Mantastic Will Be Streaming Again on July 14th @6pm PST!!

This Thursday at 6pm PST, I will resume live streaming Puzzle and Dragons after overcoming numerous technical difficulties. This a great opportunity to be entertained by me playing with myself in real time! My stream will probably consist of playing through various coop dungeons with my second account, Fantastic, and hopefully showcasing fun to play, but somewhat unpopular leads.

To help everyone prepare for my momentous streaming re-debut on Thursday, July 14 at 6pm PST, I encourage you to follow me on Twitch as this will also deliver a notification when I go live along with my other social media platforms:

Mantastic Icon Mantastic Social Media Mantastic Icon
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I am quite excited as this will be an opportunity to provide another medium of entertainment and puzzling knowledge to my readers. It will also help put a face to the mysterious Mantastic entity along with the realisation that my corny jokes and puns carry over into my speech. It may also make reading my articles more entertaining as you will begin to read them in my Mantastic voice.

Stream Overlay
I would probably get more views if I was a pretty girl like her…

Hopefully you are as excited as I am and I look forward to seeing all of you on Thursday, June 14 at 6pm PST!

However, all of this could not have been made possible without the contribution, patience, and dedication of countless individuals. The numerous Twitch followers who have endured my countless testing, horrible audio, and bad jokes have helped shape the stream into what it is today.

In addition, I also want to thank a four people in particular: Pancaaake for her overlay and countless troubleshooting, Polygonica for the generous desktop donation and technical support,  Anita Waffle (Shrekt) for her patience with my lack of tech-knowledge when helping me set up the stream, and finally SamB for his tech support and advice for capturing my game screen. I encourage you to add them as everyone can always use more Fantastic friends!

Pancake ID

Polygonica ID

Shrekt ID

Happy Puzzling!

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