One Shot Challenge Level 9 & 10 Cleared

This round of One Shot Challenges gives players the chance to obtain up to 10 magic stones along with random piis, jewels, and other helpful rewards. However, the higher end floors are played on a 7×6 board and this presents an extra challenge through absorption shields and having boss mechanics augments to compensate for the bigger board. 7×6 boards place a heavier emphasis on dealing massive amounts of damage due to having access to 42 orbs. However, even with the additional 12 orbs, we do not have additional time extend to fully utilize their potential.

Challenge 9 imposes the dreaded no awakenings restriction, but it is not as dangerous as it seems because the first floor only requires you to match jammers while the random pii Shynpy floor can be bypassed with poison or other nukes.

I used what could have been a fully farmable Sakuya Sakuya team for Mantastic and Awoken Yomi Awoken Yomi was mostly insurance for the final floor with the bonus movement time through their active. Echidna Echidna or any other delay is to make the fourth floor safer as you can ensure using active skills for the boss if needed.

mantastic ch9
Mantastic vs Ch9
Fantastic ch9 clear
Fantastic vs Ch9

Challenge 10 is significantly more challenging due to the various unique boss mechanics that require specific subs to counter.

ch10 team

Perhaps the trickiest mechanic to deal with is the second floor who has a 31,484 pre-emptive along with 6.8 million health, 50% resolve, and status immunity. This requires a shield to be ready by turn 1 and must sweep the first floor or else you must tango on 19k hits and there is a chance heart orbs can be removed. However, you are able to “stall” on him provided you can repeatedly trigger his resolve as it will only heal him to full health. I decided to bring multiple shield subs as a means to tank hits I would not otherwise be able to survive. I used Sakuya Sakuya ‘s gravity to either push Goemon below 50% or to quickly deal easy damage to the 4 Shynpy on the third floor.

Awoken Shiva Shiva was brought along to break the 1.5 million defence of the fourth floor and to easily kill with red two prong matches. Echidna Echidna is used to delay the final boss as he absorbs damage above 1 million and you need multiple turns to kill safely.

Ch10 mantastic clear

Conversely, other popular strategies are using Ra Dragon Ra Dragon paired with Awoken Orochi Awoken Oorochi as a means to both survive the second floor’s pre-emptive and delay the final boss. Other players have also found success with Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon and bringing Pandora Pandora as a sub to convert the wood orbs generated by MeiMei (fourth floor) to ensure you are able to overcome the 2 million defence.

Fantastic vs ch10

Let me know what you used to overcome the final two challenges in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!


8 thoughts on “One Shot Challenge Level 9 & 10 Cleared”

  1. I used the team of Awoken Ra/Dkali/Lkali/Kanna/Isis/Awoken Ra for C9 and the same team with Okuninushi instead of Kanna for C10. Everything was hypermaxed and the HP plus eggs are very crucial for C10, they let you barely live the preemptive from goemon with isis’ shield. I like Ra for these dungeons because he has a built-in true damage nuke to overcome the pii stages and Okuninushi was good for C10 because his delay lets you safely kill Vishnu and his 2 TPAs and crazy high attack easily break meimei


    1. Congrats! I agree that Awoken Ra is regaining some favour as his previously niche active has more uses with high defence, dangerous monsters. That combined with naturally high base hp can allow for large pre-emptive tanking


  2. What kills me (literally) a lot in this challenge is the fact that the 7×6 makes me do a LOT of damage when using my Saria/Thor, and even when I delay Vishnu for two turns using my DL Batman, I can’t kill him because I easily pass the 1M barrier -_-

    And contrary to my expectations, lvl9 is pretty easy, specially if you run a team of Saria or Ryuune with their husbandos and waifus.


    1. Need to find a way to control your damage, I’m not sure on your output with rows, but perhaps do not enhance with Thor and it may control it a bit better. D/L batman does not contribute too much so maybe a longer delay may help

      I do agree that Ch9 was significantly easier this time around. Mostly due to only a few floors where activation was actually needed and delays deal with hino quite easily


    1. I am going to presume so (I do not own a Ra D, but seen countless clears)

      Conversely, you can easily bring a red sub and they will easily pierce through the defence (was my logic with shiva and their armour break)


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