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Latent Tamadra Guide – June 2020


Latent Tamadras have been available for a prolong period of time now and is a way to add a certain level of customization to an individual card. By default, all cards come with 6 available slots and Reincarnated monsters can be bumped up to 8.

With that being said, there are now numerous different Latents available and it can become overwhelming when deciding how to best use them at this point in time.

As such, this article will examine the 6 distinct categories Latents can fall into: Skill Delay Resists, new AA4 latents, Killers, stat modifiers, Damage Reduction, and Extra Slot Tamadras to give players a better understanding of how to best use this resource in this day and age.

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Skill Delay Resists Skill delay resist – 1 slot

Skill Delay Resists (SDR) will always make for a solid default choice when unsure of what to put on a monster. This is because each SDR will prevent a single turn of skill delay which helps ensure your actives remain intact when pushing through challenging content.

As such, it is not uncommon to stack these on most cards for your team as having access to your base or inherited active is is always helpful. It is also rare that you would never want to use either of these actives and is the reason why SDRs are the best choice if unsure.

With that being said, you should not just throw them on to cards willy-nilly as there are many other powerful options available but cards who tend to make the most out of these Latents are those who lack personal damage along with those carrying a key active such as Damage Absorption Void or something that counters Poison Skyfalls. Continue reading Latent Tamadra Guide – June 2020

Thoth & Sopdet 5×4 Latent Resist Farming Strategies

Now that the weekend has passed and with it my favourite descends to farm on 10x, I have turned my morning stamina to playing Thoth & Sopdet 5×4 from the coin dungeons in hopes of acquiring the 1% light resist Tamadra Light Resist . 5×4 descends are much more challenging than their regular counterparts as you face the same bosses/mechanics, but on a smaller board. This automatically cuts down on viable leaders to use, but you can find a handy reference list I created HERE of strong 5×4 leads.

Aside from the invading Light Resist , the major hurdle of this descend is a 5-combo shield put up by Sopdet. Normally 5 combos should not be an issue, but in a 5×4 dungeon, it can be quite challenging Continue reading Thoth & Sopdet 5×4 Latent Resist Farming Strategies

5×4 Latent Resist Tamadra Farming

Coin dungeons now grant the opportunity to farm for the Latent Resist Tamadras Wood Resist in the 5×4 descend dungeons. Latent awakenings are a new type of awakening that is independent of your monster’s normal awakenings. Each monster can have a total of 5 latent awakenings that can be customized to your liking. They can either buff your monster’s HP (1.5%) Imp HP , ATK (1%) Imp ATK , RCV (4%) Imp RCV , auto recovery (3% of RCV) Imp Auto Heal , time extension (0.05s) Imp Move Time , or 1% damage reduction for a specific colour Wood Resist . Granted the bonuses are small, but when your team is fully hypermaxed, any additional buff is welcomed. The 1% damage reduction latents cost 20k Monster Points and being able to farm them from 5×4 coin descends is a blessing.

Continue reading 5×4 Latent Resist Tamadra Farming