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[Video] Yomi Dragon vs 5×4 Izanami Descended

Dark resist Latent Tamadras Dark Resist are horribly rare and hard to come by, but at least the video is of reasonable quality this time.

Morale of the story is to never trust Haku Haku , but to believe in the heart of the skyfalls

Refer to my 5×4 leads guide HERE for other options to tackle these tiny boards.

Happy Puzzling!

5×4 Latent Resist Tamadra Farming

Coin dungeons now grant the opportunity to farm for the Latent Resist Tamadras Wood Resist in the 5×4 descend dungeons. Latent awakenings are a new type of awakening that is independent of your monster’s normal awakenings. Each monster can have a total of 5 latent awakenings that can be customized to your liking. They can either buff your monster’s HP (1.5%) Imp HP , ATK (1%) Imp ATK , RCV (4%) Imp RCV , auto recovery (3% of RCV) Imp Auto Heal , time extension (0.05s) Imp Move Time , or 1% damage reduction for a specific colour Wood Resist . Granted the bonuses are small, but when your team is fully hypermaxed, any additional buff is welcomed. The 1% damage reduction latents cost 20k Monster Points and being able to farm them from 5×4 coin descends is a blessing.

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