Xiu Min – 300k MP Monster Review and Analysis


Xiu Min is the final card of the Four Gentlemen series (300,000 MP monster) and is another glass-cannon oriented leader. They are capable of achieving 110.25x ATK on a light row Light Row based team and should obliterate essentially any obstacle foolish enough to stand in your way. Xiu Min has a reasonable active skill and their 10-turn cooldown makes them less appealing as a base for Skill Inheritance. Thankfully, you do not have to use numerous Xiu Min’s to form an effective team which is a relief after Xiang Mei Xiang Mei. However, with the advent of numerous other glass-cannon leaders and the future released heart-cross cards, how viable is Xiu Min?

Xiu Min at a glance

Xiu Min
Xiu Min
7,011 HP / 1,465 ATK / 0 RCV
994 Total
Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Time Extend Light Row Light Row Healer Killer

Active Skill:
Question Orb  Arrow Light
1.5x ATK Physical types
10 turn CD

Leader Skill:
1.5x ATK when matching 2+ Light combos. 2x ATK when clearing 5 connected Light orbs, up to 7x at 10
110.25x ATK

Xiu Min Scaling Multiplier
# connected Light 5 6 7 8 9 10+
Light combo 4x 9x 16x 25x 36x 49x
Light combos 9x 20.25x 36x 56.25x 81x 110.25x

The above chart shows how your multiplier works with the various possible combinations; however, the multiplier is not as straightforward as you may think as you are better off making a connected 10 light orbs instead of a 3 + 7 match. At 11 orbs, it is more favourable to make a 3 + 8 match as that will yield a higher multiplier:

Xiu Min Multiplier Comparison
# Light on board 8 9 10 11 12 13+
Light combo 25x 36x 49x 49x 49x 49x
Light combos 9x 20.25x 36x 56.25x  81x 110.25x

Sample gameplay

Xiu Min lacks dual typing and does not have a sub attribute. This seems bizarre for a 300k MP Monster; however, his leadership power brings fourth an impressive amount of burst damage when forming light rows. Below is a sample video of a solo Arena 1 to give you an idea of his capabilities and playstyle:

You can also do your own research by using the search term 黄菊の君子・シュウミン but here is another video of Ultimate Descend Rush:


  • Highest base health in the game (7,011) and puts Satan to shame. I don’t know if he will ever be able to RCV from this
  • 110.25x ATK multiplier while stacking light rows Light Row
  • Trivializes high health/defense bosses
  • Able to control damage through the number of connected light orbs and electing to form a row or clump
  • Active spawns 6 light orbs to combo after another orb changer
  • Healer Killer Healer Killer awakening grants 3x damage to helaer type bosses
  • Able to deal large amounts of damage without type restriction
  • Is a beautiful guy who enjoys staring at a piece of paper


  • Fragile in the sense he has no base RCV. The naturally high HP helps survive attacks, but you will struggle to recover from them
  • Still cannot survive DQ Hera without coop or a shield
  • 0 base RCV
  • Vulnerable to binds and is dependent on subs to remove them.
  • Low uses as a sub
  • Do you really need to purchase him with the abundance of other glass-cannon leads?
  • Costs 300,000 Monster Points
  • No subtype or sub-element which is a loss of millions of damage when hitting 110.25x ATK
  • Has issues forming numerous unique combos and can struggle with combo shields
  • Somewhat orb hungry 13 light orbs = 110.25x ATK although 10 orbs is 49x with a row
  • I expected someone buffer or more formidable looking as the monster with the most health in the game

What awakenings do I prioritize?

Xiu Min will have nearly no benefit from TPA TPA oriented subs as you are forced to make a connected 10 along with an additional light orb match. Thus, you should prioritize subs with rows Light Row and then orb enhance +light orb after surpassing 10.

Matching strategies

Your playstyle will feel very similar to the Uuevo Hero Gods (Yamato Bankai Yamato, Andromeda Bankai Andro, Perseus Bankai Perseus, Wukong Wukong bankai) or Neptune Dragon Neptune Dragon as you need to match 10 connected light orbs. However, how you match your orbs will be based upon the following chart to maximize damage as the break point for making 2 combos 11 orbs.

Xiu Min Multiplier Comparison
# Light on board 8 9 10 11 12 13+
Light combo 25x 36x 49x 49x 49x 49x
Light combos 9x 20.25x 36x 56.25x  81x 110.25x

If you do not own a Xin Min, you are able to pair your Wukong Wukong bankai with them to achieve a 52.5x ATK multiplier. However, this may not be worthwhile and probably better off not trying to force this pairing.

Team Building Options

Xiu Min is a rather orb hungry leader as he ideally requires 9+ light orbs to deal enough damage to sweep most content. As such, you require multiple light orb changers with just enough utility as the dungeon requires. Furthermore, it is wise to bring high recovery subs as they will allow you to restore your health should you ever take damage. From my research, the JP players also appear to prioritize double orb changers that either make light/light or light/hearts.

Higher tier subs:

  • Wukong bankai Wukong is everyone’s favourite monkey and is a favoured sub on Xiu Min. Wukong is able to generate both light and enhanced heart orbs while possessing a physical typing. The enhanced hearts allow an RCV starved team to heal while the additional damage gained from the physical typing and Xiu Min’s active is quite fantastic. Lastly, the recover bind Bind Clear awakening awakening acts as a pseudo bind clearer.
  • Awoken Apollo Apollo (blue) Apollo can be used in either form as both have amazing recovery along with the enhanced heart orb +heart awakenings that bolster your healing potential along with retaining their plussed status when converted into light orbs. Which evolution you choose will depend on the number of light rows Light Row your team has along with how important the enhanced skyfalls are to you.
  • Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ is NA’s (and Mantastic/Fantastic’s) flavour of the month due to their ability to generate a relatively easy 100x damage while stacking light rows. Could you run DQXQ over Xiu Min is debatable; however, Awoken DQXQ is a fantastic sub due to her light and heart orb generation along with poison removal. This reduces the dependency on a full board changer which helps open up sub possibilities.
  • W Escha Wedding Eschamali is simply amazing even without the presence of any light rows. The 7 light orb enhances +light orb are incredible when combined with her double-light orb changer and 4 turns of skyfalls. GungHo could always increase profits by making an Eschamali of every colour.
  • 2824 Superman is a Super board changer as he produces light, water, and fire orbs. You are able to combo with Baal Baal, Wedding Akechi W Akechi, or Wukong to produce a 2/3 light board. In addition, he has stellar awakenings along the physical typing.

Viable subs:

  • Raphael Raphael may realistically be a higher tier sub as many of the teams I researched ran him. However, his presence is largely unneeded for most content and puts pressure on team building due no light orb generation. His 5 light rows are incredible, but can you justify a sub just because of a certain few awakenings? However, if you are able to take advantage of his shielding active (and possible 49x ATK from a full light board after heartbreaking), you may choose to bring the disco ball-loving Archangel.
  • W Akechi Wedding Akechi has one of the strongest actives in the game and great synergy with Superman and Saria; however, his own stats are rather lackluster and although he has 4 powerful awakenings, you may be yearning for more. As such, many players may elect to use Wedding Akechi as an assistant for Skill Inheritance.
  • Pollux Pollux is starting to see more time in the spotlight due to their future ultimate evolution that will grant them God Killer God Killer and double skill boost. However, excluding that future buff, Pollux brings the beneficial enhanced light +light orb and heart orb +heart awakenings. This provides an extra source of damage along with an enhanced healing component (which your teams badly need). In addition, the haste allows you to recycle your actives faster and can also be used as a base for skill inheritance due to their 7-turn cooldown.
  • Baal Baal is often neglected by me in my reviews (probably stems from my own bias from the early days of PAD and his lack of viability). However, with the release of a more accessible skill up material and powerful evolution, I need to show him more love. His 3 light rows are a fantastic source of damage and his unbindability makes him a great base for skill inheritance as a bind clearer (just note he lacks a recover bind Bind Clear awakening). However, Baal’s sub colour goes largely to waste and if he is not max skilled (or if you do not run Superman), you may be better off running a different sub.
  • Apocalypse Apocolypse is similar to Superman, but has less combo potential due to the spawned heart and purple orbs having less synergy, You can use any heart breaker EXCEPT Apollo which can be frusterating and the two TPA awakenings go largely to waste.
  • Amate Amaterasu deserves mentioning due to the power of her active and lack of damage contribution being offset by her physical typing. Amaterasu’s heal restores health equal to 40% of your max health along with clearing 4 turns of binds and a single turn of haste. The heal become significant, especially in coop where your HP pools will be even larger and her naturally high base RCV will help you recover after attacks.
  • Ilm Ilm is sometimes an overlooked sub, but is another strong board changers due to the fact he will statistically produce 15 light orbs. Thus, you have a relatively high chance of producing 2 unique rows and your 110.25x ATK multiplier.  If you fail to produce sufficient light orbs, you can always use Xiu Min to correct it. I cannot wait to both roll an Ilm and to have their ultimate evolution be announced.
  • Saria Saria is yet another viable board changer and does in fact have a powerful active; however, it is her lack of useful awakenings outside of the two row Light Row enhances that keeps her from breaking into the higher tier sub category. Do note you can combo her with any heart breaker or Wedding Akechi.
  • Ars Nova Ars Nova may be quietly sitting in your box since you rolled them X Godfests. However, they can make a powerful sub on Xiu Min teams due to their 5 enhanced light orb awakenings and ability to spawn 5 new light orbs while enhancing. This is great when used in conjunction with other board changers/actives as it ensures you have sufficient orbs to hit 110.25x ATK.
  • Alcyone Alcyone is essentially the inferior Apollo due to less beneficial awakenings. Granted their active is stronger than regular Apollo, but Awoken Apollo will be better in nearly every way. Alcyone needs an ultimate evolution to improve their power and viability.
  • Fuma Fuma is another physical sub, but by bringing another low RCV card by hinder more than enhance your gameplay. However, the 5-turn base CD makes him an appealing candidate as a base for Skill Inheritance. Just keep in mind that his original active has low synergy outside of a Leilan Awoken Leilan, Meimei MeiMei, and Sylvie Sylvie boards.
Subs that act as great bases for Skill Inheritance

These subs are not that great on their own; however, with the introduction of Skill Inheritance, you are able to benefit form their fantastic awakenings while using a much stronger active.

  • Venus Awoken Venus has very high base recovery, 1,000 auto heal, 3 light rows, and a very short, 4-turn active. This makes her a fantastic base for Skill Inheritance on Xiu Min teams.

Sample teams

One nice benefit of using Xiu Min is the relative flexibility when team building due to no type restrictions. This gives you free reign to build a team that can address the dungeon mechanics while catering to your box capabilities. There will naturally be superior sub choices such as running Superman over Saria, but you will have to work with what you are given. You can also search YouTube using 黄菊の君子・シュウミン

Xiu Min Raphael Apollo (blue) Awoken DQXQ Wukong bankai Xiu Min
Solo Arena 1 shown above

Xiu Min Wukong bankai Awoken DQXQ Raphael Apollo (blue) Xiu Min
Xiu Min Wukong bankai Awoken DQXQ Raphael Ariel Xiu Min
Ultimate Descend Rush Coop shown above

Xiu Min Venus Raphael Awoken Apollo Wukong bankai Xiu Min
Machine Hera Solo (video)

Almost all of my YouYube searches produced teams that included Wukong and Raphael when tackling higher end content. Granted my sample size may not be that large, but should give an idea of what types of cards the JP player base are using.

Can I use non-physical cards?

You are able to successfully use subs non-physical subs on Xiu Min teams due to the nature of your already high damage. However, you may be keeping Xiu Min’s active due to the relatively long 10 turn cooldown and having a physical sub may be advantageous, but I would not go out of my way to accommodate.

Skill Inheritance

Xiu Min may possibly be used as a base for Skill Inheritance as their active is only okay at best. You are able to correct a bad board change, but there may be times where you wish to address orb fatigue, survivability, and any other mechanic you encounter.

Xiu Min Xiu Min Question Orb  Arrow Light
1.5x ATK Physical types
10 turn CD
 Inheritance Options
Damage Enhance You should not need
True Damage /
Neptune Awoken Archdemon Lucifer rodin Ra Cerebrus Rider Chibi Lilith Famiel Lumiel
Board Changer Ilm Apocalypse Saria Sylvie Gadius Awoken Leilan MeiMei 2824 1973
Genie Susano Indra Kush Valen Ganesha Raphael
Delay Awoken Oorochi Sun Quan Zeta Hydra Oku Cao Cao  ForestBahn Wee Jas
Green wee jas KenpachiSagirinokami
Orb Changers W Escha W Satsilo W Akechi Shedar Arthur Rider Fuma Pollux
Awoken Apollo Baal Awoken DQXQ Wukong bankai Alcyone

What you choose to use will depend on the cards you have at your disposal along with the requirements of the dungeon. I did not list bind clearing as Xiu Min can be bound and essentially defeats the purpose.

I highly recommend you read my Skill Inheritance: Advanced Strategies article as it will provide you with a wealth of information on how to make the most of your actives.

Latent Awakening set-up

Xiu Min does not require any specific latents to shine. Outside of a single rainbow resist (as a means to survive 100% gravities by having 1% of each colour), you are quite free to do as you please. However, due to the fact that Xiu Min has the highest base HP in the game, they can benefit the most from HP latents Imp HP. At max level, Xiu Min gains an astounding 526 bonus health from latents and when +297, they can achieve 8,527 health alone. Simply incredible.

The viability of skill delay resists Skill delay resist latents has diminished through skill inheritance as you are able to protect yourself by using the additional cooldown timer as a “shield” against delays.

If you are doing coop, your survivability dramatically increases as you benefit from the health of your partner’s subs. This also allows you to bring more actives and acts as a pseudo protection against skill delay as bosses can only delay one team at a time.


Xiu Min is another powerful glass-cannon oriented leader who is able to achieve 110.25x ATK while prioritizing light rows. Naturally, their team building requirements are very REM heavy, but that is expected with any 300k MP monster. However, they suffer from a lack of healing potential and you need to bring  appropriate subs if you are facing a dungeon with numerous preemptives or encounters that require you to stall. All of these factors diminish his value in high end dungeons as many are designed to counter tanky-burst teams and Xiu Min will be left feeling fragile despite the giant natural health pool.

I feel that there are better glass-cannon options available and we will soon have the all-powerful heart-cross leaders in North America who are better able to survive challenging content while dealing large burst damage.

Let me know if you are planning on purchasing Xiu Min or are you waiting for something stronger to come along.

Happy Puzzling!

30 thoughts on “Xiu Min – 300k MP Monster Review and Analysis”

  1. Thanks for the information Mantastic. I’m closing in on 300,000 MP. I have a strong blue & yellow box so when I get there I’ll have to choose between You Yu or Xin Min. You’re right about Ilm. I use him on my Saria/ Thor team. Use him with Thors skill & you rack up a ton of damage. Can’t wait to finally get my first MP monster. Happy gaming


    1. Sounds exciting! Do you have a preference for which playstyle you prefer? Clumps or rows can have a unique satisfaction but so can 5o1e.

      Let me know who you choose =)


  2. Having a very strong light box, I find this card super attractive and I intend to get it the moment it becomes available. I thoroughly enjoy using light, dark, and fire. I got You Yu when it was released (pressured by his popularity among my peers/friends list) and while I enjoy crushing everything with his damage, I am not really playing what I enjoy.

    I like the idea that this card can steamroll content, but mostly I love the control that it can have also. The big let-down will be probably the lack of people using it since all the reviews are really unsure on its viability or how well it heals even with proper subs.

    I am shocked they haven’t buffed it yet though… I feel like its the Neptune dragon of the new MP Gentlemen set.


    1. Funny enough, Ragnarok Dragon was also looking pretty bad a while back, then got a second killer awakening and can single handedly wreck DKali since he gets x9 damage.
      I doubt that they will give Xiu Min a second killer, since that’s the trademark of the gentlemen along the mono typing/attribute, but I’d guess that his lead might actually get something like a x1.5 rcv or so, simply because Xiang Mei does the reverse thing for healers…


      1. I would be surprised if they broke away from the archetype of the 4 gentlemen to buff some of them. Ragnarok Dragon was somewhat of an outlier for MP cards as it had no “set” it belonged to.

        If XIu Min does gain an RCV boost, it would be quite a significant upgrade as you can use high RCV subs like Apollo, DQXQ, Wukong, etc. to actually recover from hits. Xiu Min is good, but just not enough to be great


  3. Having a very strong light box, I find this card super attractive and I intend to get it the moment it becomes available. I thoroughly enjoy using light, dark, and fire. I got You Yu when it was released (pressured by his popularity among my peers/friends list) and while I enjoy crushing everything with his damage, I am not really playing what I enjoy.

    I like the idea that this card can steamroll content, but mostly I love the control that it can have also. The big let-down will be probably the lack of people using it since all the reviews are really unsure on its viability or how well it heals even with proper subs.

    I am shocked they haven’t buffed it yet though… its not the lamest card, but it is outshined immediately by Xiang Mei and You Yu. I think they’re very careful with the power of light/dark cards. This one really does seem like its the Neptune dragon of the new MP Gentlemen set.


    1. Fun is something to quantify when I write my articles. Everyone has a different playstyle and you may even go through phases (I went from rainbow to rows, to tankier rows, to DQXQ). As long as you have a box that can support Xin Min, purchasing is worthwhile. They are still powerful albeit with their flaws. You can still clear endgame content, it may just be less consistent/safe than XM/Ra Dragon etc.

      I agree that they are careful with Light/Dark after Yomi and Ra D and the general power those colours have already.

      Let me know how it goes when you finally purchase =)


      1. Note: I have no idea what the deal is with that ghost duplicate post I made first is all about. I was already logged in by then. Strange.

        Anyway, I bough Xiu Min on day one, 297+ and max leveled (unfortunately, my greedy DQXQ took all my Shynpys – (worth it!)) after waiting my 3 months as is proper Gung Ho NA tradition. My first impression was enjoyment as I took him for a ride around the endless bracket getting a handle on how he worked. Then as I got to the end of true endless and into extreme, I realized that he is not remotely strong enough to be considered MP card worthy, in fact, just in comparison to DXQ initially, they put him in the ground and bury him. I decided to reserve judgement until I committed myself to working with him for a couple days.

        After two full days:
        Generally speaking, the safest way to play this card was as a 49x row-and-a-half leader. Out of all the subs I used, Ilm was the most useful for destroying bosses, not Sun Wu (who was still pretty good), Saria, Apocalypse (Cecil skill), or Raph. Awoken Apollo seemed to have the skill that Xiu needed the most to be comparable to his MP card brother and sisters, and his damage was wimpy compared to the others even after buffs boosts and skills (keep in mind, I’m trying to be fair). As this card is right now, its very strong occasionally, but its not worth 300k MP. Now since all they are seeing at gung ho are people with ideal subs buying the thing without knowing what a waste it is, “in its current form”, it will probably be a very long time before they fix him.

        Can you clear higher level/end game content easily? Probably with everything maxed to the roof and luck on your side. But you would be better off whaling for a Sherias Roots or just sticking to the DXQ, Sakuya, Lightning, LKali, or Thoria you’re already running.

        I’m not sure its even fun. It was very disappointing
        I had about 6 people on my list with this card day one. Two were max leveled at the least. By Sunday evening I had two people left still running it, and I was questioning why I still was.


        1. That’s a shame Xiu Min did not turn out the way you had hoped =( I can forsee his matching style to feel constricted as forming giant clumps of light orbs is not that exciting (at least for me). It also puts a damper on your overall damage due to lower combo count (25% per match)

          I feel there is no good place for Xiu Min in the current meta as XM and YY both perform better (I am actually doing a comparison post right now) in terms of survivability and damage output. Xiu Min strikes neither a balance and will probably be a niche leader for some players at best

          GH may either release new cards for them or perhaps buff them in some way (even an RCV boost would be all he needs to be propelled upwards)


          1. Agreed, a vast majority of these problems would be solved by a nice survivability boost. Since you are always waiting for a chance to strike and content is finally starting to respond to gimmicks like outrageous damage and tanky HP levels. Having the ability to recover quickly aso well as create the orbs and favorable situations would probably improve the experience with Xiu, which still is a pretty nice card despite a unimpressive initial performance.


            1. Yeah I can forsee the need to stall and set up your board at times you wish to conserve orbs. I do that all the time for my dqxq team who can thankfully heal.


  4. I always enjoy reading your reviews. They are often concise and incorporate a wealth of knowledge about the game and its current state. I plan to buy a Xiu Min here in the upcoming days because light rows are always something I wanted to play. I’m missing a few subs I’d like to have like Amaterasu, Baal, Pollux, and Ars Nova, but I have many of the other relevant subs. I was surprised you didn’t mention Baal at all. Unbindability and 3 rows make him a great slot on the team and option for bind clear skill inheritance in my opinion. He seems like the NA alternative to Ushio and Tora.


    1. I think I may add in a section for Baal (I think I have been quite harsh on Belial, Amon, and Baal due to their lack of power since my early days)

      And if Xin Min will make you happy, its a great investment. PAD is still a game and if its a playstyle that you will enjoy, by all means go for it! As long as you have a reasonable team for him it will be worthwhile =)


  5. You may also want to add, in the future, a post or note about L/D Izanagi. I am referring to the JP news that plans to buff Izanagi’s LS where his multiplier can reach 110.25x ATK. Granted JP L/D Izanagi will not come to the US anytime soon and I believe there is no release date yet for his LS update in JP, but it is worth to keep in mind among different leader options. You could potentially do a comparison post similar to You Yu and UEvo Sarasvati post.


    1. Although L/D Izanagi and Xiu Min are light combo-based leaders, Izanagi has a troubling clause of being over 80% health. Otherwise, he falls down to only a 9x lead with 3 combos. Thus, they are not the best of comparisons compared to YY and Sarasvati.

      I will probably just do a post/update for him when he goes live but its hard to compare (although 9 orbs for 110.25x is amazing)


      1. Indeed, preemptive attacks would be a problem for L/D Izanagi. True, a point to point comparison between L/D Izanagi and Xiu Min would be difficult given that each has different concerns for team building (e.g., subs for Izanagi team needing God-typing). I’m really glad about the change in LS and making him a viable leader option because he has been collecting dust in my box for the longest time.

        Regardless, I enjoy reading your posts and find them helpful, especially posts that discuss leader options.


        1. I sold my Izanagi because I thought fuck it, I got Kanna lol

          2 days later he gets buffed, I didn’t even read what his buff was, but the regrets m8…


        2. If anything, DQXQ vs Xiu Min is somewhat closer.

          I actually have a Hypermaxed L/D Izanagi who I never used as he was intended for light Kali (back in the day) and then Awoken Sakuya came out.

          Lastly, I am glad you enjoy my content and hope to keep you entertained/informed moving forward =D


  6. Great review, thanks! Just bought him and loving him so far. RCV could be better, but the HP is fabulous.
    331 996 362 if you want to pair.


  7. And now I’m just puzzled. :-/ With a lite brite box from maining Sakuya and then Saria for so long, I had been waiting for this card since it was announced for JP. But since then, Awoken DQXQ became a thing … and I think I’m just going to let my MP continue to burn their hole in my pocket. For now. 110.25x > 100x, but lacking ALL the subs I’m just not convinced it’s enough to spend all that hard earned imaginary money. The fear of buyers remorse is real.


    1. If you own a reasonable DQXQ team, there is no overarching need to purchase Xiu Min. Both deal similar amounts of damage and you will have much better luck finding DQXQ friends. I find it amusing how GH made regular REM cards (Sara & DQXQ) nearly comparable to MP dragons. Not complaining as I can benefit, but it is still interesting


  8. With the new buff announced in JP, 1.5x -> 2.5x for two light combos, I could cry with happiness. Granted 306.55x isn’t going to change much about him since he still lacks a rcv mult. It’s just nice to know my prayers to buff Xiu Min have been answered.


  9. SInce we are getting 390k MP, my debate over whether to get Xiu Min or You Yu is gone… I can get both! Did your feelings about how good of a glass cannon he is change since he now hits 306x at max? Although I do lack the two best subs you mention, I have two Cecils, two Saria, the Dark/Light Heroine girl and two DQXQs, so I feel like I can make this work.


    1. Hitting harder is not what was required but being able to pair with Tifa was the turning point to raise him above XM an YY on my tier list as you can now feasibly heal while taking advantage of a larger board


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