Saria & Awoken Thor Team Building and Discussion


Saria Saria paired with Awoken Thor Thor forms the powerful 2x HP / 14.06x ATK / 2.5x RCV tank team that is capable of clearing end game content. Mono-colour tank teams have made a resurgence in popularity because they are capable of absorbing massive attacks and thus not need to bring any form of damage mitigation, able to recover large amount of health due to the 2.5x recovery multiplier, and able to deal lethal damage by stacking row enhance Light Row awakenings along with built in damage enhancement. You will not see the spectacularly high numbers every turn that rainbow teams can produce, but instead are able to consciously control your damage as you are active reliant for damage output. Do note that just because your starting multiplier is only 14.06x, you can still burst like other high end leads because you are able to stack a single colour for damage along with specific actives and awakenings.

In addition, I would like to thank everyone who contributed their insights as well as screenshots for this guide. Even if your image was not featured, I still took note of your team roster and dungeon clearing capacity. So once again thank you to all my fellow Puzzle and Dragoners.


  • Ability to control your damage as this is becoming more relevant with specific absorption shields that require you to hit less damage or else they heal
  • Saria provides a full board change and Thor brings a 2x damage enhancement
  • Bolstered health and recovery allow for easier stalling and removes the need to bring damage mitigation
  • Leaders have a combined 5 Light Row awakenings along with 2 skill bind resist Skill Lock Resist
  • Offers a different playstyle to those tired of rainbow or higher multiplier mono colour teams
  • Team building is modestly flexible as you can swap out (mostly REM subs) various subs to address specific dungeon mechanics
  • Saria lacks an ultimate evolution and thus has room to grow in the future
  • 1 of your leaders is a pretty girl


  • Vulnerable to binds. This is becoming a more relevant issue with unbindable leaders becoming more common and dungeons having more pre-emptive binds. Furthermore, if your leaders are bound, you lose your health and recovery multiplier
  • Ideal team building is quite REM heavy as you wish to focus on Light Row awakenings
  • Row based teams face a tougher time against bosses with higher combo shield requirements as rows take up more space on the board. Also the leaders only provide 1 time extend Time Extend awakening
  • Reliant on actives to trigger the additional damage through the leader skill along with having enough light orbs to form rows. Thus weak against skill delay attacks
  • Thor users are harder to come by due to him being a poor starting monster compared to Saria . This is where the Best Friend System comes in handy.
  • 1 of your leaders has questionable fashion sense and is not Husbano material
SariaThor keoten@US Devil Rush Clear
Devil Rush vs keoten@US


Row info

Many people have asked what is the ideal number of Light Row awakenings to have and it comes down to a bit of math:

  • Each Light Row awakening adds 10% damage
  • Every matched combo adds 25% more damage
  • However, a connected 6 match deals 1.75x your base attack value while 2 separate combos is 2x base attack
  • Thus you need 4.2 Light Row to “break even” (instead of matching 2 unique sets of 3 dark orbs)

Thankfully, Saria / Thor already provide 5 Light Row awakenings and thus any sub you bring can be seen as an extra bonus. However, after achieving 10 rows, it is best to prioritize enhanced orb +light orb awakenings.

Sub categories

The broad categories of subs to bring and their respective actives are as follows:

Single orb
valkpad Fuma LD Hanzo Pollux Shedar Ariel Unicorn Rider Elia Verche
Double orb
Wukong DQXQ LL Apollo (blue) Arthur Rider
 Venus Ganesha Athena 
Full board
Uevo Apoc Ilm Raphael Saria Superman Kali Fat Chocobo W Gadius
Bind clearing: Sakuya Metatron Amate
Raphael Indra row Light Izanami Ganesha
Gravity: Nordis Zera Hathor Sakuya 
Niche: Baal Fuu Ra
Orb changer
Apocalypse + valkpad Apollo (blue) Pollux Elia Verche Arthur Rider

Raphaelvalkpad Apollo (blue) Pollux

Saria + valkpad Apollo (blue) Pollux LD Hanzo

Superman + Wukong LD Hanzo

Wukong + valkpad Apollo (blue) Pollux Fuma LD Hanzo

DQXQ LL + valkpad Apollo (blue) Pollux Fuma

W Gadius + DQXQ LL Apollo (blue) valkpad Pollux Elia Verche
Arthur Rider LD Hanzo

Skill lock
Resist Skill Lock Resist:
Pollux Unicorn Rider Elia Wukong DQXQ LL Apocalypse Ilm
Raphael Kali Sakuya Amate Indra row Nordis Hathor
Baal Ra Ganesha

Single orb changers:

These subs have low cooldowns and can convert a single type of orb into light. One benefit to a fast orb changer is the ability to activate the bonus damage from your leader skill more often.

  • valkpad Light Valkyrie is one of my favourite (and farmable subs) because of her quick orb change and offensive awakenings. The single TPA and 2 light orb enhance +light orb awakenings contribute modest damage and allows your team to burst higher when used in conjunction with other actives. Furthermore, the new enhanced heal orb +heart increases your healing or can be converted to enhanced light orbs for even more damage. Lastly, valkpad has well rounded and high base stats. The only drawbacks are a lack of Skill Lock Resist and Light Row awakenings.
  • Fuma Fuma is another 5-turn orb changer who converts green to light orbs. When compared to valkpad , Fuma has a single light row enhance Light Row along with lower base stats, but a very heavy emphasis on health which is greatly amplified by your leader skill . The main attraction for using Fuma over valkpad is not removing heart orbs because there will be situations where you need to deal lethal damage and heal on the same turn. Sadly, he is also lacking a Skill Lock Resist awakening and his active does not combo with Saria ‘s board change.
  • LD Hanzo L/D Hanzo is a new collab monster from the Lunar New Year event and has great potential due to his unique fire to light orb change and synergetic awakenings. He brings 1  Light Row to the party along with the unique Dragon Killer Dragon Killer awakening that allows LD Hanzo to deal 3x damage to dragon type enemies. His active allows him to combo beautifully with Saria as you can remove the worthless red orbs and have a 2/3 board of light and 1/3 heal orbs. The ability to heal while dealing lethal damage is invaluable as there will be situations where you want to sweep the floor and top off your health. However, he still suffers from a lack of Skill Lock Resist and low base stats.
  • Pollux Pollux is a new and interesting sub as she changes heal, jammer, and poison orbs into light along with 1 turn of haste on a 7-turn cooldown. Her awakenings provide 2 +light orb , 2 +heart , and 2 Skill Lock Resist . The 2 Skill Lock Resist grants you more flexible team building options as you can achieve 100% resistance with only 1 more sub. Thus Pollux  adds utility and a significant increase to healing along with passive damage through +light orb . However, without any Light Row awakenings, you may feel your damage is compromised, but Pollux ‘s active removes the need to bring more board changers as she can single handedly remove the jammer and poison orbs.
  • Shedar Shedar is a strange looking dragon who often goes unnoticed due to how recent he was added to the game along with the entire Mech Dragon pantheon being considered “troll” gold eggs. However, Shedar provides 2 Light Row awakenings along with an active that changes the entire top row into light orbs along with 1 turn haste on an 8-turn cooldown. This is quite powerful and can be used in conjunction with other actives to generate 2 light rows. The main downside to using Shedar is a lack of Skill Lock Resist and challenging to skill up as his dungeon has only been featured once.
  • Ariel Ariel may be an interesting sub for  Saria / Thor as her active spawns 4 random light orbs. This can be used in conjunction with other actives to ensure you can make an additional row. However, Ariel is missing both a Light Row and Skill Lock Resist which makes team building more challenging. Furthermore, the 3 TPA are nice, but somewhat go to waste as you will be focusing on matching rows instead.
  • Unicorn Rider Unicorn Rider deserves mentioning as she (he?) has a Light Row and Skill Lock Resist along with 2 TPA . This brings some versatility along with being able to spawn 5 hearts at random from non light and heart orbs. This can be critical as there may be times where you wish to burst down a floor, but need to heal at the same time. Not the most amazing sub, but worth mentioning. You also get to say you just killed a big bad boss with a unicorn.
  • Elia Elia is the definition of a luxury sub and is an okay choice for  Saria / Thor  because she lacks a Light Row awakening. However, Elia does bring 2 TPA and a Skill Lock Resist awakening but in order to make her active viable, you need to have 15 successful skill ups which is nearly impossible to do for the average player. Furthermore, Elia ‘s active changes dark to light and grants 1 turn of haste on a 7-turn cooldown when max skilled.
  • Verche Verche is essentially the poor man’s version of Elia in that he provides a dark to light orb changer (without haste) on a 5-turn cooldown. Granted his awakenings are not ideal, but he is farmable and easy to skill up.


Double orb changers:

These subs convert 2 different orbs to light and either heart or light orbs and allows for easier matching as you are dealing with only 4 elements. It is wise to bring at least 1 of these subs as they provide power through their Light Row , actives, and some utility.

  • Wukong Wukong provides 2 Light Row , 2 skill boost Skill Boost , 1 time extend Time Extend , and 1 recover bind Bind Clear awakening awakenings. One of the major weaknesses Saria / Thor  faces are leader binds and having a Bind Clear awakening as well as a heart generating active can provide a pseudo bind clear without sacrificing a key sub slot. Wukong is comparable to Da Qiao DQXQ LL in that both fulfil the same role along with having almost identical awakenings but convert different orbs. It is better to bring 1 of each instead of duplicates of either as you may encounter orb fatigue if using the actives back to back.
  • DQXQ LL Da Qiao is another wonderful double orb changer as she can simultaneously manufacture heart and light orbs. She only differs from Wukong in that she has a TPA instead of a Skill Boost which is better as you should have sufficient skill boosts to have most actives ready by turn 1. Skill Boost loses value as you progress through the dungeon as the benefit is only realized in the first few floors. Overall an amazing sub and should be utilized if you are lucky enough to have her.
  • Apollo (blue) Apollo is another powerful double orb changer, except he converts both dark and heart orbs into light. This will ensure you can make at least 2 light rows along with providing 2 Light Row himself. Apollo (blue) also comes with 2 TPA awakenings so you do have the option to have modest burst should you be missing enough orbs for another row. The main downsides to using Apollo (blue) are a lack of Skill Lock Resist , his active removing hearts (should you need to heal and deal lethal damage), and no Time Extend awakenings.
  • Arthur Rider King Arthur is a reasonable sub because of his single Light Row and 2 TPA  awakenings. The active creates a net affect of hearts to light on a longer cooldown than valkpad . The 2 TPA awakenings provides reasonable burst, but your focus should still be rows. The main drawbacks of using Arthur Rider are low base stats, a lack of Skill Lock Resist , and a difficult to skill up active.

Damage enhancing:

These subs provide an additional way to enhance your damage that does not conflict with Thor as you will be enhancing orbs created via orb changers.

  • Venus Venus is probably the best sub in this category as she provides an astounding 3 Light Row awakenings along with a light orb enhancing that grants free-orb movement for 6 seconds on a 5-turn cooldown. The free movement component can be amazing for row based teams as it can sometimes be challenging to manufacture your ideal amount of rows and combos. In addition, being on a 5-turn cooldown grants another way to trigger your leader skill’s secondary component. Venus ‘s only downside is she does not have a Skill Lock Resist awakening.
  • Ganesha Ganesha has an active that can enhance light orbs along with providing 1 turn of damage immunity on a very long cooldown (15 turns maxed with no skill up material). However, their awakenings only provide 2 TPA , unbindability (which can be used for damage void), and a single Skill Lock Resist .
  • Athena Athena is a farmable solution to light orb enhancement and also comes with 2 TPA awakenings. This is not as ideal as Light Row , but with one of highest base damage values in the game, Athena can burst very high should you be unable to manufacture a row. Overall, not the greatest sub due to no Light Row or Skill Lock Resist awakenings, but can serve as a placeholder for someone more ideal as she is farmable and most likely have one anyway.

Full board changers:

 These subs provide another safety net to unideal boards should your Saria be on cooldown. Furthermore, they can be used in conjunction with another orb changer to create light heavy boards that can be broken up into multiple rows.

  • Apocalypse Apocalypse features a single Light Row and Skill Lock Resist awakenings along with a full board change to light, dark, and heal along with 1 turn haste. This is very similar to Saria as you generate light, heal, and one dead colour. Board refreshes that produce heal orbs tend to be superior as you can simultaneously heal and deal damage. Furthermore, you are most likely bringing a heart breaker so you can create a 2/3 light board and ample rows. If you are deciding between bringing a second Saria or Apocalypse , you need to decide if the extra row from Saria outweighs the benefit of a Skill Lock Resist .
  • Ilm Ilm is a rare 6-star godfest exclusive and provides a Light Row , Skill Lock Resist , and Time Extend awakenings. His full board active converts all orb to light and fire. Statistically, this should produce at least 2 light rows and on the rare occasion, 3. Do note that you cannot feasibly combo his active with another orb changer as an entire board of just light orbs will produce less damage (no extra row, combo bonus, etc.) unless you use an orb enhancer like Venus (and then pray for skyfalls).
  • Raphael Raphael has re-emerged as a mono light powerhouse with an unbelievable 5 Light Row awakenings. Furthermore, his active has been buffed to converting the entire board to heart orbs along with 2 turns of damage immunity. This immunity can be used to bypass large preemptives, execution abilities, or the Kali in Arena’s >65% health attack. However, you must bring a heart breaker to convert the board into 30 light orbs and ideally an orb enhancer (such as Venus) to generate damage. In addition, Raphael provides some utility through his Skill Lock Resist and bind recover Bind Clear awakening awakenings.
  • Saria Saria is a viable sub on her own team; however, she only has 5 awakenings and lacks a Skill Lock Resist . As such, if you have another full board changer who has Skill Lock Resist , it may be better to bring them if you are unable to meet the 5 required for 100% immunity.
  • Superman Superman is a rare collab pull and can convert the board into fire, water and light orbs. Unfortunately he only has 4 awakenings with a single Light Row being the standout winner. Furthermore, his active can only be comboed with Wukong who converts water orbs to light. Not that super awesome.
  • Kali Light Kali is a full board changer, but lacks a Light Row awakening and converts the board to all 5 colours. This would require you to use another active to generate at least a row’s worth of light orbs and somewhat defeats the purpose. Mostly mentioning because she does provide Skill Lock Resist and Time Extend as well as most players having already heavily invested in her for other teams.
  • Fat Chocobo Chocobo is mostly mentioned because most long term players have acquired him for free from the Final Fantasy Collab event and he provides a large chunk of health and a board change that produces all 6 type of orbs. Not very ideal to run, but something to be aware of just in case.
  • W Gadius Wedding Gadius has one of the best bodies and awakenings as he provides powerful synergy with row teams along with an active that generates haste, hearts, light, dark, and fire orbs. This can be further combo-ed with other actives to form a burst heavy board.

Bind clearing:

 One of the largest weaknesses for your Saria / Thor team is having your leaders bound. When bound, you lose your health and recovery multiplier. This causes your team to lose their durability and become very fragile to most attacks. As such, bringing a bind clearing sub is almost mandatory for pre-emptive leader binds. However, if the floor will only bind at certain health thresholds or on their first turn, it is better to bring a burst active sub to try and one shot them instead. As a general rule, bind clearing subs bring little damage to your team as they lack Light Row awakenings and their active for the most part is defensive in nature. Lastly, all the subs listed below are bind immune so you can use them to bait out specific colour binds safely.

  • Sakuya Awoken Sakuya is probably the best option for bind clearing as her active does double duty as a 20% gravity along with 3 turns of bind clearing. Her other actives adds small amounts of defensive utility, but her single Skill Lock Resist is most important.
  • Metatron Light Metatron has become a frustrating card for me as of late. This is mostly due to powercreep and the fact she is one of the oldest godfest exclusive monsters. Metatron base recovery is amazingly high, but may be somewhat overkill as your team already has 2.5x RCV. Furthermore, Metatron lacks a Skill Lock Resist and no offensive awakenings. I go into more detail of why Metatron needs a rework HERE.
  • Amate Awoken Amaterasu offers 2 Skill Lock Resist awakenings along with a single TPA awakening. In addition, her active clears 4 turns of binds, recovers 40% of your maximum health (which is a very large amount on Saria / Thor teams), and 1 turn of haste. Granted she is on a longer cooldown than Metatron , but you are most likely only going to be using Amate for a single floor and that haste at least adds some utility.

Shielding / damage mitigation:

 In all honesty, you most likely do not need a shield as your health pool should be large enough to survive any reasonable attack.

  • Indra row Indra has regained popularity as a light shielding sub who grants 75% damage reduction for 3 turns. In addition, he provides 2 Skill Lock Resist , Light Row , and a Time Extend extend awakening. Granted you should not require the shield as your already sizeable health pool should be sufficient, but do keep in mind you can survive the Arena Kali’s >65% health attack.
  • Light Izanami Light Izanami will be receiving a new ultimate evolution that grants her a total of 1,500 auto-healing along with minor stat increases pushing her to just under 800 weighted stats. However, her shield is not very good value as it only reduces damage by 35% for 1 turn on a 4-turn cooldown if max skilled. Unfortunately she is challenging to skill up as she is not a guaranteed drop even on mythical.
  • Ganesha Ganesha has an active that can enhance light orbs along with providing 1 turn of damage immunity on a very long cooldown (15 turns maxed with no skill up material). However, their awakenings only provide 2 TPA , unbindability (which can be used for damage void), and a single Skill Lock Resist . Not really worth the sub slot, but at least worth mentioning


Gravities are coming back into style as end game bosses are starting to have gigantic health pools or the resolve/perseverance ability. By using a gravity, you can easily push a boss into a certain health percentage to bypass various mechanics. Furthermore, as you are playing a “slower” paced team, you can take your time in charging up your actives if they not be skilled up.

  • Nordis Nordis is a very powerful sub due to his 2 Light Row , Skill Lock Resist , and Time Extend awakenings along with his 30% gravity that can be max skilled to 15 turns. However, the sheer investment required in obtaining, leveling up, evolving, and skilling up Nordis may be off-putting for most players. His rouge descend is quite challenging and it takes 10 successful skill ups to max skill. Regardless, Nordis ‘s high base stats combined with synergetic awakenings make him a valuable sub as he is the only gravity to come with Light Row . Even if you are unable to max skill, he may still be usable on a 25 turn cooldown as you are most likely only needing him for one particular floor.
  • Zera Zeus & Hera provides a staggering 45% gravity along with high base stats. Unfortunately, their awakenings are not very synergetic for a Light Row based team and their base cooldown is 38 turns. However, it is a viable option should you require a very large gravity and farming Nordis proves too challenging. Lastly, they do not provide a Skill Lock Resist awakening.
  • Hathor Hathor has received a powerful new ultimate evolution that grants her 4 +light orb awakenings along with a Skill Lock Resist and Time Extend . By having 4 +light orb awakenings, you have an 80% chance for every light orb to spawn with a plus and this will dramatically boost your damage output. In terms of gravity, Hathor  provides 25% on a 13 turn cooldown when max skilled.
  • Sakuya Awoken Sakuya offers the most utility of any bind clearer as she can play double duty as a bind clearer with both her active and Bind Clear awakening awakening. Furthermore, she is also bind immune and is on a 10 turn cooldown. Sakuya active provides 20% gravity along with 3 turns of bind removal. This double dipping provides a safety net no other sub can provide in terms of offensive and defensive potential.

Niche / situational subs:

These subs have harder to define roles, but may come in handy under the right situation.

  • Baal Baal has questionable artwork, but his newest evolution provides an amazing 3 Light Row along with unbindability, Skill Lock Resist , and 2 Skill Boost awakenings. From an awakenings point of view, he looks amazing; however, I am placing him into the niche role due to his active being problematic. When max skilled (8 turns), it provides light counter attack damage for 3 turns along with converting water orbs to light orbs. The counter-attack can prove to be invaluable as it will allow you to kill a boss with perseverance should you be able to survive their 1% damaging ability. However, skilling him up is a challenge as he requires 10 successful attempts and his skill up fodder takes a lot of effort to evolve or farm. Until his active is reworked or a more feasible method is available, he will be outclassed by other subs. Lastly, he can fulfil the dark sub requirement in all attribute dungeons.
  • Fuu Fuu is regulated to niche sub section as her active requires additional help through a heart breaker to deal damage. Awakening-wise, a single Light Row , Skill Lock Resist , and Bind Clear awakening add modest utility and some damage. If Fuu ‘s active was able to manufacture heart orbs, she would be significantly better.
  • Ra Awoken Ra deserves mentioning for his unique active that allows him to deal 77,777 fixed damage to all enemies regardless of their element or defence. This can be used to bypass floors that would have otherwise required a large amount of burst damage. In addition, his active provides 3 bonus seconds of orb movement time and this can be used to overwrite time delay abilities as your buff will erase the debuff. However, Ra offers little in the way of offensive awakenings and his unbindability, Time Extend , +light orb , 2 Skill Boost , and Skill Lock Resist is all he can offer otherwise.

If you feel I missed any sub or overlooked a potential strength or weakness, please comment below and I can adjust accordingly.

SariaThor Vaxos Hera Rush Clear
Hera Rush vs Vaxos

Team Building:

Team building for  Saria / Thor generally revolves around maximizing your Light Row awakenings along with orb changers, dungeon mechanics, and adjusting your skill lock resistance accordingly. Keeping this in mind, there is no “perfect” team that can clear all the current content and needs to be fluid and dynamic to adjust to new challenges. One of the key benefits to playing a 2x HP / 14.06x ATK / 2.5x RCV team is your inherit tankiness and ability to stall on what would normally be dangerous floors. This grants you flexibility with Skill Lock Resist subs as you may be able to grind it out instead. However, a large part of your damage multiplier is tied to using an active and it may be beneficial to try and bring 1 sub who has a 5 turn cooldown to more readily proc your full multiplier. When deciding if you need to bring a bind clearing sub, you need to determine the nature of the binds: is it a preemptive, are you capable of stalling it out, and is it possible to burst through the floor and thus bypass the bind? As a general rule, bind clearing subs lack damage output so it may be advisable to bring a burst oriented sub instead if the bind only occurs at certain health percentages. Furthermore, binds on your subs are usually not as important and it is only when your leaders are bound that danger arises due to losing your tankiness.

Arena Thoria Clear
Arena vs Yoh

Dungeon Playstyle:

Saria / Thor teams play differently than rainbow burst teams as your damage is strongly tied to active usage. As such, you are going to have to stall periodically throughout the descend in order to unleash your explosive damage. You should always enter endless corridors to test your damage output (with a 1, 2, or 3 rows matched) to give yourself a relative idea of how much damage you can deal when using an active and without. This is important because you may need to stall on a floor to acquire 6+ light orbs to trigger your Light Row awakenings. Being Light Row damage focused requires a different strategy for matching as it may seem “easy” at first glance. However it is quite challenging to safely manufacture multiple rows and ideally combos alongside. It will take practice in finding the best way to break up your rows because if they connect, you lose the additional bonus. This is where careful active usage and Time Extend comes into play as ways to ease your matching.

In addition, you should determine your base recovery (how much healed when matching 3 heart orbs) as each subsequent combo adds 25% healing. For example, 6,000 base recovery will heal 12,000 HP when matching those 3 hearts and 4 additional combos (5 in total). You will need to stall throughout the dungeon and this information helps you determine if an active is needed. Also, try to make a tentative plan and mental note of which floors you want to use actives. This provides some guideline to your usage and helps you plan out your team composition and awakenings accordingly. When determining how much skill lock resist you should try to achieve, you need to determine how dangerous having your skills locked is. Can you stall through the binding floor without actives? If the answer is yes, you may not have to alter your subs if it hinders your performance on other floors. The same can be applied to monster binds: if the bind does not target your leaders, feel free to just stall it out instead of gimping your team with a bind clearing sub. In addition, many teams will run Wukong or DQXQ LL who have Bind Clear awakening awakenings and heart generating actives.

SariaThor turns taken
Be prepared to take your time

You also have to get into the mindset that you are not going to enter a descend guns blazing and sweep every floor. Stalling is key to success and is a challenge in itself. Thankfully, it is almost impossible to trigger a Light Row match along your damage being suppressed by the active usage clause. Therefore, just focus on healing and do not worry if light orbs are matched as they will do very little damage.

SariaThor Riot Dank! Land of Rising Sun clear
Land of the Rising Sun vs Riot Dank!

Best of luck in your Saira Thor adventures and Happy Puzzling!

43 thoughts on “Saria & Awoken Thor Team Building and Discussion”

  1. Going by purely light row awakenings, ultimate Baal might a be good sub as well. Triple rows, 2x SB, unbindable, and one SR. Orb changer active with counter attack can take care of monsters with perseverance. Dark sub-attribute, also, helps with dealing with All Att. required dungeons.

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  2. You might want to note Light Izanami as a damage reduction sub who is also farmable. Raphael’s active is also super nice for damage voiding, in addition to his board change.


  3. An overall Pro to this team I feel is the flexibility with using a huge array of light monsters to custom-tailor your survival needs per dungeon. It’s only a color requirement, which means at odd times you can have a sub-light type fit on your team and benefit from the leader HP and RCV boosts (I used a D/L Anubis for his counterattack and a Gryps Rider Finn for an all-attribute requirement. D/L Lilith becomes a farmable poison option as well). This may be important info for Thoria beginners who don’t have ideal light-main subs. In any case I would be happy to pull almost any new light monster because it will fit on this team someway somehow.
    Another Pro I feel related to this is you’re not as vulnerable to type-binding I.E. When a monster binds all god-type monsters they’ll hit Wukong and Raphael, but miss Thor, DQ, and Saria.

    Other utility subs: Cinderella is a sub-par unbindable bind releaser too with decent HP. Shining Dragon Knight is a heartbreaker with bind release, but lacking in awakenings. Wee Jas is unbindable, grants a one-turn stall, and makes a row of hearts for heals and bind release on top of a 1 full second move time increase. If you’re desperate, I Love PAD Bear has nice awakenings too.

    The options only stop where there is no light!

    P.S. Thanks for using my screenshot and keep up the awesome posts!
    -keoten@HG (formerly keoten@US)


    1. Your screenshot was helpful in writing as it gives me a wider perspective in possible team building compositions =D

      And I do agree with the flexibility for earlier team building as you already have 5 light rows between the 2 leaders. Thus you already hit the “cap” for number of rows needed for rows > combos when matching. And I did mention the safety of sub binds as you still retain your LS for HP and RCV which is the most important aspect.

      And thank you for all your input, I always love constructive feedback as I am still learning XD


  4. Wanted to add that the new L/D Hanzo is great sub since he’s on a short count down and can fix a Saria board while keeping the hearts. Keep up the great work!


  5. Great write-up! Hoping to make a Saria/Thor team myself one day after I finish making my sakuya team. 🙂
    One typo spotted under Raphael’s section in full board changers. Granted that hear orbs might be nice if you wanted to scream at the dungeon, but I guess heal orbs are nicer for survival! 😛


    1. I have a strong bias towards Sakuya, but Saria/Thor teams are much more consistent/stable. When fully decked out it is hard to kill them and you can simply restall on most floors for actives.
      I do scream at my opponents, it has proven to be quite effective XD


  6. What about the new Christmas Light Healer Girl (with menace) for delay? Also LZL is pretty much the same as Ganesha.


  7. I’m commenting this post today, because was irrelevant to me (until 3 days ago).
    Now becomes very important since I’m running this team right now.

    Exactly 48 hours after i rolled Thor, I already have him in the Awoken form, all awokens done, +297 and 1 skill up(more 3 next week).

    This guide was amazing, and you’re 100% right, bind is a problem.
    Friends are saying that I built an “end game team” with my crazy hyper maxed cards, I’m not so sure about that.

    My personal opinion based on what I’m experiencing?
    This team is ok.

    If someday my Wukong become Awoken Wukong, and play similar to his sister Panda, than I’ll say that I built an end game team.

    Btw: you forgot the Xmas light angel in the delay category.


    1. Congrats on getting Thor up to speed so quickly XD

      High end Saria/Thor teams are capable of clearing Arena 1 along with Ch10s etc so you are at end game with that. It may feel sluggish compared to rainbow, higher multiplier teams due to being very active reliant for damage. Also, preemptive leader binds are horribly scary and require careful planning to get around. You can view your Saria/Thor team as a means to clear content that may be more challenging for your other end game teams as certain dungeons will favour you.

      We can only hope the rest of the pantheon gets the Awoken Pandora treatment (and pray the type they boost has a deep sub pool)


  8. So I got this team up to speed enough to defeat 99 sta devil descended challenge today. Just a question on filling out the last spot. The locks in the team are Saria, Ilm, Sun Wukong and Da Qiao. I’m just looking for the last spot. Today I ran L Kali but obviously she’s not a perfect fit for this team. I don’t have any of the new light converters so my options are Valk, Fuma and Arthur. I think Fuma is the best choice as Wukong and Da Qiao already run into each other. Only issue is until I decide to egg the team, it does leave it low on rcv. So maybe just Kali for now unless it’s a dungeon I need Sakuya, Ra or Indra on.


    1. Valkyrie is a great choice even without the row enhance because she can combo with all your other orb changers as they make hearts in some shape/form. She also has great rcv which is heavily multiplied.

      You do no need to plus out Valkyrie unless you are considering running an Awoken DQXQ or other light rainbow lead


  9. Yeah I posted on the Pad forums too and they said either Valk or Amaterasu depending on dungeon. Valk certainly for most. I can understand because Da Qiao or Sun Wukong as an active on their own can be very toothless sometimes. Ilm and Saria were the only two really boosting the damage with their actives.


  10. So I got this team and Idunn and Idunna running today. Neither really has eggs (I gave I&I a few +egg tamas but that’s it) and not everyone is max levelled but they’re pretty similar. Dmg is pretty close with maybe a slight nod to blue to more attackers. Blue has more health, yellow has more rcv and bind recovery.

    The teams as of now are:

    Saria/Ilm/Da Qiao/Sun Wukong/Valk. Only Sun Wukong isn’t max skilled. Just need his coin dungeon to come around.

    I&I/Hermes/Karin/Mori/Sumire. Everyone here is max skilled. I could sub in Alcares but Sumire is a heart maker. I have another Karin I could use too.

    Clearly yellow has more heart makers and can clear binds. Blue has more board changers. I wish I had better options for the fast board changers, although my blue ones are solid. Yellow I don’t love with Valk since Arthur is likely my best alternate since him followed by Da Qiao is a pretty strong board. Blue has more rows, but awoken Hermes is losing a row while awoken Da Qiao is gaining one which would leave each team at 10.

    Yellow has better alternate sub options with Nordis, Ama, Ra and Indra. Blue I’d have to buy Charite to do Arena. Nordis if I levelled and skilled him would be enough with a moderate cool down to get under sub 65 Kali. So yeah not sure what to do.

    I might just get experience with both and finish skulking and such and wait for a mob that breaks the tie, like an Andromeda or the yellow mech guy. Who knows my Lucifer team is just a Zuoh or Haku away as well and already has a hypermaxed Pandora and Lucifer. Unless you think one of the teams just has more potential than the others.


  11. Finish skilling I mean. :p The fact that blue can’t beat Arena without Charite is a major negative, since I don’t really want to buy a mob for one dungeon. Yellow has big gravities (I know people use Zeus and Hera but Nordis seems excellent for getting you 30% and just have to get 5 more, which is like 3-4 million damage. Just like that Nordis has much better awakenings and such) and Purple can just burst him.


  12. There’s a typo in your paragraph on Athena: “Overall, not the greatest sub due to no Light Row or TPA awakenings…” Instead of TPA, maybe you mean SBR?


  13. Amazing guide, I feel like I rolled every light monster this GF. I am not sure if this would be where to ask, but can I post my box and see what I should be running for this combo?


    1. The team you just listed is the best you can do with your box. Only side note I can make is Baal has a long cd, but becomes unbind able and can inherit a bind clear active to help you deal with binds. Super long wait, but doesn’t gimp your team by having a non light card


  14. Your guide has been a great help!

    Currently at a crossroads of what team I should make out of the relevant light monsters I have though…

    For my current team, I have: Saria, UEvo’d Apocalypse, UEvo’d Fuma, and DQ

    But I also have in my box: Lmeta, Valk, Amaterasu, UEvo’d Raphael, Fuu

    I am thinking of maybe switching Raphael and Apocalypse, but really not sure if I would be making my team stronger or weaker. Of course, I will be waiting to get Wukong or Ilm. Any suggestions?


    1. Raphael is only useful in very niche situations and his active is cumbersome for most dungeons. Raph also needs a heart breaker to function so thats another sub slot

      I would use APoc, Fuma, DQ, and either Valk/Ama depending on the dungeon.


  15. If you’re going to mention Collab special appearances, I’d probably also suggest mentioning Scampering Newlywed, Gadius on account of him supplying a couple row enhances, bind-immune with bind-heal awaken, skill CD, move time, and a nice board-changer with haste than can combo up with Hattori or Verche/Elia.


    1. Thanks for the feedback! Some of my older team guides a bit dated as it does get challenging to keep everything up to date (this was written long before June Bride). However, I do appreciate your feedback and will slot in a small blurb =)


  16. My wife and I have been having really good luck with Saria/Gadius. I know you lose out in the RCV department but on my side I have Gadius / Kiriko / LWee Jas / Valk / Depends. I could use Goemon, B/L Sun Quan, Navi, Athena, 2nd Gadius, Gigas, XMas Hera or Wedding Echindna. What do you think the best would be? My wife runs Saria / Wedding Akechi / ” ” Sopdet / ” ” Izanami / and the last depends on the dungeon.


    1. Final slot should either be Echidna or Sun Quan depending on if you need the delay/damage enhance

      Your wife’s team may need more orb changers, what does she have available?


      1. Really nothing honestly. I think the best she has is a Beach Fuu / Lemon Dragon. We missed getting her a Verche and we have just now been able to reliably run descends together. What should our goals be, another Valk? I guess we could even hobble together her jackrabbit dragon of doom for now until we get something better. Really appreciating your website, it has helped me immensely. Keep up the good work!


        1. Glad to be of help Carl =)

          As for your options, acquiring a Verche would be better as you don’t remove hearts and can combo with Gadius boards for more light orbs


  17. Would you consider Awoken Hera-Sowilo a decent sub? I’m using her at the moment as an orb enhance and damage mitigation, mainly for last floors. Skill level 1 still. I have an Athena I’m busy leveling, but not sure how much better she would be over Hera-Sowilo?


  18. I run a Saria/LMeta/Valk/Raph/ADQXQ/Friend Thor team. It can clear just about anything, but I need to be careful with my actives because the health pool is a shade under 50K and it can be killed with a big hit or a couple medium hits at once. Still, I have little trouble with most endgame stuff. Awoken DQXQ took forever to get though.

    Raph will full-board hearts plus two-turn damage void. Then Valk’s active will turn the board entirely into hearts. That will usually do about 10 million damage by itself without combos adding to it, enough to wipe out most bosses.


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