[Video] Yomi Dragon vs 5×4 Izanami Descended

Dark resist Latent Tamadras Dark Resist are horribly rare and hard to come by, but at least the video is of reasonable quality this time.

Morale of the story is to never trust Haku Haku , but to believe in the heart of the skyfalls

Refer to my 5×4 leads guide HERE for other options to tackle these tiny boards.

Happy Puzzling!

6 thoughts on “[Video] Yomi Dragon vs 5×4 Izanami Descended”

    1. That seems like the more consistent rate, of course with invade farming it is all random. Today I went 0/9 and before for light resists went 3/4. I will keep at it as dark resists are the most ideal


  1. I have found that brining castor instead of Haku helps becasue Diza generates poison orbs which will always guarantee an activatible board.

    Good luck with farming!!!


  2. Hi Mantastic, nice Video.
    As i told u before, i running only light and dark teams.
    Today i rolled Wukong, Venus & Baal to my light team, so, i think in the future, my problem with “rows” will be overcome.

    Now…In my last pull i got a dark monster, Hamal.
    Hamal can make a great partnership with this Dragon? because i did a test with her today, and it’s kind of similar to what i saw in the video above.


  3. For your light team you are overflowing with rows!

    Hamal is powerful, just be careful with her active as if you are using Yomi Dragon, you need to have a unique set of 5 dark orbs. Hamal works great with Awoken Lucifer as you want rows and a board overflowing with dark orbs. Just depends which team you plan to use them on. if you plan to use Hamal as a leader, it is very powerful in their own right, hardest part would be finding friends, but you can mix and match with Awoken Yomi, Yomi Dragon, or Castor


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