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Nelle x Yugi Versus Arena 6


Arena 6 is the newest dungeon to be released in PAD and gives players a new chance to test their team building and puzzling skills while also being introduced to new mechanics.

As a whole, Arena 6 is quite challenging but at the same time, feels reasonably fair as spawns can be stalled and you do not have to one shot everything right away. With that being said, Arena 6 has numerous new mechanics and challenges to overcome with the most notable mechanic being team ATK debuffs. These debuffs will reduce the damage output of your entire team and while some can be stalled out or possibly ignored, it does give more merits to team ATK buffs.

In addition to this, Floor 10 (Nohime) will feature different move-sets for players who use 7×6 teams as a way to punish them. While this can be dangerous, it is still stall-able with strong RCV.

The included video is of my one and only clear (at the time of publishing) so some spawns/mechanics may be a bit foreign but at the same time, you can see how I push through challenging content where I am uncertain of what will happen.

With this in mind, I wish to explore how I built my own team along with addressing the major hurdles that can be found in Arena 6 and ways I can improve upon my team.

Video clear

Notable Arena 6 mechanics

Arena 6 is one of the hardest dungeons currently available in North America and may push many teams to their limits. As such, it is important to understand the key mechanics that must be addressed.

Continue reading Nelle x Yugi Versus Arena 6

Alt Arena 2 & Arena 5 Cleared


In addition to the Enhance Material Stacking, new Evolutions, and New Super Awakenings, the most recent maintenance gives us two new and ridiculously hard dungeons to play through. I managed to clear both of them in solo mode on my surprise Twitch Twitch stream today.

Alt Arena 2

Alt Arena 2 is akin to Three Hands of Fate on Crack as it features an obnoxious array of spawns that feature 180k preemptives (that one occurs on Floor 2) along with everything having greatly augmented abilities. Dungeon information can be found HERE.

Dark Metatron  is my leader of choice as she has enough effective HP to survive all preemptives while also having enough healing to sustain herself. This was my first attempt and managed to turn into a clear after a grueling 120 minutes.

Arena 5

Arena 5 is a bit more straight forward assuming one brings sufficient counters to various mechanics that can pile up and become lethal. Having Fenrir  inherited trivializes the various Poison Skyfall encounters (cannot be stopped otherwise) along with using Cloud Resist , VDP , and Fujin  style active skills. Once those are achieved, the dungeon becomes significantly more manageable.

I chose once again to use Dark Metatron as she has the highest survivability along with being able to stall out problematic floors that would otherwise be too difficult.


The new Arenas provide a new and exciting challenge for players at end game and subsequent attempts will probably result in spectacular death.

Let me know what you think about these dungeons along with what team you plan to use.

Happy Puzzling!

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Just for Fun – Strange Arena 1 Clear


I have been a part of the PAD community for several years and in this time I have met countless players of varying progression and skill levels. Some of these players possess amazing knowledge and insight for the game and their points of view/expertise are always refreshing to listen to.

Today, I wish to focus on one of the most bizarre Arena 1 by my friend Virtual who has a special fondness for the Plessie-bean and using interesting teams. They have been playing PAD for 960+ days while also surpassing rank 940 and acquiring every single ranking dungeon crown.

Video commentary

—video goes here–

Arena 1 clears

At this point in time, Arena 1 has been turned more into a farming dungeon in that a wide variety of teams are capable of clearing it as it is over a year old. However, very few people wish to utilize the glorious Plessie-bean in challenging content. Continue reading Just for Fun – Strange Arena 1 Clear

Dark Athena in Arena 3 – Solo and Coop Strategies


Dark Athena 3193 is the newest craze to sweep through NA/EU as she is somewhat unrivaled in her speed and efficiency in clearing end game content. For the purposes of this article, I will be focusing on Arena 3 set ups to better optimize your experience from both a Solo and Coop point of view. This will include inheritance suggestions, Latents, and subs to bring.

I have written extensively about Arena 3 since my first clear in August 2016, but I want to produce a template to aid in your Dark Athena adventures.

If you wish to read my comprehensive Dark Athena guide, please refer to it HERE.

Video commentary

—video goes here–

Solo clear

My second solo clear (first one recorded) and this was done pretty much right after I bought her so things may look less polished overall.

Arena 3

Powercreep has slowly caught up to Arena 3 and with Dark Athena, more and more people will be having their first taste of the Radar Dragons and other wonders held within this 25 floor dungeon.

Arena 3 has randomized spawns that are drawn from a fixed pool encounters so you can somewhat plan ahead for what you could encounter.

However, there are very few spawns that are actually threatening to Dark Athena and provided you loosely follow the templates shown below, you should have sufficient tools to deal with them. Continue reading Dark Athena in Arena 3 – Solo and Coop Strategies

Powercreep and Arena 3


My first clear of Arena 3 occurred in early August 2016 with Myr. Since then, I have used a variety of leaders to tackle what was once the hardest dungeon in the game and I do find it strange that we are still playing the same dungeon 8+ months later.

Perhaps new dungeon content is lacking to help bring everyone back up to speed through Powercreep and flashier leaders, but it can become a bit tedious after hundreds of clears.

While there are countless different leader compositions that can farm Arena 3, I have found the most success in my big three: Myr Miru, Meridionalis , and now Dark Athena 3193.

This article will examine the state of the game and Powercreep in Arena 3. In addition, I will also be highlighting each team’s strengths and weaknesses when playing through Arena 3.

Video commentary

—video goes here—

History of Arena 3

Arena 3 has been live in NA/EU for well over 8 months and was once the hardest dungeon in the game as it now lags behind Colosseum and the new 3P Coop dungeons. However, Colosseum is rarely played and is mostly a stalling/grindy dungeon while 3P has not come to NA/EU. As such, we are still playing Arena 3 and thankfully it offers some of the best rewards in the game: PreDRA, Killer Latent, Tan, Py, gold, and massive rank experience. However, during the majority of my Arena 3 playtime, it was far less lucrative and almost feels “wasted” compared to how rewarding it has become. Continue reading Powercreep and Arena 3

A Very Meri Day


I was fortunate to roll Meridionalis 3276 on Mantastic at the beginning of the Heroine REM event and was able to take her for a spin in a solo Arena 3 attempt. Needless to say, she is  an amazingly fun leader to use and I am overjoyed by the fact that I have another viable end game leader to use.

Solo Arena 3 clear

Fantastic rolls

Due to the success with Meri, I was highly motivated to try and acquire her on my Fantastic account in order to take advantage of coop and a playstyle I enjoy. Thankfully, I have some supportive viewers (0apie) and was able to IAP a pack and test my luck.

Continued success

My gamble paid off and I am excited to begin a new era or PAD gameplay with Meridionalis as the no skyfall clause is incredible for stalling/hoarding orbs and damage control. I did a couple of test coop runs of Arena 3 today and was thrilled to have been able to complete both within 45 minutes with one of the runs taking around 15-16 minutes due to the water skyfalls on floor 1.

Arena 3 Meridionalis
Inherit Ryune 2993 3162 Skuld ult evo Susano

3276 Blue Sonia Blue Sonia Bankai Andro 3069
Blue Sonia 3103 Bankai Andro 3069 3276
Inherit Skuld ult evo Indra Awoken Oorochi

Acquiring Meridionalis on both accounts has re-injected a sense of excitement into my PAD life as I now have a new and powerful team to play with. It will also motivate me to try and min-max my team as best as possible to write a comprehensive team building guide for her after they announce her buff/evo in next week’s JP stream.


Now I need to decide if I should start saying MERaculous instead of MYRaculous.

Happy Puzzling!

Arena 3 Guide and Radar Dragons Strategies


I have played an excessive amount of Arena 3 and, I have over 130 clears along with 43 Radar Dragons at the time of this posting. Arena 3 is by no means an easy dungeon, but with more end game teams available and half stamina cost, more players are able to start their journey.

This post will cover the general strategies when approaching Arena 3, but will not cover specific teams. If you wish to view all the teams I have used to clear Arena 3 and their respective inherits and latents, feels free to check out my previous guide HERE.

When entering Arena 3, you will have to accept the fact that you will not have a 100% chance to win as any number of deadly spawn combinations along with certain Radar Dragons will counter various teams. You can do your best to mitigate the risk through fully invest cards, research, experience, and coop.

Video commentary

—video goes here—

Background on Arena 1 & 2

Ultimate Arena (Bipolar Goddess) is designed to be the final test of a player’s skill. The first incarnation, Arena 1, was a hellish 21 floor dungeon that featured a 30 million HP boss at the end along with each floor drawing from a pool of random spawns to cause even more heartache and randomness. It is the randomness that keeps Arena exciting as you will always have a different path leading into the final floors and makes it harder to counter every single mechanic that could appear. Over time, Arena 1 became significantly easier with the advent of Powercreep, Coop, and Skill Inheritance. As such, many players (including myself) have began to use it as a fun way to dump stamina and acquire Py Shynpy along with using more niche leaders to up the excitement factor. Continue reading Arena 3 Guide and Radar Dragons Strategies

Teams I Have Used to Clear Arena 3


Arena 3 is now half stamina (and double rank EXP) courtesy of the latest maintenance update. This will allow more players the opportunity to play as it is less punishing from a stamina point of view. At the time of this posting, I have what I guess is 100 clears (and 29 Radar Dragons) and will begin to diversify the teams I have use and plan to play other interesting leaders due to the reduced stamina cost.

This post will be used to keep track of all the teams I have used to successfully clear Arena 3 and will be edited as changes are made or as new teams clear the dungeon. I will be revamping/re-releasing a comprehensive Arena 3 guide in the near future as I wish to keep these two thoughts separate for easier reference.

Just keep in mind that many teams are capable of clearing Arena 3, but will require varying degrees of luck and favourable Radar Dragon encounters to succeed. Remember, strange teams may only be able to clear one of the five Radar Dragons and would also need easy spawns leading up to them etc.

As a final note, I am missing most of the end game leaders/subs and will probably never be able to play them, but that does not mean they are incapable of clearing Arena 3. Thus, this post will only show what I have at my disposal.

I highly recommend you watch my Twitch Twitch Stream from time to time as I regularily clear Arena 3 there.

Video commentary

—video goes here—

General team building guidelines

Arena 3 is a grueling 24 floor dungeon that features some of the hardest encounters in the game. Furthermore, each floor is chosen randomly form a fixed pool of spawns that can further hinder team building decisions, but here are a few guidelines to keep in mind (I will go into further detail in my Arena 3 guide): Continue reading Teams I Have Used to Clear Arena 3

Awoken Umisachi Yamasachi Clears Arena 3


To shake things up on my Twitch Stream, I decided to use my new Awoken Umisachi Yamasachi 2982 in Arena 3. I usually farm Arena 3 with my Myraculous Myr Miru, but was tempted by the prospect of the 400x glass cannon. I have probably cleared Arena 3 over 65 times now so I do know the dungeon inside and out. However, U&Y does need a certain degree of luck to succeed and is by no means a consistent leader.

Video clear

Team line up

I have not had much time to tinker around with my Awoken Umisachi Yamasachi team, but my current set up addresses most of the concerns in the dungeon and I got very lucky with the water orb skyfall (de)buff from the first floor. I plan to release my U&Y guide after Krishna so stay tuned for that and any changes I do make to my team.

Latent awakenings were either Time Extend or Rainbow Resist (1% of each colour).

Mantastic Team
Card Inherit Comments
2982 Makes water and dark orbs
Kali Sherias
  • Kali has better awakenings
  • Sherias upgrades her active
U&Y Makes water and wood orbs
Famiel Luck-based board change
Isis Susano Best shield I own
Fantastic Team
Card Inherit Comments
2982 Makes water and dark orbs
U&Y Makes water and wood orbs
Famiel Luck-based board change
Awoken Oorochi Emergency delay
Isis Indra 75% shield

Using water-based cards is great for when you are trying to kill with a 25x, 3 water combo match, but is largely not needed for most bosses as 144x does sweep. The numerous TPA can be helpful for piercing high defense bosses along with padding your damage on 144x. 400x kills everything, including Kali through her shield.

Reflecting on the run, I may want to try and find a recover bind Bind Clear awakening sub to help deal with binds when my Isis reach their shielding stage. It would also be nice to have some sort of heart orb generation as my current set up has no way to heal and use actives for damage. I do not own any Dark Kali Dark Kali style actives to inherit so my choices are limited with Linthia Linthia or Gainaut Gainut being lesser choices.


Awoken Umisachi Yamasachi is certainly capable of clearing Arena 3, but has far less consistency compared to the other high tier leaders. Being able to deal (amazing) damage is not the only thing that makes a strong leader as all the best teams have some sort of defensive mechanic.

What do you think of Umisachi and Yamasachi as well as who do you run on your team?

Happy Puzzling!

[Videos] Fighting Radar Dragons


I play a lot of Arena 3 and try my best to always record my Radar Dragon encounters as there is very little documentation available as very few players are able to successfully clear on a repeated basis. In addition, I also try to stream while making my Arena attempts so you should check out my Twitch Twitch page every Monday and Thursday at 6pm PST. Please refer to my Arena 3 Guide I posted earlier for a full breakdown of the fight.


Hephaestus Dragon

By far the most magical thing I have ever done in my entire PAD career. Just WOW

Zeus Dragon

Arguably one of the easiest dragons to face and is the most universally approachable for the various leaders that can clear Arena 3.


Arena 3 is a special place. Anything can happen and you will witness many Myracles if you continue to follow my website!

Happy Puzzling!