Hel’s Kitchen Godfest: Japanese 1, Indian 2, Egyptian 1, and Archdemons Review and Analysis

Godfest basics

When making the decision to roll or save your magic stones, you need to determine if the featured pantheons can benefit or compliment your teams. Chasing for one specific monster is unwise as you will most likely be disappointed and should ideally have Godfests that overlap with many target cards. Remember all monsters that come out of the REM will qualify for Skill Inheritance so do not be too hasty when selling dupes. For a more detailed team building help, please refer to my full list Popular Leader’s and their Full Sub List Post. Lastly, to find more information about a specific pantheon or monster, refer to my Master List to better refine your search.


The Hel’s Kitchen Godfest features some of our favourite cards with a healthy mixture of subs and leaders. Many of these cards are in the process of receiving new evolutions and have the potential to shake up the meta like Uuevo Sarasvati 3069. Many of these cards have transitioned into fantastic assistants for skill inheritance while others can find homes on many end game teams. I wish we had more information on how the Indian 2 pantheon will develop as they are currently in a weak spot but have the chance for a massive revival with new evolutions. In addition, GungHo is also introducing three new Godfest Exclusives which I will go into detail in a subsequent posting.

Fire Gala of Flame Silk
Day 1
Japanese 1 Indian 2
Awoken Hino Awoken Oorochi Susano Amate Awoken Yomi Krishna 3069 Vishnu Ganesha Durga
Day 2
Egyptian 1 Archdemon
Horus Isis Bastet Ra Awoken Anubis  Belial Amon Astaroth Baal Awoken Archdemon Lucifer

Day 1:

The Japanese 1 pantheon has some of the strongest awoken evolutions in the game for their respective teams. They may have lost traction on some end-game teams, but they provide valuable utility are great candidates for contributing their active via skill inheritance. The main drawback is a lack of usability prior to being awoken and will be neglected until acquiring the evolution materials.

On the other hand, the Indian 2 Pantheon has been relatively weak for a modest period of time. However, Uuevo Sarasvati 3069 is hopefully the first of many amazing evolutions that could revive the pantheon. Unfortunately, we have no more information as to what is in store and for now, the other 4 cards (outside of Vishnu) remain lackluster and in need of a buff. 

Rolling in Day 1 will mostly be the Japanese 1 series and Sarasvati/Vishnu. The overall value is somewhat low and none of these cards come into power until late game so newer accounts may struggle to benefit from rolling them now.

Japanese 1

jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
Awoken Hino
Dragon / Physical
TPA TPA Fire Row
Skill Boost Dark Orb Enhance Auto heal
TPA Enhnaced Fire Orb Skill Lock Resist
Water Arrow Fire
Heart Arrow Dark
Reduce enemy defence 75%
7 turn CD
Hinokagutsuchi is a nightmare to spell and is often shortened to Hino and was one of the first monsters to receive an Awoken Evolution. Upon release, Hino was a fiery success as he hits incredibly hard with 3 two prong attack TPA awakenings. This has incredible synergy with Awoken Shiva Shiva who is one of the most popular TPA oriented leaders. Hino will also be receiving a skill bind resist awakening Skill Lock Resist in the near future and this will resolve his largest pitfall. Furthermore, Hino’s active creates a favourable 4 colour board along with the situationally helpful 75% defence break. Overall a fantastic fire TPA sub to own and is worth investing both pluses and attack latent Imp ATK tamadras.

As a leader, Hino has the ability to deal ~30k damage to all enemies with any orb match. This is great for helping a low level alt account or sweeping Thursday dungeon very quickly.

 Viper Orochi
Awoken Oorochi
Physical / Dragon
TPA TPA Water Row
Skill Boost TPA Skill Boost
Time Extend TPA
Delay all enemies for 4 turns
15 turn CD
Viper Orochi has gone from zero to hero with various ups and downs along the way. Presently, Orochi is one of the most desired monsters in Puzzle and Dragons because of his 4 turn delay. Until recently, delays were beginning to go out of style; however, with the advent of stronger bosses with either resolve or damage absorption shields, players are become more reliant on the extra turns gained from his active. In addition, Orochi covers the awkward water and wood attribute on rainbow teams and is only outclassed by Awoken Isis Isis in that regard. The 4 two prong attack TPA awakenings allow for spectacular burst damage, but his naturally low base attack means he requires plus egg investment to truly shine. Orochi can also be used on every mono water team if you require a delay.

With the introduction of Skill Inheritance, duplicate Orochis are quite desired and I strongly encourage you to not sell them for 5,000 Monster Points. Lastly, Orochi does have some leadership potential when paired with Ra Dragon Ra Dragon as a means to control your damage along with surviving giant single attack preemptives.

Physical / Dragon
Enhanced Wood Orb TPA Bind Immune
Bind Immune Skill Boost Skill Boost
TPA Time Extend
Reduce damage by 50% for 3 turns. 1 turn haste
11 turn CD
I wish my abs were as chiselled and sculpted as Awoken Susano because that would most certainly boost my husbando potential. Regardless, Susano is the definition of a dream boat in both looks and sub potential. He is a favoured sub on both rainbow and mono wood teams due to his wood and fire coverage. His bind immunity is crucial for both having access to a shield at all times along with being able to contribute his colours for rainbow team activation. Susano is perhaps most at home on Awoken Sakuya Sakuya teams due to full colour coverage and the ability to trigger her leader skill if the entire team is bound. On mono wood teams, Susano provides a valuable shielding component and haste while providing 2 two prong TPA awakenings.

The shielding component has become invaluable with stronger preemptive strikes or the need to stall on dangerous bosses and the 50% damage reduction allows you to survive most attacks. The haste has situationally useful uses when skill delay attacks are involved. Due to his unbindability, Susano is a great candidate for full rainbow latent resists (1% of each colour) as a means to survive 100% gravity attacks. His active is also a viable choice for skill inheritance.

Susano’s main weakness is a lack of Skill Bind Resist Skill Lock Resist and this could place constraints on team building in order to achieve 100% immunity.

Healer / Physical
Bind Clear awakening Bind Immune Bind Immune
Skill Boost Skill Boost TPA
Skill Lock Resist Skill Lock Resist
Recover 40% max HP, 4 turns bind clear, 1 turn haste
8 turn CD
Amaterasu has been transformed into a fantastic bind clearing sub and powerful leader. She is both bind immune will possessing the bind recover Bind Clear awakening awakening (albeit no heart generating active) giving you flexibility in how you deal with binds. Furthermore, the double Skill Bind Resist Skill Lock Resist is quite unique and allows for more flexibility in team building. In terms of other high end bind clearers, Amaterasu competes with Awoken Saukya Sakuya and both are great options.

Amaterasu’s active has 3 components and only an 8-turn cooldown. The 40% of max HP heal is quite powerful and only increases in value as your HP rises. It has an exceptional value on Saria Saria / Thor Thor teams who have an augmented health pool (a 40k HP team would receive 16k of healing). The haste is a nice addition as you can use it to recharge your other skills if the binding stage has been passed.

As a leader, Amaterasu forms a powerful 16x ATK team when your HP is full (scales down to 9x when damaged). However, you also heal 10x of your base RCV with every orb match. This essentially is a full heal every turn with dual Amaterasu leads. This is fantastic as you do not have to worry about healing and can survive any dungeon provided you do not get one shotted. This also makes her great for 5×4 latent resist farming (other viable leads can be found in my previous post) as you cannot die to the invading Tamadra.

Overall a great card to own for both sub and leadership roles.

Awoken Yomi
Physical / Devil
Dark Orb Enhance Time Extend Time Extend
Skill Lock Resist Dark Orb Enhance Skill Boost
Time Extend Dark Orb Enhance
Enhance all orbs. +5 seconds to move orbs
8 turn CD
Man, woman, or avenging cyborg? Tsukuyomi, or Yomi, can be anything you want them to be and is an incredibly powerful leader with a 56.25x ATK multiplier. They utilize the match 5 connected orbs, 1 enhanced orb (5o1e) leader playstyle and requires 7+ combos to achieve their full multiplier. This makes them very challenging and skill intensive to use as you have to essentially maximize the board every time you wish to deal damage. However, if you are able to do this successfully, your damage output will be amazing and most likely sweep every floor. So why are they not a more popular leader? The simple answer is a lack of any survivability multiplier (HP or RCV), high skill cap/thinking required, and naturally low recovery that makes stalling difficult.

Awakenings wise, Yomi provides 1.5 seconds of additional time to move orbs (3 seconds if dual leaders) and 3 dark orb enhance Dark Orb Enhance awakenings. Together, these allow for a luxurious amount of time for comboing as well as significant damage for every dark orb match and skyfall.

As a sub, Yomi is seldom seen due to their active being somewhat underwhelming and the enhanced orbs having less synergy with row or TPA based teams. However, you can use their active to override time debuffs (think Dark Izanami’s -2s) which can be situationally useful.


Indian 2

jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
God / Balance
Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Fire Row
Skill Lock Resist
Question Orb Arrow Fire + 3 turns fire skyfall
6 turn CD
Krishna only has 4 awakenings and that automatically regulates them into okay status. It could have been strong before, but with the advent of powercreep, we are used to having monsters with 7+ awakenings and 4 is challenging to work around. The problem is further aggravated if you choose to use Krishna as a leader. Krishna does form a hard hitting 45.56x team, but without any HP or RCV multiplier along difficulty controlling damage, you will be hard pressed to find friends who regularly run them. However, if you do choose to use Krishna, you will have an exciting team and can loop your two leader’s actives to enable you to have a permanent skyfall buff.

As a sub, Krishna is okay and may be used mostly to remove other colour skyfall debuffs. Perhaps with an awoken or different ultimate evolution will they gain more awakenings and gain popularity/viability.

God / Healer / Physical
blue + orb Skill Boost Time Extend
Skill Boost Time Extend Water Row
Water Row
Question Orb Arrow Water + 3 turns fire skyfall
6 turn CD
Sarasvati is the blue, prettier, and harder hitting form of Krishna who has just received an ultimate of an ultimate evolution in JP. This removes her 5o1e clause and instead grants her bonus damage for connected 5+ linked water orbs and can cap out at 100x damage with a 6 orb match and two other water combos. This is simply incredible and will allow her to deal spectacular damage that puts her on par with the 300k MP You Yu You Yu. I did a full analysis comparing the two which you  can read HERE, but the bottom line is that Sarasvati begins to deal more damage once you have 12 water orbs on the board.

Even with such a spectacular evolution, it comes at a price. Mainly her lack lack of damage control (mainly because she ramps up far too quickly) and no HP/RCV multiplier. This can make stalling a challenge and the permenant water skyfalls could work against you. You also have to heavily invest in skilling her up as the main appeal of using dual Sarasvati leads is the 100% up-time on the skyfall buff. Lastly, a lack of SBR Skill Lock Resist can place constraints on team building. This can be solved via Coop, subs such as Andromeda Bankai Andro, or the future badge system.

Overall, Sarasvati is going to become a wonderful leader to own and you should begin investing in her now to take advantage when she goes live in a month or two.

God / Attacker
Enhanced Wood Orb TPA TPA
Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Time Extend
Question Orb Arrow Green + 3 turns fire skyfall
6 turn CD
Vishnu breaks the trend of mediocrity for the Indian 2 pantheon as he has 7 awakenings and synergizes well on most mono wood teams through his 3 two prong attack TPA awakenings. These allow Vishnu to hit extremely hard and his skyfall active is a powerful way to augment your damage output. He is most at home on Awoken Bastet Bastet teams and many players will run double Vishnu if possible to ensure you have 100% uptime on your skyfall buff. Unfortunately, Vishnu is very tedious to skill up and will require a significant amount of effort as he requires 9 successful feeds. Perhaps the best roll from this pantheon.
God / Healer
TPA TPA Jammer Resist
Skill Boost Bind Immune Bind Immune
Skill Lock Resist
Light Arrow +light orb
Void all damage for 1 turn
13 turn CD
It seems unfair that Ganesha received 7 awakenings while the majority of the pantheon only has 4. This is because Ganesha is one of the worst REM monsters in Puzzle and Dragons. Subs are brought for their actives and Ganesha has a very lacklustre one. Even if max skilled, the situations where you would need it are far and few. Perhaps you may find some niche uses when Skill Inheritance comes around, but for now, Ganesha will be left to sit in your box.

With all that being said, players who are always running low on gold can utilize their leader skill to increase the coin drop rate from the Weekend dungeon. At least the art showcases their wealth and is interesting to look at.

God / Devil
TPA Blind Resist Time Extend
Skill Boost
2.5x ATK God & Devil. Reset HP to 1
8 turn CD
Durga is another monster to fall into the pitfall of no additional awakenings with her ultimate evolution and instead received a buff to her leader skill. Unfortunately, she is easily outclassed by most leads as 25x for a rainbow lead is not very impressive in today’s meta. As such, she may be regulated into a sub role, but with only 4 awakenings, she will often be overlooked for other damage enhancers. The HP reset is usually a bad thing, but on teams such as Dark Metatron dtron, it can be a lifesaver if you are unexpectedly healed too much.

Hopefully Durga will receive an ultimate evolution that features more awakenings to increase her viability as her damage enhance is quite high.

Day 2

The Egyptian 1 pantheon features a diverse array of powerful monsters who both excel in leadership and new found sub potential with the advent of more challenging dungeons. Many make stellar leaders for a beginning player as they will teach you how to combo and manage your colours/orbs efficiently and transition into powerhouses with their awoken forms. However, many of these leads have begun to lose traction due to the current level of powercreep; however, they can be used as leaders to farm for the awoken materials and that is quite rare as most cards have minimal power prior to awoken. Overall, a strong pantheon to roll for beginners and mid game players.

On the flipside, the Archdemons can be a frustrating pantheon to roll for new players due to them having little use prior to being max skilled/awoken. In addition, only Astaroth Astaroth and Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer received Awoken Evolutions and the other 3 must be heavily invested in to max skill. Their actives are relatively low value for their respective cooldowns unless you are able to combo them with another board changer. However, once fully developed, some become incredible subs/leaders for their respective teams.

In summation, Day 2 has two polar opposite pantheons as the Egyptians are great for beginners while the Archdemons only come into power late game. If contemplating on whether or not to roll, you need to determine when they will be helpful to you or if you have the resources to invest accordingly.

Egyptian 1

jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
Devil / God
Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Skill Boost
Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Time Extend
Skill Lock Resist TPA
Fire Arrow  Enhnaced Fire Orb + extend time to move orbs by 2 seconds
4 turn CD
Horus is a flaming hot chicken who is jokingly referred to as KFC or other poultry puns. Jokes aside, Horus is an underrated leader who is capable of forming a 45.56x ATK / 2.25x RCV rainbow team. What makes Horus unique is the ability control his damage and recovery through active usage. Most rainbow teams do not have a built in RCV multiplier and is one of the main reasons they falter in higher tier content.

Perhaps the reason why Horus is not as popular in today’s meta is due to the fact that 45.46x ATK on a rainbow team is not very game breaking (thanks Ra Dragon Ra Dragon) as you are unable to stack rows and may have limited access to TPA subs. In addition, Horus’s active skill is rather lacklustre and will mostly be used to trigger the additional damage component from your leader skill. On the bright side, Horus has double skill bind resist Skill Lock Resist awakenings and will alleviate team building constraints when trying to achieve 100% immunity.

Horus is seldom seen as a sub due to a underwhelming active as there are stronger damage enhancement options available.

Overall, Horus is still a powerful leader and is capable of clearing high end content with the right investment, player skill, and luck. He is also a fantastic leader for those who are just starting out as you will be forced to improve your comboing and orb matching skills.

Devil / God
blue + orb blue + orb Bind Immune
Bind Immune Time Extend Skill Lock Resist
Water Row Skill Boost
Reduce damage by 15%, 2 turn bind clear
3 turn CD
Isis is one of the most sought after cards in Puzzle and Dragons due to her incredible utility, active, skill inheritance potential, colour coverage, and beauty. It is sometimes challenging to find a sub who can cover both water and wood while being useful (others that come to mind are Sun Quan Sun Quan and Orochi Awoken Oorochi). However, neither of those offer the same degree of defensive utility as Isis along with a quick charging active. With an active that takes only 3 turns to recharge, Isis makes an amazing base monster for inheriting a skill. This way you can have the colour coverage and option of bind clearing along with an inherited active for only an additional 3 turns of cooldown.

Isis is naturally at home on mono water teams as she offers some offensive capabilities, but perhaps her most popular use is on Ra Dragon Ra Dragon (or other rainbow) teams. If you have a Dark Kali Dark Kali, your team is essentially bind immune as you your colour activation requirements will always be met. Furthermore, you can clear binds from other subs with Isis’s active.

Sub potential aside, Isis makes a wonderful leader for new accounts as she will help teach you the basics of comboing along with colour management.

Overall, Isis is one of the strongest and most versatile monsters available and is worth pursuing and investing in.

Devil / Balance
Poison resist Time Extend Poison resist
Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Time Extend
TPA Enhanced Wood Orb
Mass attack for 3 turns + 2s to move orbs
5 turn CD
Best Cat, I mean Bastet, is still a powerful lead despite what various JP tier lists report. She has not become weak, only that newer and flashier cards have been released (thinking of the next round of 300k MP cards). Granted 36x ATK may seem lacklustre, but you have to remember that wood has some fantastic sub options for a mono colour TPA TPA teams. Outstanding subs include, but not limited to Vishnu Vishnu (sometimes x2), Meimei MeiMei, Sylvie Sylvie, Kaede Kaede, Liu Bei Liu Bei, and Verdandi Verd. With ample access to wood orb generation and enhanced skyfalls, you can unleash incredible burst damage that is capable of sweeping most high level content. Furthermore, you are able to control your damage through combos made, electing to match TPA, and active usage as a component of your leader skill is tied to using skills.

The main downsides of using Bastet are no HP or RCV multiplier, a weak active, a reliance on using actives to trigger her full multipliers (think skill delays or locked actives), and a higher skill cap to use. However, with the introduction of skill inheritance, you will be able to inherit a powerful and useful active onto your two leaders.

Overall, Best Cat is a wonderful leader who will have players saying mee-wow at your burst damage and cuteness potential.

Devil / God
Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Lock Resist
Blind Resist Time Extend Skill Boost
Skill Boost +light orb
77,777 true damage to all enemies + 3s to move orbs
7 turn CD
Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra, Ra Ra Ra Ra. Something something P-p-poker face. Bad singing aside, Awoken Ra is still a powerhouse leader who offers 100x damage for only matching fire, water, wood, light, dark, and using an active skill. This is quite a low skill cap for 100x damage and upon his release, completely shattered the meta as he simply overpowered all the content put before him. However, with the advent of 300k MP cards and more ridiculous dungeon mechanics, Awoken Ra has lost his godly status, but is still capable of clearing end game content.

As a leader, Ra is bind immune and has the ability to control his damage through active skill usage. You can deal 4x, 25x, or 100x damage and this can be useful when you need to control your output. The main factors that are hindering his supremacy is a lacklustre active, vulnerability to skill delays (as you cannot trigger 100x damage), reliance on repeated active usage to sweep floors, and not being a pretty girl.

With the advent of push button farming and bosses with high defence and low HP, Ra’s active has found some more uses as it can be used to sweep these floors. On a push button team, he can be used for clearing the smaller floors and his two skill boosts Skill Boost will come in handy. When dealing with floors such as 10 million defence PreDRAs Fire PreDRA, the true damage nuke becomes invaluable and may be used for skill inheritance.

Overall, Ra is still a great monster and should not be discredited because newer and flashing cards have been released. You also want to keep dupes for skill inheritance or push button farming.

Awoken Anubis
Devil / God
Bind Immune Bind Immune Time Extend
Auto heal Time Extend Skill Lock Resist
Skill Boost Auto heal
Green Jammer Poison
Arrow Dark
4 turn counterattack
8 turn CD
The one true Doge has been heralded as the king of damage output (discrediting the even more unreliable Fenrir Fenrir) at the risk of an incredibly high skill/luck cap. Awoken Anubis can achieve 400x ATK at 12 combos and only begins to generate a multiplier at 9 combos. The average board may not even allow you to create 9 combos due to uneven orb distribution and causes you to rely on skyfalls for damage as the maximum matches you can generate from a regular board is 10 combos. Furthermore, there are very few players who can consistently hit 8+ combos and even those still need to pray to RNG-esus for additional skyfalls. Building upon the reliance of skyfalls for triggering damage, you have almost no reliable way to control your damage outside of using an active and matching under 9 combos for 4x damage. However, if you are able to maximize the board on a consistent basis, you will be greatly rewarded.

Looking at Anubis as a sub, he can find a home on numerous mono dark teams and his active can be quite powerful as a pseudo board refresh substitute. You generally use full board changers to remove excessive jammer or poison orbs and with his revamped active, Anubis can fulfil that role. His main drawback as a sub is an underwhelming active if you are not removing jammer or poison orbs. This is because an 8-turn cooldown for a single orb change is poor value when you could use something like Grisar Grisar who is 7 turns with haste. Furthermore, Anubis lacks any offensive awakenings and this will bring down your overall damage.

Overall, Anubis is an okay card to own as his leadership potential is marred by luck/inconsistency while his sub usage is most limited to a budget jammer/poison orb removal.



jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
Devil / Physical / Attacker
Skill Boost Fire Row Skill Boost
Fire Row Fire Row Bind Immune
Bind Immune Skill Lock Resist Time Extend
Green Arrow Fire  + fire counterattack for 4 turns
7 turn CD
Belial received an evolution of an awoken evolution (sometimes referred to as Bankai) that granted him three types along with large weighted stats. Unfortunately, Bankai evolutions do not create a new active skill like Awoken forms and he is still stuck with his underwhelming active. This is a shame because Belial is fantastic in every other aspect, but requires a huge investment to max skill and even when max skilled, is mediocre. The counter-attack mechanic is useful in very niche situations (such as killing a boss with resolve provided you can survive their 1% attack). If you ignore that feature, a single orb changer on a 7 turn cooldown is not good value. Although it is worth noting that Belial’s active can be used in conjunction with Leilan Awoken Leilan‘s full board changer to form a 2/3 fire board.

Belial needs an active overhaul to become more widely used as a fire row Fire Row sub. Perhaps he will receive an awoken evolution to address this issue.

Skill Boost Water Row Skill Boost
Water Row Water Row Bind Immune
Bind Immune Skill Lock Resist Machine Killer
Fire  Arrow Water  + water counterattack for 4 turns
7 turn CD
The world’s buffest Owl continues to set weightlifting records with his Bankai evolution. Unfortunately, for Amon, his bulging biceps do not increase his viability as his active is still underwhelming when compared to almost every orb changer as he is on a 7 turn cooldown. Furthermore, his active has no synergy with any full board changer for mono water teams outside of the extremely rare Beach Urd summer urd. This pushes him even lower down on the potential sub list and only gets worse considering he is challenging to max skill.

I yearn for the day when Amon flexes his muscles in the right direction as his awakenings are powerful and all could be corrected if he got an awoken evolution that increased his active’s potential.

 Awoken Astaroth
Devil / Healer
Skill Boost Wood Row Skill Boost
Wood Row Wood Row Bind Immune
Bind Immune Skill Lock Resist
Fire Jammer Poison Arrow Green + 4 turn counter attack
7turn CD
Astaroth breaks the pattern of weak monsters in the Archdemon pantheon by gaining an awoken evolution. Through her awoken evolution, her active can now be used to remove poison and jammer orbs which alleviates the need to bring a board changer. Granted she is still on a 7 turn cooldown, but at least has the option of extra utility. In addition to the active revamp, Astaroth forms a powerful 2.25x HP / 20.25x ATK team for wood devils and healers while being focused on forming wood rows Wood Row. This allows her to be both tanky and hit like a truck while being able to control her damage. Furthermore, by being bind immune, you are able to side-skirt some dungeon mechanics.

Unfortunately, Astaroth has a very limited sub pool and may require extensive effort to collect all of her ideal subs. These include, but not limited to Awoken Artemis Awoken Artemis, Freyja Awoken Freyja, Green Valkyrie GValk, and Michael Michael. For further reading, please refer to my previous post on Astaroth HERE. Lastly, Astaroth is very cute and adorable while being one of the better rolls from this pantheon.

Devil / Attacker / Healer
Skill Boost Light Row Skill Boost
Light Row Light Row Bind Immune
Bind Immune Skill Lock Resist Multiplayer Bonus
Water Arrow Light  + light counterattack for 4 turns
8 turn CD
Baal is similar to Belial and Amon in that he has fantastic awakenings, base stats, 3 typings, and low value active. To make matters even worse, Baal is on an 8 turn cooldown at max skill for a single orb changer and minor counterattack. Furthermore, his orb change can only be combo-ed with Superman 2824 to generate a 2/3 light board.

However, due to the popularity of Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ, Machine Zeus Awoken Zeus, and future Miru Miru, Baal has regained a lot of value. His unbindability allows him to be used as a base for Skill Inheritance and act as your dedicated bind clearer while providing offensive awakenings. In addition, he is able to cover the dark element and until L/D Pollux is released, will remain the best Light/Dark option. The only hurdle is max-skilling him, but if you are able to do so, Baal becomes a top end sub.

   Awoken Lucifer
Awoken Archdemon Lucifer
God / Devil
Skill Boost Dark row Skill Boost
Dark row Dark row Skill Boost
Skill Lock Resist God Killer
3 Question Orb  Arrow Dark + 150k true damage to 1 enemy
8 turn CD
Awoken Lucifer is the most popular leader of the Archdemon pantheon by forming a powerful 1.82x HP / 16x ATK / 1.82x RCV lead for devil and god type monsters. This is fantastic as his sub pool consists of some of the strongest monsters in Puzzle and Dragons. He is capable of farming Arena 1 and clearing Arena 2 along with Challenge 10’s. He is also able to utilize Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon as a sub for access to bind clearing and heart orb generation.

Awakenings wise, dual Lucifer leads provide a walloping 6 dark row Dark row awakenings and 6 skill boosts Skill Boost which ensures your actives are ready by turn 1. However, it is his God Killer God Killer awakening that is his defining feature as it allows Lucifer to deal 3x damage to god type bosses. This enables you to burst for incredible damage as you can stack multiple dark rows. In addition, you can also control your damage by choosing to not match a horizontal row of dark orbs to not trigger the row bonus and this becomes vital when facing bosses with small damage absorption shields. For further reading on how to build your Lucifer team, please refer to my full Team Building Guide.

The main drawback of Lucifer is his active as it largely goes to waste as the 150,000 true damage on a single enemy is only used to either kill off monsters with extremely high defence or push a monster who is on the cusp of a specific HP threshold. As such, an 8 turn cooldown for a 3 dark orb generation is weak and is further complicated if using him as a lead.


Both days are okay to roll for. Neither feature overpowered pantheons and will mostly be used to round out your team roster. It is a shame that the rest of the Indian 2 pantheon has not been announced as it could propel them into the top tier if they follow suit with Sarasvati. There will be a follow up post discussing the new featured GFE so stay tuned!

Let me know what you hope to roll this Godfest and how many stones you have saved up/budgeting.

Happy Puzzling!

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  1. Oh look, another Godfest I’ll be skipping. Already have a complete set of JP1 and I’m only missing one each from Egyptian and Archdemons. Truth be told, I can’t even remember the last time I pulled from the regular REM anymore.


  2. Non-awoken Yomi’s are getting a buff to their active, the x2.5 to Gods… not sure if it’s worth mentioning, but it does change the lesser evolutions’ value somewhat in a positive direction. Let’s just say I’m glad I have dupes of him/her/it.


  3. Always very informative posts.

    just want to add a note about ganesha.

    If both players enter weekend dungeon (co-op) with ganesha as leader, and both players have some monster like wangren as sub, both players can switch the leader in the first turn and have 16x fire attack that will one shot everything.

    Despite the 2 shields, some kind of delay in the team (echidna,caocao) is a good idea, just in case as wangren have the full HP requirement to activate 16x, but most likely you’ll will never need delay.

    Gold speed farming 🙂

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  4. I recently got Awoken Ra and I&I. As of right now I’m not sure if i should look to improve my bastet/kushi team or Awoken Pandora or my Awoken Ra team. I was wondering what your opinion is and which team would be more ideal for my box and the current meta. Also I was wondering if I should pull on day 1 or day 2 or at all for this weekends godfest to help achieve those teams. thank you so much!


    1. I&I and Pandora teams are generally safer to run as they have burst damage along with durability. Ra and Bastet are glass cannons so may falter in higher tier content. Of course, if you have a dream Ra/Bastet team those would be better to pursue (I also do not have a link to a PadHerder)

      Regardless, neither day is particularly helpful for Pandora or I&I


  5. Well I am not sure what to think of my rolls. Generally positive, but leave me feeling kind of meh. I got Dino rider, sadalmelik, chiyome, silk, and Sarasvati. Dino rider is instant MP, I have a decent enough box in order to not need to have budget subs like that. Sadalmelik will be used for skill inheritance on awoken I&I and a future Sarasvati team. Chiyome is a nice roll, but I already have a red team figured out. Silk…great roll, happy that I got something rare, but…I dont have a use for it at the moment. Sarasvati would again be a great roll, but I already have one. What do you recommend I do with my extra Sarasvati?


    1. Chiyome will be gaining various killer awakenings in the near future so she may have potential and can combo off Leilan or Saria for 2/3 fire boards

      I am not sure how you could use two Sarasvati. Unlike people who ran dual Z8s on Anubis or Awoken Yomi, Water just doesnt have a comparable lead to do so. Perhaps on a Sumire team (but you could override hearts) and there is no combo lead outside of Rukia. I’d hold on just incase something like that comes along


      1. Much thanks for the help. One more question (sorry): I rolled a Lucifer on day two. I also have Pandora that I already have a team for, I’m now trying to decide which I should use. Which would be a better leader, or are they both useful in different situations?


        1. Lucifer has more flexibility due to having access to gods. Pandora does have higher damage potential (25x vs 16x); however, Lucifer has God Killer and can form 3 row boards if it is a 18-20 dark orb bi-colour board. Skill Inheritance does cut down on the utility constraints of either, but Lucifer can tank and stall better.

          I would personally lean towards Lucifer for harder content just because he can burst just as high with actives and can stall better. Pandora is better for most other content due to scaling LS and better active


  6. Landed a lot of junk at first – elementals, dupe Ganesha, etc. Ended up with Napoleon, Australis, Amaterasu, Sarasvati and Ronia as keepers. Third Tsubaki too, idk about that one. My best teams are blue, so I’m quite pleased about Sarasvati. Not sure about Australis, I don’t have a whole lot to work with as far as green cards go. Perseus, MeiMei, and one of the green cyber dragons. Viper Orochi remains The Impossible Dream, hehe.
    I’m interested in Egypt 1 tomorrow, but not so much the demons. I have all but one of them and the only one that gets any use is Luci.


    1. Congrats on the Sarasvati =D Sadly the insect dragon just rotated out (such planning GH) so you need to be even more patient =P

      Australis is still worth keeping due to the 5 rows or their potential as an assistant for skill inheritance

      I’d hold off on day 2 considering you already have most of the archdemons and egyptian 1 isnt worth chasing when paired with a dupe pantheon

      Tsubaki may be helpful for haste systems, as to what leader, im not sure, but something may come along. I’d never sell any GFE unless you are about to make a MP card purchase as they may become powerful and are hard to replace


      1. Thanks for the input! I was quite pleased with Sarasvati especially. I stopped pulling after that, figured my luck was maxed out.


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