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Mechanical Star Series 2 Pantheon and Fenrir Impressions

GungHo recently announced a brand new pantheon (Constellation 2) along with 1 more godfest exclusive. All of the Constellation 2 characters have the machine / god typing and the new GFE is devil / attacker. Denebola Denebola , Acubens Acubens , and Algedi Algedi all possess the coveted God Killer God Killer awakening (3x damage for that monster versus god type enemies) along with unique actives that randomly spawn 3 orbs of their primary colour along with 3 jammers on 3-turn cooldown. Furthermore, their leader skill is reliant on matching jammer orbs and can scale up to 36x damage for matching leads in addition to reducing damage taken from their 2 elemental colours. The damage reduction is nice, but without more access to jammer producing actives will remain unusable along with only having 36x damage will make them better subs than leads. Continue reading Mechanical Star Series 2 Pantheon and Fenrir Impressions