Mechanical Star Series 2 Pantheon and Fenrir Impressions

GungHo recently announced a brand new pantheon (Constellation 2) along with 1 more godfest exclusive. All of the Constellation 2 characters have the machine / god typing and the new GFE is devil / attacker. Denebola Denebola , Acubens Acubens , and Algedi Algedi all possess the coveted God Killer God Killer awakening (3x damage for that monster versus god type enemies) along with unique actives that randomly spawn 3 orbs of their primary colour along with 3 jammers on 3-turn cooldown. Furthermore, their leader skill is reliant on matching jammer orbs and can scale up to 36x damage for matching leads in addition to reducing damage taken from their 2 elemental colours. The damage reduction is nice, but without more access to jammer producing actives will remain unusable along with only having 36x damage will make them better subs than leads.

Leo the lion?

Denebola Denebola can easily fit on an Awoken Shiva Shiva due to her 2 two prong TPA awakenings along with wonderfully high recovery for a fire monster. The 3 random jammers can be managed and being able to produce 3 additional red orbs every 3 turns can prove invaluable in triggering an extra TPA combo. Furthermore, Denebola ‘s active will be ready to use on the first turn should your board be lacking red and you need to sweep the floor right away. One great combo potential is to use Antares Antares after Denebola to convert all the newly created jammers into fire orbs. Lastly, the God Killer awakening will allow you to deal lethal damage to god type bosses as you can stack fire two prong matches.

Acubens art
Will Acubens make a splash in the meta?

Acubens Acubens has an impressive 6 awakening with 4 being enhanced water orbs blue + orb . Unfortunately Acubens, lacks both a TPA and water row enhance Water Row awakening and pushes him out of a Ryune Ryune and I&I I&I team and leaves him with either Sumire Sumire or Sarasvati Sarasvati teams. Sumire lacks damage output as he caps out at only 20.25x damage and Sarasvati has damage control / stalling issues along with being very orb hungry. I guess you can use Cancer stats on an Awoken Isis Isis team as he covers the rarely seen water and red elements. You can combo Acubens ‘s jammer generation with Alrescha Alrescha or Scheat Scheat ‘s active to transform them into more water orbs.

Algedi Art
I like the art =)

Algedi Algedi will feel at home on a Sylvie  Sylvie and Freyja Awoken Freyja team as you wish to stack numerous wood row enhance Wood Row awakenings. The low base recovery can be absorbed by the 2.5x recovery mechanic provided by Awoken Freyja and Algedi ‘s high base damage along with her God Killer awakening will result in very high burst damage versus god type bosses. The ability to produce exactly 3 green orbs can be used in conjunction with other orb changers to produce a second or third wood row to maximize your burst potential. Furthermore, Algedi can combo her jammer generating active with Spica Spica or Australis Australis to transform the jammers into more wood orbs. Overall, Algedi will make a strong sub and will only improve when she receives an ultimate evolution.

On the other hand, Alcyone Alcyone and Aries Hamal have Greco-Roman god pantheon style actives in that they convert light or dark along with hearts and poison orbs to their primary colour with 1-turn haste. This can be max skilled to 9 turns and the added haste and poison removal makes their actives much more appealing than Apollo Apollo (blue) who can only converts hearts and dark into light orbs on an 8-turn cooldown. Perhaps this is an indication of powercreep in order to make the Constellation 2 pantheon more appealing to roll, or maybe Greco-Roman pantheon has a buff in the future (and they are with their Awoken evolutions being announced!). In addition, Alcyone Alcyone and Aries Hamal achieve 25x damage for matching 5 connected orbs with at least 1 being enhanced along with 6.25x recovery when 4 connected heal orbs. This completely blows Sumire Sumire out of the water (pun intended) in terms of sheer leader skill power as you can deal more damage and instantly heal back to full health with a 4 heart match. Lastly, Alcyone and Hamal start with 5 instead of the usual 4 awakenings for regular pantheon gods. Alcyone and Hamal bring the rarely seen 2 skill lock resist Skill Lock Resist along with 2 of their primary colour enhanced orb  +light orb Dark Orb Enhance awakenings and this grants them amazing flexibility when used as a lead or sub.

Alcyone art
Nap time!

Alcyone Alcyone will not be the best fit on Saria Saria / Thor Thor teams due to a lack of light row Light Row awakenings. However, they may have the situational niche of removing a full board of poison orbs if you are pressed for board refresh actives or if you are in desperate need for more Skill Lock Resist awakenings. If used on an Awoken Sakuya Sakuya team, Taurus stats is okay, but may overflow the board with too many light orbs, has no two prong attack TPA awakenings, and does not provide additional elemental coverage. As a lead, Taurus stats may be exciting to play as she offers a new playstyle to light teams and having the capacity to instantly back to full health with a single 4 heart orb match makes you somewhat immortal if you can survive any single hit.

Hamal art
Strongest of the series?

Hamal Hamal would not be the best fit for an Awoken Yomi Awoken Yomi team because you will most likely spawn too many dark orbs and be unable to match 7 combos. However, on a Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon team, Aries stats is great as she offers 2 Skill Lock Resist awakenings that will ease teaming building options and the poison removal reduces the dependency on Haku Haku . Hamal essentially functions as a poor man’s Eschamali Eschamali , but replaces skyfalls with haste. Unfortunately, Aries stats lacks either a TPA or Dark row awakening and limits her usage on other teams. When used as a lead, you have essentially an unconditional 25x multiplier and all you need to do is match 5 dark orbs with 1 being enhanced. In addition, you have access to arguably the best colour sub pool and have no restrictions as to what subs you choose to bring compared to Yomi Dragon . This means you can use the powerful Zaerog Infinity Z8 and benefit from his numerous Dark Orb Enhance awakenings and dark skyfall buff. However, you can also pair your Aries stats with a Yomi Dragon friends as they have the same damage activation requirements. Lastly, the 6.25x recovery on a 4 heart match will make stalling a breeze as it is near impossible to accidentally trigger your leader skill.

New GFE constellation
*Angry woof*

The new GFE Fenrir Fenrir looks like a very angry dog and can spawn 3 dark and 3 jammer orbs at random along with increasing jammer skyfall chance for 1 turn. The enhanced jammer skyfall mechanic could be a godsend for those challenge dungeons that feature The Dancing Queen Hera-Ur Dancing Queen Hera as you can remove the 99 jammer skyfall debuff. However, if using Fenrir as a lead, you are required to match connected jammer orbs to reach up to 100x damage (9 connected) for dual leader pairing. This sounds challenging to do until we have more access to jammer producing subs although with the release of Denebola Denebola , Acubens Acubens , and Algedi Algedi , there is some hope. Awakenings wise, Fenrir has a bit of everything and most notably the god killer God Killer awakening. For now, Fenrir will need at least another pantheon of subs to draw upon for leadership viability.

Let me know what your thoughts and impressions of these new gods.

Happy Puzzling!

12 thoughts on “Mechanical Star Series 2 Pantheon and Fenrir Impressions”

  1. I think the new GFE name is Fenrir (from the Japanese FE + N + RI + RU).

    I like the idea of having to match jammers better than poison (looking at you, Hel) for multipliers because you’re at a lower risk of killing yourself. Interesting mechanic indeed


    1. Fenrir is already the neame of the blue mystic knight so the new GFE may be slightly different

      And in all honesty, matching jammers is like matching your other dead colours when playing a mono colour team. The only challenge would be manufacturing enough of them to satisfy your LS requirements.. And yes, playing Hel is a smalll form of Hell 😉


  2. I’m very interested in Aries for several reasons. #1: As a Yomidra sub, Double orb + poison change with haste with 2 OEs and SBRs relieves a lot of stress on teambuilding. The 2 SBRs allow you to use two subs without them such as Zeus stratios and DIza, the OEs are always nice, and the active can be used as a Persephone + haste which is great since both Yomidras and any Hakus you may be using all cycle each other with the hastes, and the poison change relieves the stress from haku to clear beelzebub boards.

    #2: As a leader. Aries’ leader skill is pretty much outclassed by Yomidra in every way except that it does not require God types. This means you can use muliple Zaerog infinities as subs without being penalized for it, and the rcv is even better than yomidra’s when matching 4 hearts.

    Overall I really like this monster and I’m excited for it to come to NA so I can try to roll for one


    1. I agree that Aries looks the most promising and the double skill lock resist makes team building much easier. When played as a lead, it will be nice to have any dark monster as a potential sub (mostly thinking of Z8 or awoken Hades as non god dark subs). Your damage may be a bit stressed, but the rapid access to multiple dark orbs should help balance it.

      I am also looking forward to expanding my own dark box as my rainbow collection is somewhat finished for Awoken Sakuya


    1. Yes she would be =) Although Durga as a lead is falling out of favor as its sometimes hard to bring 2 leads with only 4 awakenings. Furthermore, it can be challenging for Durga to deal enough damage with only 25x multiplier and stalling is hard because you can easily activate your 25x due to her leader skill allowing any 4 of red, blue, green, dark, and heart orbs.

      But otherwise, yes Aries would be an ideal Durga sub along with Persephone for double orb changer.


  3. Cancer is useful for his counterpart in Constellation 1, Alrescha. 16x Multiplier may not seem like much, but the damage reduction comes extremely handy especially when the major damage dealers and pre-emps in dungeons are not water based. With the recent buff to Alrescha in Jap to increase the damage reduction %, she only gets stronger as a leader. I’m not saying that Alrescha is top tier Arena, but looking at Setsu using Spica to clear all the rushes show that Constellation 1 can take you far in the game.

    If you use dual Alrescha, you get 16x along with ~50% damage reduction by all elements except water coupled with 4 SBR between the two of them. Add Cancer and you get 5SBR, giving you more sub options that lack SBR but has more dmg aka Nut (4OE, 2TPA, 1TE). The downside to this would be the low amount of skill boosts, but 4 turn Nut and 3 turn Cancer should compensate for that.

    Looking at compatability, Cancer makes Water and Jammers while Alrescha makes Water using Jammers. Coupled together, Alrescha gets rid of Cancer’s “weakness”. Personally, I think it would be a fun team to play if I had both Cancer and Alrescha. 🙂


    1. That is a very good point you bring up Salmonella! Provided the dungeon has minimal water based bosses, you effectively have 2x HP / 16x ATK / 2x RCV (as you need less healing to restore your health) so being highly plussed goes much further.

      The only downside I can foresee is a lack of extra damage enhancing awakenings as enhanced orbs do have diminishing returns compared to TPA or rows. Also, do keep in mind many teams can clear high level content when they are all pentamaxed along with being in the hands of a skilled player.

      However, I do like your active combo-ing strategy of constellation 1 & 2 together. Only down side is you need to use 2 actives (granted both are short and one provides haste) but it is something nice. Also the abundant SBR does allow for more sub flexibility. Can be fun to run, but wont be clearing more content than your main team =(

      But thanks for the detailed and well thought out reply!


  4. As with the trend of GFE’s having small sets, Fenrir is soon to have a light-attribute twin that will hopefully make him much more relevant. While being a six star GFE, this new card changes fire and heal to jammers on a three turn cool down. And just like Fenrir, he (?) has great awakenings: 2x time enhance, 2x SBR, Skill boost, God Killer. The only downside I see to this card is that you won’t get Fenrir’s full activation with the removal of red, but it should still be enough since his leader skill is getting a buff to max out at 625x 😮. Can’t wait for it to come to NA. For more info on the new GFE:


    1. Even without the full multiplier activation, fenrir will still hit crazy hard if you trigger enough jammers. I am not sure if I prefer more GFE or new pantheons. The GFE is geting a little crowded tbh.

      Perhaps the jammer meta will become more solidified over time with the introduction of new jammer generating subs


  5. Fenrir got a buff 4x for 3 jammer up to 10x for 9 and 2x for matching 4 colors up to 2,5x for 5 so 3 jammer +4 color is 64x and 3 jammer with 5 color is 100x so 4 jammer is already over kill with 5 color so he is easier to play and u can now control dmg sort of


    1. Marginally easier, but you will still be unable to reliably proc damage. Thus, without an HP or RCV multiplier, you will be quite vulnerable to un-procable boards. The buffs do help, but you are still facing inconsistency issues. Maybe in a month or 2 he may have an easier time if more jammer generating cards are created/released


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