[Video] How I am using Skill Inheritance and Examples


Now that I am able to record pretty videos without horrible audio, I decided to share my thoughts and strategies of how I have been using Skill Inheritance on Mantastic. As I have repeatedly stated, you do not need to use Skill Inheritance on every single monster. You only need to use Skill Inheritance when you wish to upgrade an existing active skill, protect yourself against skill delays, or to use a certain sub who has favourable awakenings/stats and in need of a different active to counter a specific dungeon mechanic. I strongly encourage you to read my Skill Inheritance Basics and Advanced Strategies post.

Video with examples

Explanation of the video

Sometimes videos go too slow or fast, so here is a full recap of all the examples and rationale for my Skill Inheritance choices. My choices were based upon my own box needs as well as the type of content I challenge. These examples may not be 100% applicable to your situation so feel free to exercise your creativity or ask me for feedback.

Protecting against skill delays:

This example can be used for any card you have dupes of and have no additional use for. By Inheriting the same active, you are effectively protecting yourself against skill delays provided your monster is charged up beyond the base monster’s cooldown. The assistant monster acts as an extension of your cooldown and if fully charged, has the exact same effect.

DQXQ Transfer

Upgrading an active

Wedding Izanami W Iza is a phenomenal light shielding option and her ability to reduce incoming damage by 35% for 3 turns on a 6 turn cooldown is simply Fantastic. By having her inherit Awoken Susano Susano, you can have access to a stronger shield if you are able to wait for the extended cooldown as well as protecting yourself against delays.

W Iza SI

Gaining new utility

Claire Dark Valk is a wonderful (and pretty) dark sub who has a short base cooldown of 5 turns. This is great as you are able to rapidly gain access to dark orbs; however, you can use her as a base through Skill Inheritance and gain new utility for your team. By gaining Awoken Karin’s Awoken Karin active, I am able to combo off of my other dark subs to produce a 2/3 dark board.

Claire SI

Awoken Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer is a powerful leader who has a lackluster active. As such, his team was greatly improved with Skill Inheritance as you are now able to gain a useful active and expand your utility or offensive capabilities. I strongly suggest either inheriting an orb changer or damage enhance such as Awoken I&I I&I.

Lucifer SI

Awoken Venus Venus has an amazing body, but a relatively underwhelming active. Her awakenings and base stats are favourable for my Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ team and I like having Light Kali’s Kali active as my sole board changer for coop with Fantastic.

Venus SI

Lakshmi Awoken Lakshimi is in the same boat as Awoken Lucifer: powerful leader with a lackluster active. As such, I decided to inherit an active the guarenteed me a lethal board when combo-ed with Ryune Ryune as I am now able to generate a 2/3 water, 1/3 heart board through Hatsume Hatsume.

Lak SI


Take all of my examples with a grain of salt. This is what works for me based upon my unique teams and situations. You do not have to use the exact same compositions if it is unfavourable to do so. However, you should have hopefully walked away from all of this with some new ideas of how you can better use Skill Inheritance.

Let me know how you have been using Skill Inheritance as well as what you plan to do moving forward.

Happy Puzzling!


7 thoughts on “[Video] How I am using Skill Inheritance and Examples”

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Debonair!

      The inheritance for my DQXQ team is mostly to better min-max myself and increase my consistency. They are definitely not mandatory but it will give you a little bit of an extra edge!


  1. I’ve been working on skill inheritance strategy also. So far I have Bartz inherited onto Awoken Bastet and Mori Motonari inherited onto Chiyome. A. Bastet is pretty self explanatory, Chiyome/Mori was originally for my Urd team but then I pulled Shiva so now I run her there. I plan to give Guan Yu’s skill to Ruel for a triple tpa unbindable bind clear for Bastet but I’m facing some indecision for Lucifer’s inherit. I run both A. Luci and Pandora so I chose the d/d Haku evolution, otherwise everything is at it’s highest evo. My lineup for each team is Luci/Pandora/Zuoh/Akechi/Loki, and Pandora/Zuoh/Akechi/Haku/Loki. I would like to have Haku’s active on both teams so I was originally going to inherit Loki to Luci but he has great awakenings, plus he isn’t skilled so he’s usually up just in time for when I need him. I could inherit Haku to Luci instead, which might be better in the short term, but I have 2 Lokis and one Haku. Thoughts? Any options I’m overlooking? Here’s a link to my box for the sake of being thorough. Minus some descend bosses it should be up to date.



    1. Are you dropping chiyome or keeping her on your team? She just got two new killer awakenings

      For my own lucifer team, I try to find a complimenting friend and have satsuki and loki (or equivalent) between my two leads. I don’t like running loki on my team and would rather have another orb changer in his place. In addition, Cecil is a very strong board changer as you generate hearts. Granted you cannot combo, but I’d use them over loki on lucifer team. Thus, find a friend with something like satsuki or a heart/light orb changer to help combo with Cecil. Lucifer teams should be able to stall for actives

      Your pandora team already has enough orb changers so loki is okay on there if you need the burst


  2. Hi, that’s what I have did so far:

    1-) Upgraded A.Isis active with Sleeping Beauty skill, useful in my Kali team for bind clear, and heart maker from unused green orbs.
    2-) Dragon Knight in Ariel, now bind clear and heart breaker.
    3-)Ars Nova in A.Venus & Goetia in A.Lucifer

    At first I tried Ronia in Luci, but 20 turns still a little long CD.


    1. Your inherits look great =D

      As for Ronia on Lucifer, it all depends on what kind of dungeon you are tackling. For those that you will only be able to use once, it may be worthwhile (I used to pair with a Lucifer that had Awoken Freyja for 2x damage enhance).

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Just complementing, I know Ariel doesn’t fit in my Thoria, but i don’t have Ama, so she’s only used when is strictly necessary. And now that I got one “better dark leader” to farm around, I’ll consider ronia in luci, as isn’t that hard stall for active in luci team.

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