5×4 Latent Resist Tamadra Farming

Coin dungeons now grant the opportunity to farm for the Latent Resist Tamadras Wood Resist in the 5×4 descend dungeons. Latent awakenings are a new type of awakening that is independent of your monster’s normal awakenings. Each monster can have a total of 5 latent awakenings that can be customized to your liking. They can either buff your monster’s HP (1.5%) Imp HP , ATK (1%) Imp ATK , RCV (4%) Imp RCV , auto recovery (3% of RCV) Imp Auto Heal , time extension (0.05s) Imp Move Time , or 1% damage reduction for a specific colour Wood Resist . Granted the bonuses are small, but when your team is fully hypermaxed, any additional buff is welcomed. The 1% damage reduction latents cost 20k Monster Points and being able to farm them from 5×4 coin descends is a blessing.

Tamadra Invade
Very pleased to meet you too!
Wood Resist Stats
20k MP saved!

1% may not feel substantial, but it is a way to avoid the 100% gravities cast by some bosses (will deal damage equal to your current health as a way to kill you) as they will instead only deal 99% of your current health. However, farming these can be challenging as many teams are unable to be used successfully in a 5×4 board setting (looking at rainbow and combo based leads) as the descend has the same mechanics and health as its regular counterpart. Therefore, you should try to bring a team that is mono colour and has more unconditional multipliers. For example, Amaterasu Amate , Dark Metatron dtron , I&I I&I / Ryune Ryune , and Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon teams are all capable of handling 5×4 descends due to their easy to activate multiplier along with enhanced survivability. In addition, any row based team becomes stronger as you can match a horizontal line of 5 orbs to trigger the row enhance awakening.

Fantastic Ama
What I plan to use for Fantastic

For Kaguya-Hime’s no awakening restriction, I decided to go with my dtron team on Mantastic as I enjoy the playstyle along with the large health cushion should I encounter the Wood Resist . The invading Wood Resist has 40 health (600k defense) along with hitting for 13660 damage every turn. With my 41k health pool, I am able to take several hits without healing should my board never produce a heart orb. One reason why teams with augmented health pools flourish for these farming session is that the Wood Resist will delay your skills by 2 turns and you may not be able to survive 2 successive hits should you not have heart orbs.

The Invade rate is 20-25% or so and it may take several attempts to finally encounter Wood Resist , but it is worth the effort as you did save 20k MP.

5x4 Pew
Pew Pew


Latent Tamadra Screen

Happy Puzzling!


8 thoughts on “5×4 Latent Resist Tamadra Farming”

  1. Do you think if it is efficient if I used Hatori Hanzo and Dragoncaller Satsuki instead of Persephone and YomiDra (I don’t have these two haha)?


    1. Assuming you have Dark Metatron as a lead then yes it will work. Mostly put in Yomi D as I have it +297. The key is to be able to survive the invade for 2 turns as it hits very hard. Then you can use actives =)


      1. Ahh I see. Hmm how many plusses do you have on that team? Your Dark Metatron and YomiDra is +297 but how about your other cards?

        Also, you mentioned that row based teams do well in 5×4 dungeons but in the dungeon you showed (Kaguya-hime), awoken skills are invalid, right?


        1. Haku has ~200 while Persephone and Pandora have 0-1. And yes, row based teams do well in 5×4 as you only need 5 dark orbs to trigger the effect. Even in awoken skills invalid, Dark Metatron is still reliable as she has the high health pool needed to stall on the tamadra invade along with being able to reach just under 30x damage when under 50% health.


    2. Hi Cheyenne!Is the Lost Dutchman the same as the Goldfield Canyon workshop?I attended the Goldfield Canyon workshop last Dec and LOVED IT!!!!!Also will you be doing any of old town Scottsdale workshops again in the near fukh?erTuants,Tanya


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