[Video] Mantastic vs Tengu Strategy

No one likes low cost restricted dungeons and this round of Challenge Descends features Tengu. Low cost mostly gate keeps newer players as they have not had to grind through dungeons with farmable monsters as everything is sped up. As such, most people may lack a feasible team to tackle a 12 cost dungeon. Hopefully my first video attempt with Mantastic does not have horrible audio and my (muffled) walk through commentary aids players in their quest for a Water Snowglobe. Maybe watching it in mute may be less unpleasant…

I am still quite proud of my max skilled King Bubblie King Bubblie from my Physical Sakuya days and not having to wait for his active is a significant boost in power.

Let me know what you used to tackle this annoying dungeon in the comments below.

Tengu Reward

Happy Puzzling!


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