[Video] Zaerog Infinity VS Mythical Plus Nordis Descended


I have been tirelessly tinkering away with perfecting my streaming capabilities and also have the capability to record my gameplay as a means to showcase various dungeon clears. Mythical Plus Nordis Descended is a reasonably challenging Rogue descend .I decided to use my Zaerog Infinity Z8 team as it is quite fun and exciting to play and hopefully showcases a different playstyle that is seldom seen. Playing the various Rogue Descends is also how I have been able to farm nearly 200k Monster Points per account due to the annoying PreDRAs Fire PreDRA that appear.


Hooray for good audio and a face that’s made for radio =D

It is somewhat challenging to narrate and play at the same time so I hope to improve in my future videos.

Team used

Nordis clear team

Z8 Yomi Dragon Bankai Pandora Oku Blodin Z8

Z8 Yomi Dragon Diza Awoken Pandora Awoken Persephone Z8

The team is primarily composed of orb changers with a modest emphasis on heart/dark generation. This is to help deal with the preemptive dark bind on the final floor due to the recover bind Bind Clear awakening awakening. Blue Odin Blodin is used on many of my other teams and has Awoken Ra Ra inherited to deal with the PreDRAs. Dark Izanami Diza is mostly for insurance against Nordis in his final form.

I have plenty of actives and the full +297 grants me a modest room for error and stalling.


I hope to continue producing videos like these and any feedback is greatly appreciated on how to improve is greatly appreciated.

Happy Puzzling!

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