Bankai Andromeda: Leadership Potential?

Bankai Andro Adored Starsea Goddess, Andromeda is an ultimate evolution of an ultimate evolution. These types of evolutions are often referred to as Bankai and grants the monster a third typing along with minor leader skill modifications. Only awoken evolutions change the active skill and you will not have to invest any further work into your Andromeda. Artwork wise, GungHo went backwards as they removed her beautiful dragons, gave her a silly pose, and has a pink heart floating around her head. I liked the Andro art more as it inspired awe and power along with capturing the Dragons aspect in Puzzle and Dragons. Regardless, this evolution grants Bankai Andro :

  • +1,000 health
  • Physical typing
  • Additional Water Row and TPA awakenings
  • Leader skill now scales up to 5x with 10 connected water orbs
  • Worse art and less appealing thumbnail

Unlike her dark sister Pandora Pandora , you do not have to choose which evolution tree is better and should evolve right away as Bankai Andro will probably not receive an awoken evolution any time soon.

Bankai Andro still retains her spot as an incredible sub and with the physical typing, can now be used on Blue Sonia Blue Sonia teams where the massive 578 RCV will be greatly welcomed. However, with her new leader skill, Bankai Andro has the potential to become a powerful leader because of Neptune Dragon Neptune Dragon . Together, they can provide a 30x ATK (1.5x RCV for god types) team that has incredible burst potential through countless Water Row awakenings.

Neptune Dragon is the horniest of the Monster Point Dragons who scales up to 6x ATK when clearing 11 connected water orbs along with increasing type monster’s recovery by 1.5x. This is fantastic as Bankai Andro is both a god and has essentially the same requirements for damage activation. Furthermore, this grants you an extra orb changer that dual Neptune Dragon leads would not have.

Below is the chart I used on my I&I and Ryune team building guide as it encompasses all the possible water subs and has them categorized by their active’s role:

Single orb
Blue Valk Amon Nut Alrescha Hatsume Sharon Sadalmelik Snow White Water Dragon Knight Blue Mystic Knight Seigfried
Double orb
Scheat Andro Gabriel Hermes Awoken Hermes U&Y Merlin Rider Ilsix Amberjack
Blodin Charite Permafrost Hera is Paulina Christmas Paulina Wadatsumi
Full board
Blue Sonia Ryune Awoken Karin Mori Motanari Sklud Famiel Volsung
Bind clearing: Isis Snow White Water Dragon Knight Sakuya Metatron 
Light Izanami
Gravity: Hera-Is Hathor Sakuya 
Delay: Awoken Oorochi Sun Quan Christmas Siren
Niche: Sumire Neptune Dragon Neptune Sarasvati  Awoken Lakshimi Kraken Rider
Orb changer
Ryune + Blue Valk Hatsume Alrescha Seigfried Hermes Scheat Water Dragon Knight Amberjack

Awoken Karin + Hatsume  Blue Mystic Knight Hermes Amberjack

Sklud + Blue Valk  Blue Mystic Knight Alrescha Seigfried Hermes Scheat Water Dragon Knight

Famiel + Hatsume  Blue Mystic Knight Hermes Gabriel Scheat

Andro + Blue Valk Alrescha Seigfried Hermes Scheat Water Dragon Knight

Gabriel + Blue Valk Alrescha Seigfried Hermes Scheat Water Dragon Knight

Skill lock
Resist Skill Lock Resist:
Amon Alrescha Andro Gabriel Hermes U&Y Merlin Rider
Blue Sonia Sklud Awoken Karin Volsung Isis Sumire Neptune Dragon
Awoken Lakshimi Kraken Rider
 Sakuya Hathor 

You should try to maximize god usage as to better capitalize on the 1.5x RCV, but it may not always be possible. However, the modest boost should be enough to provide adequate stalling.

Hopefully Bankai Andro ‘s new evolution will be a splashing success and have everyone wet with excitement with what is hopefully another resurgence of water leads.

Happy Puzzling!

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