October PAD News – Mystics & Spectres, Halloween, New Evos


GungHo has been releasing monthly News updates and I wanted to summarize/share my point of view for the various topics presented this month.

Mantastic video

GH Video

New Evos

Significant personal damage with a Cross. Active can be meaningful if you are full HP & need 1 turn Absorb counter
Viable Cleric option with personal damage & Healing. Sadly, Unmatchable is conditional
Lacks VDP damage but hits super hard and has a low base CD

Both Wood Zaerog & his Weapon feel awkward with a self 10 turn no Skyfall penalty. Void Damage Void is nice for Rainbow, but Akine does this better.

Furthermore, his Weapon has nearly identical awakenings to the Green Samurai  3 Weapon.

Potent Rainbow Damage card and respectable leader. Active gains extra value if <50% HP but 1 turn Absorb counter is not enough for SR3/MD1

Ratatoskr Descended

Halloween returns

Sand Castle event

Yes I love the beach in October…

10 MS Super Godfest

Value of Godfest hinges on rolling rates/line up

Coming out at level 100 saves a single Super Snow Globe

Mystics & Spectres returns

Version 19.5

NA’s 9th Anniversary

Better Box searching

Can search by Pantheon, GH-owned events (eg. Heroine), Seasonal events, Fest exclusives.


Fun stuff on the way.

Happy Puzzling!

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