5x Descends Plus Egg Farming [Video]- Fresh Beginnings

After the frenzy that we had with 10x descends, farming plus eggs during 5x feels a bit sad. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a viable way to farm plus eggs, it mostly feels underwhelming due to the expectations that every drop will be a plus. Furthermore, we only have Zeus Mercury and Guan Yinping as viable descends to run this event as I would estimate the plus egg rate hovers at just under 50% based on the runs I have done in coin Hera-Sowilo.

Coin Sowilo

The coin version of Hera-Sowilo has both legendary and mythical difficulties and will also grant a stone upon first completion. The purchasable descends are also affected by the 5x drop rates so they can be a nice alternative to the daily featured descend. Hera-Sowilo is regarded as one of the best descends to play during 10x or 5x as you can have up to 9 egg drops per run (the most I have ever gotten is 7, but in theory 9 can happen) thus making it one of the most stamina efficient methods. Furthermore, the descend is not too difficult as it has no dangerous preemptives, resolves, and the final boss gives your plenty of turns to kill. If I have nothing to do on a particular day, I plan on running this dungeon repeatedly as I can expect a couple of plus eggs per run as well as a hefty amount of gold and rank experience. However, come February 1st, the coin dungeons will rotate again and we will be left with The Goddess Descended which can drop up to 4 plus eggs. I might switch over to normal dungeon farming when this occurs or systematically go through the challenge dungeons.

Below is a quick play through of Hera-Sowilo using Awoken Shiva. I am getting better at narrating my gameplay while comboing throughout the descend and this should hopefully give you a relative idea of how challenging this descend is.

As with any coin dungeon, it is critical to maximize your stamina efficiency as you only have access to it for an hour per opening. This means either pooling your stamina for the day or ranking up mid way through. Unfortunately, it appears that the descends are not affected by the 2x drop rates the rest of the coin dungeons received and will have normal drop rates. With that being said, the various 99 stamina rushes do gain the 2x drop bonus and would be a great place to farm the evolved form of the various boss drops. Lastly, the spirit jewel invades do occur in the coin descends so be prepared to deal with them.

You need to receive 3 plus eggs per 50 stamina to be on par with Ocean of Heaven (normal dungeon) drop rate in terms of stamina efficacy. Descends are more time efficient, but some players wish to maximize their stamina as refilling may be too costly and inefficient. Below are some screenshots of several completed Hera-Sowilo runs and as you can see, the plus egg rate is ~50% (granted this is a small sample size, but should give a relative idea of what to expect).







Happy Puzzling!

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