent on the individual, but it’s certainly not misleading to say that Belial is probably the most stupidly powerful IAP card they’ve come up with this far.


  2. Ugh they really are messing with us these days aren’t they! 20 rolls and I got the same 4 cards over and over. Not a fan of IAP gating the card I wish she was tradeable even if the ask was more ridiculous than what it is for 8*.


  3. I spent 162 stones to finally roll her.
    Luckily for me I have been playing since the beginning when we were still using 2/4/2 teams so I had tons of free stones but if you consider the cost of the stones if I had purchased them it definitely would have been more cost effective to just buy her bundle


  4. I agree with the frustration about placing Belial behind a $20 pay wall–unless you are very lucky or spend more than that much on stones. Of course, GH has a right to make money, but as someone who’s barely IAP’d in years, I find it hard to justify buying her.

    I don’t even particularly need her. There are other monsters who work pretty well in most situations. But I know that for the next 6 months, people are constantly going to be recommending her to go on various teams, so it will be that thing of “Well ideally you’d use GH Belial, but if you have to use something else…” I was similarly frustrated about the difficulty of getting Exodia for my Phyllis team, whom you can’t even buy, but somehow I was lucky enough to roll one in under 10 tries.

    Maybe I’ll trade for an Aoi for my Yuji/Ina team, which is only maybe my fourth best team anyway.


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