Noah Ranking Dungeon Top 5 Percent Scores

As a follow up to my previous POST discussing my initial strategies and team building for Noah Tournament, I wanted to share my first few successful attempts. I decided to go with Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon on both accounts due to the lateness of the hour and ease in which I can play through the dungeon.

Mantastic speed
Mantastic team

Lilith Lilith is critical to the success of the team because she is needed to counter the PreDRAs Fire PreDRA on floor 4 and is max skilled to 10 turn cooldown. As such, my team requires at least 7 skill boosts Skill Boost (active cool down minus 3) to have her ready in time. My other subs were chosen for both their Skill Boost awakenings, orb generating ability, and Durga Durga ‘s 2x god enhance active. Durga helps me pad my final damage on the boss as well as ensuring I can kill her with only 5 dark orbs. Haku Haku ‘s water orb enhance blue + orb awakening can allow you to use her board change and hopefully have at least 1 of the dark orbs enhanced as you are most likely going to be flooded with water orbs due to the second floor’s skyfall mechanic.

When playing through the dungeon, speed is of the utmost concern. This involves spending less time thinking of your combo path, minimizing active usage, and matching as fast as your fingers can handle. My top 2 scores placed me ~5% and sacrificing combos for speed yielded a slightly better score.

Mantastic slower
Slower run, more combos
Mantastic speed
Hardly any combos, but very fast clear

Fantastic used a slightly similar strategy, but in stead of Lilith , I was able to use Awoken Ra Ra as a means to clear the 10 million defence Fire PreDRA . The benefits of Ra are superior awakenings (most notably 2 Skill Boost ) that do not force you to alter your team composition to accommodate for sufficient skill boosts.

Fantastic Noah Rank1

New high score

Furthermore, being able to instantly nuke a floor (and thus incurring the -5,000 points) is still more efficient than poison. This is because the lost time outweighs the penalty. In addition, if trying to swipe a random orb to trigger poison faster, you still lose some time, but your average combos suffer significantly. The difference may be small, but it may be the advantage you need to achieve a new personal best.


These were just my first few runs and I have given up on the prospect of achieving top 1% as it was unnecessarily stressful from Cauchemar. I may simply settle with ~5% as I should not drop down below the 10% threshold. I may experiment a bit more with  Sakuya Sakuya on Mantastic and Shiva Shiva on Fantastic if I have excess stamina. The main downside of using Yomi Dragon is that you require 5 connected orbs and this does slow you down as it may be challenging to manipulate the orbs into position (thus requiring 1-2+ seconds per floor) and teams that are two prong TPA based may be superior over the long run. Furthermore, it is harder to reach the 40 million damage cap for +10k points as there are no light monsters to benefit from.

Ranking dungeons have given Shiva Dragon Shiva D more value as he is the king of speed clearing with unconditional 25x and TPA and rows Fire Row to hit the 40 million damage cap with ease.

Regardless, let me know what you have been using this ranking dungeon in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

2 thoughts on “Noah Ranking Dungeon Top 5 Percent Scores”

  1. found your blog from a comment on the pad fb page.
    thanks a lot for your strats (esp. yomidragon)
    I found them very helpful


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