Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a time for love, kindness, affection, chocolate, flowers, etc. However, I want to take a step back from all the conventional societal standards and focus on something we all love and care for: Puzzle and Dragons as the only GF we need is 4x GFE ;). Everyone has a certain monster that they cannot live without; whether it be your starting roll, wonderful waifu, or hunky husbano, there is something enchanting about our favourite monster. Our love may be strongly tied to their art work as it is one of the strongest connections to our monster box. Unlike other video games, our monsters do not move or talk, but we still cherish them just the same.

For myself, I have an irrational love for Sakuya  Sakuya as she was my first useful rare egg machine roll and has carried me through 850+ days of Puzzle and Dragons. I use her for my most challenging dungeons and there are (many) times I close my eyes and envision fire, water, wood, and light orbs. But there have been ups and downs, most notably when she received her Light/Wood evolution. That artwork felt rushed and messy and slightly hurt my soul. Thankfully, she was redeemed through her awoken form my spirits (and damage) soared.

In addition. I had always dreamed of owning Karin Awoken Karin as she combined my favourite colour, dragons, as well as cuteness combined with power and grace all in a single monster. I eventually rolled one (and then 3 more who I am going to keep for no rational reason) and was so excited even though I never used her aside from my phone’s wallpaper.

PAD tinder
3x Tinder matches? I would rather have 4x GFE!

But enough about myself, who is your favourite monster and why? Let me know in the comment section below and Happy Puzzling!

14 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

  1. I love Sakuya as well! She is THE BAE and i am still waiting to get her, lol. Never had the chance to put her in my lead spot but was always there at the helper spot and in my heart <3.


  2. Mine would be Gronia. She was the first one I used to clear a lot of legendary level dungeons. She was also my first +297. However, she couldn’t clear mythical level dungeons. But with her new ult evo, her power has spiked and I can’t wait to try various dungeons with her.

    Before her ult evo, many people thought she was under-powered (which she was) and sold her away or just don’t use her. But now, I think that has flipped. :p


    1. I agree that her power has jumped by leaps and bounds with her new ultimate evolution. It is a shame so many people did sell her off for 50k MP. They will probably never get another one due to how rare she is.

      I hope you are able to start clearing more content with her again =D


  3. My first was kush, still use her all the time, I have Sakuya also, mine is L/L for now need one monster to evolve to L/B, wa
    Hats your Sakuya team if I may ask?.


  4. Mine is the Almighty Awoken Shiva, who just helped me clear Challenge 9 (first time ever), and I use him successfully in almost all dungeons, including God of the Seaways.


  5. Mine is the Almighty Awoken Shiva who has just helped me clear Challenge 9 (first time ever). I use him successfully in almost all dungeons, including God of the Seaways.


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