Awoken Lucifer vs Arena

This is by no means a full team building guide (one may come in the future for Awoken Archdemon Lucifer) and I simply wanted to showcase how I use Awoken Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer to clear Arena 1 with reasonable consistency.  Arena  is a gruelling 21 floors and requires a high end team along with careful planning and a little luck to clear successfully.  Furthermore, the floor spawns are drawn randomly from several fixed monsters and no two Arena runs will be the same. This also means it is possible to get horrible (or amazing) luck as challenging bosses may repeatedly spawn.

Arena DQ Hera
Such a scary pre-emptive

Awoken Archdemon Lucifer has the inherent advantage of producing a very durable team due to 1.82x HP/RCV along with 16.4x ATK to devil and god type monsters. This alleviates the need to bring any form of damage mitigation as you can survive the largest pre-emptive strike on floor 19 and the God Killer God Killer awakening helps burst through the final floors. However, to tackle Arena, Awoken Archdemon Lucifer teams require certain key subs/role fulfilment:

  1. A way to remove poison orbs. This can be through board refreshes such as Haku Haku or Zuoh Zuoh . Conversely, actives that convert poison into dark orbs such as Castor Castor or Eschamali Eschamali also fill this important role. You need this for Grisar (floor 16)  and Beelzebub (floor 19)
  2. Damage enhance. By far the best choice is Awoken Loki Awoken Loki as he allows you to deal 2x damage for 2 turns which means you can bypass floor 19 with less actives and still burst through the Kali on floor 20. Other notable mentions include Akechi Akechi , Okuninushi Oku , Dark Metatron dtron , and Nephthys Nephthys . I tend to also use my damage enhance on tough floor 7’s, Meimei (15), and Grisar on floor 16.
    • Failing a suitable damage enhance, a farmable option is Zeus Stratios Zeus Stratios with his 35% gravity. This instantly moves Kali out of her >65% danger zone. However, gravity is less useful throughout the rest of the dungeon and has a significantly longer cooldown even when max skilled. Therefore careful planning must be taken when used.
  3. Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon . As much as it pains me to say it, Yomi Dragon is almost essential to success as he is simply the best solution to binds as he is unbindable, can generate heart and dark orbs on demand, and can clear binds via a row of hearts through recover bind Bind Clear awakening awakening.
Luci team
Loki is only missing HP pluses

If you are able to cover these crucial roles, your consistency will increase as you are able to avoid some of the major pitfalls of this dungeon.

Luci vs Sopdet
Sopdet is actually very easy to kill. Just match sets of 3 and 4 dark orbs

Latent Tamadras and awakenings is a common concern due to their new-found abundance  in PreDRA Infestation (for reading as to which difficulty to play and why you should be playing it, feel free to read my other post HERE). However, Awoken Archdemon Lucifer do not need Latent Awakenings to succeed, it only makes your jobs a little bit easier. With that said, you should always full rainbow resist (1% Wood Resist in every colour) one monster as to avoid the 100% gravity abilities and afterwards, either dark Dark Resist or fire Fire Resist resists are ideal. Dark Dark Resist resists are always amazing as most of the scariest monsters (and pre-emptives) come from dark enemies and being able to reduce their output by any amount helps in the long run. The reason why I am mentioning Fire resist Fire Resist latents is for Kali as she will most likely be knocked into her fire sub attribute and you will need to dance around with her for a prolonged period of time before your actives recharge. For myself, I simply rainbowed as many monsters on my team as I could with Awoken Pandora Awoken Pandora having full fire resist Fire Resist as I am so blessed with those instead of any other colour.

Luci Latents

Again I wish to stress that latent awakenings are not mandatory; it only gives you a slight edge and it is still possible to clear without them.

My strategy is to reach floor 15 with all my actives ready and deal with them accordingly. Thankfully, you are able to easily control your damage through matching either a horizontal row of 6 dark orbs to trigger your numerous Dark row awakenings or as a randomly shaped cluster to prevent the additional damage as some floors you need to control your damage output to prevent certain mechanics.

On floor 16 with the mortal poison spawning Grisar, I use all my actives if needed as I plan to stall on the Zeus floors to recharge them as all but the dark one (due to combo shield, jammer spawning, high health) are easy to handle and sweep without actives.

You will eventually be overrun with poison orbs
Zeus Preemptive
A bit too close for comfort and the reason why you need to always heal before killing a floor

I try to not use any actives leading up to Kali with the exception of Loki Awoken Loki on floor 19 as his damage enhance carries forward to the final boss floor.  It is possible to push the Light Kali out of her >65% health danger zone without a damage enhance, but you will be hard pressed to do so with the Dark Kali.

Dkali arena
The closest I will ever get to touching Dark Kali


Dkali arena 2
She eventually died =)


Light Kali 1
A third row would have probably 1-shot her even through her shield

Even with the perfect team/set up/strategy, Arena is still incredibly difficult and challenging to clear on a consistent basis. There is a certain amount of luck needed as certain floor spawn combinations can spell disaster for even the most veteran player. There are many teams that are capable of clearing Arena, but Awoken Archdemon Lucifer provides me the most consistency and I should be playing it as much as possible before the inevitable change to the much harder Arena 2.


Arena Reward Screen

Happy Puzzling!

13 thoughts on “Awoken Lucifer vs Arena”

    1. Gravities (mainly Zeus Stratios or Awoken Hades) only have value on Kali where as Loki (or any other damage enhance) can be used successfully throughout the dungeon. Such as a dangerous floor 7, Meimei on 15, or Grisar on 16.


      1. You can use a gravity on similar floors and stall it back up. It is an option at least for those with no Loki.


          1. Thanks! It was a good read as I’m slowly working on a dark team for my arena tries and lucifer is the leader I’m going to be using. Unfortunately I don’t have some of the usual subs so I am working with certain other options and thusly gravity is where I’ll be leaning. If I do land a Loki he’ll be replaced quickly.

            Also the beauty of plus egging a farmable sub is if you get the REM replacement you can then feed it off and not be losing out on too much.


            1. You might be out of time to run arena as it is leaving tonight ><

              And I agree that feeding away a 297 farmable sub such as Zeus Statios is not as painful as he can easily be replaced although with 10x descends it is becoming easier to farm plus eggs

              Let me know if you do make an attempt and how far you got =)


              1. My team isn’t anywhere near ready yet. Just evod my lucifer tonight. I’ll catch arena next time it’s around. Prepping for A2 now.


                1. I was looking at Arena 2 and it looks significantly harder. Everything hits for more and has more HP and new floor spawns that are simply nightmarish

                  I would try to play Arena 1 when it rotates as a descend to get a taste for it (as it does have lots of similar floors)


  1. Hi, thanks for the great post! One quick question, for Arena 1, what do you think about having Yomi Dragon as leader vs Lucifer?


    1. Thanks for the feedback! Yomi Dragon teams are more consistent with the right teams (and latents which is a lot of dark ones)

      Yomi Dragon uses Zeus Stratios to bypass Kali 65% and Oku for burst + delay. More budget team is Yomi D, A Haku, Akechi, Zeus Stratios, and Oku and everyone with dark resists and that is quite consistent (no dark resists mean you gamble on DQ hera


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