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One Shot Challenge Level 9 & 10 Cleared

This round of One Shot Challenges gives players the chance to obtain up to 10 magic stones along with random piis, jewels, and other helpful rewards. However, the higher end floors are played on a 7×6 board and this presents an extra challenge through absorption shields and having boss mechanics augments to compensate for the bigger board. 7×6 boards place a heavier emphasis on dealing massive amounts of damage due to having access to 42 orbs. However, even with the additional 12 orbs, we do not have additional time extend to fully utilize their potential.

Challenge 9 imposes the dreaded no awakenings restriction, but it is not as dangerous as it seems because the first floor only requires you to match jammers while the random pii Shynpy floor can be bypassed with poison or other nukes.

I used what could have been a fully farmable Sakuya Sakuya team for Mantastic and Awoken Yomi Awoken Yomi was mostly insurance for the final floor with the bonus movement time through their active. Echidna Echidna or any other delay is to make the fourth floor safer as you can ensure using active skills for the boss if needed. Continue reading One Shot Challenge Level 9 & 10 Cleared