Nelle x Yugi Versus Arena 6


Arena 6 is the newest dungeon to be released in PAD and gives players a new chance to test their team building and puzzling skills while also being introduced to new mechanics.

As a whole, Arena 6 is quite challenging but at the same time, feels reasonably fair as spawns can be stalled and you do not have to one shot everything right away. With that being said, Arena 6 has numerous new mechanics and challenges to overcome with the most notable mechanic being team ATK debuffs. These debuffs will reduce the damage output of your entire team and while some can be stalled out or possibly ignored, it does give more merits to team ATK buffs.

In addition to this, Floor 10 (Nohime) will feature different move-sets for players who use 7×6 teams as a way to punish them. While this can be dangerous, it is still stall-able with strong RCV.

The included video is of my one and only clear (at the time of publishing) so some spawns/mechanics may be a bit foreign but at the same time, you can see how I push through challenging content where I am uncertain of what will happen.

With this in mind, I wish to explore how I built my own team along with addressing the major hurdles that can be found in Arena 6 and ways I can improve upon my team.

Video clear

Notable Arena 6 mechanics

Arena 6 is one of the hardest dungeons currently available in North America and may push many teams to their limits. As such, it is important to understand the key mechanics that must be addressed.

The following is a brief summary of the notable mechanics in the dungeon. This may not be an exhaustive list for every team but is the checklist I use when team building for this dungeon.

  • Readily available Awoken Bind clear(s)
  • 100% SBR Skill Lock Resist as soon as you enter the dungeon
    • Must prevent 10 turn preemptive Skill Bind on Floor 1
  • Self ATK buff
    • Overwrites numerous team debuffs
  • Self RCV buff/debuff or exceptionally high RCV
  • Movement time buff
    • Overwrites dangerous debuffs
  • Damage Absorb Void (Fujin -style)
    • Skill Delay Resists  for the above
  • VDP or Void Damage Void
  • FUA (maybe ) or Auto Follow Up Damage
    • High Auto Follow Up Damage makes a big difference
  • Guard Break or High Auto Follow Up Damage (300k+)
    • Several 2 Billion DEF spawns with lower HP
  • 100% Blind Resist Blind Resist
  • 100% Poison Resist Poison resist
  • Cloud Resist
  • Tape Resist
  • High Effective HP & Strong RCV
    • Stalling will happen

Being able to address each of these options will ensure a much higher clear rate overall. Due to only having little experience in this dungeon, it is possible some mechanics may not have been listed.

Nelle x Yugi overview

Nelle Transformed (Base comes with 7×6)

Yugi Transformed

  • Natural 7×6
  • 1,000,000 Auto Follow Up Damage
  • Immune to Poison matches
  • 4/360/4/25%
    • Easy to stall
    • Hard to accidentally activate LS
  • Powerful actives on both leaders
  • Restrictive sub pool
  • 7×6 has Nohime punishment
  • Vulnerable to Floor 1
  • Requires 20 Effective Skill Boosts

From a multipliers perspective, few teams are able to match the proficiency of Nelle and Yugi as they are able to lead a 4x HP / 360x ATK / 4x RCV / 25% Damage Reduction team that is also immune to Poison matches, has a 7×6 board, and has 1 million Auto Follow Up Damage. Furthermore, both leaders possess incredibly strong, fast charging actives that can create your key orbs along with Damage Absorption Void.

As a result, these two are able to function as the strongest leaders for my Monster Box and while team building is more restricted to Balance + Devil type cards, there are enough strong options available.

Despite Nohime (floor 10) punishing 7×6 teams, Nelle and Yugi are able to stall through their obnoxious attacks that include 10 turns of Tape, Cloud, and Spinners if unable to clear 5 turns of Awoken Binds after 15 turns of Skill Delay. While floor 10 is significantly more dangerous for 7×6 teams, Nelle and Yugi are more than capable of stalling through this encounter and the Spinners help provide additional Heart orbs as needed.

With that being said, 7×6 is still a phenomenally powerful mechanic as it helps with combo shields and having sufficient orbs present for activation and healing.

Another powerful aspect to Nelle and Yugi is the ability to deal 1,000.000 Auto Follow Up Damage when matching 6 or more connected Dark orbs. This has the capacity to deal with Resolve but another key point is the True Damage aspect. Yugi will deliver 1 million damage regardless of DEF or Damage Reduction and allows players to bypass the Latent Tamadra floor with ease despite having 2 Billion DEF and 99% Damage Reduction.

Finally, immunity to Poison matches allows us to forgo Poison Resistance as they are essentially like Jammers now as matching will deal no damage. With this in mind, I was able to cover Jammer Resistance as I have more room for utility and Bombs are more problematic compared to no-damage Poison orbs.

I want to stress that you do not have always blast through every floor in one turn, stalling is completely doable with this team and taking the time to recharge your actives and health or wait out difficult mechanics is perfectly fine.

Team building

The following is the Nelle x Yugi team I was able to make from my Monster Box. It is able to address all of the above mechanics while having sufficient health to survive any preemptive at full HP:

Solo A6 – Nelle x Yugi
HP Badge
SA 45





Latent Skill delay resist x2
Dragon KillerDragon Killer
Skill delay resist x5 Skill delay resist x5 God KillerGod Killer
God Killer
Skill delay resist x7
Dark Reduction
Skill delay resist x2
God KillerGod Killer

The first thing I want to mention is that this team has 80% Skill Bind Resist Skill Lock Resist before Yugi Transforms. As such, there is a 1/5 chance this will fail and opting for any other Assist with SBR will be a better choice. The most likely Assist to be replaced would be Shelling Ford  for Rikuu to retain the single Skill Boost which would drop my Jammer Resistance down to 60%. With that being said, it may be possible to have one less Skill Boost and kill with Nelle and pre-Transform Yugi on floor 1 instead.

In regards to my Nelle, I chose to give her Dragon Killers as there are several beefy Dragon spawns and I have ample God Killing potential from Hiei and friend Yugi. Kaiba’s Weapon Assist is a wonderful Skill Boost Skill Boost solution that also provides added bulk and movement time. Furthermore, the active will spawn 15 Dark orbs which gives a strong chance for both a VDP and Row (requires 16 Dark orbs total).

My two Fortress Dragons provide a combined 12 Effective Skill Boosts and their inherits provide Cloud Resist , SBR Skill Lock Resist, Skill Boost Skill Boost, and 40% Jammer Resist Jammer Resist. As mentioned above, I could change Shelling Ford for Rikuu to retain the Skill Boost but gain an extra SBR. This will ensure 100% coverage before Yugi Transforms.

Hiei is continuing to be a stellar sub for mono Dark teams as he provides a delicious 99 turn Dark Skyfall active along with a row of Dark. Furthermore, he has triple 7 Combo 45 along with as single VDP . This is important as it allows me to kill many floors with just a row of Dark orbs as no other sub has personal damage outside of VDP.

The above image shows the drastic difference in damage output when a row of Dark is matched with no VDP. Basically Nelle and Yugi hit for around 20 million each whereas Hiei provides around 167 million. This helps ensure I can kill the majority of floors without too much hassle and allows me to use two less Dark orbs. In regards to Hiei’s inherit, I chose to use Lumu Smasher for the 60% Jammer Resistance, on-colour stat transfer, and valuable board changer that produces Water, Dark, and Heart orbs which can be combo-ed with Yugi for 2/3 Dark, 1/3 Heart kill board.

Finally, I chose to use Diaochan yet again despite her lacking Balance typing. This is because she provides Super Blind Resist , L , 4 Skill Boosts, and a valuable 2-turn active. Furthermore, by utilizing Kagayu’s Weapon Assist , I am able to grant Diaochan full Bind Immunity along with the ability to buff RCV, ATK, and movement time. This is invaluable for this dungeon as the massive ATK penalties can become problematic.

Finally, my friend’s Yugi comes with Tape Resist and Skill Boost for their Weapon Assist which helps protect me from one more mechanic while also enabling me to Transform turn 1.

Reflecting back on my team, I feel I can improve several aspect with the turn one 80%  SBR Skill Lock Resist being the most notable. If I decide to use a Yugi friend with his own inherit to provide SBR, Tape, and more Rows. As such, I will need to find another Skill Boost and simply decided to use the Skill Boost badge:

Solo A6 – Nelle x Yugi
SB Badge
SA 45





Latent Skill delay resist x2
Dragon KillerDragon Killer
Skill delay resist x5 Skill delay resist x5 God KillerGod Killer
God Killer
Skill delay resist x7
Dark Reduction
Skill delay resist x2
God KillerGod Killer


Nelle paired with Yugi remains my most powerful team to date due to their spectacular multipliers, 7×6, Auto Follow Up Damage, Poison Immunity, and fantastic actives from both leaders. Furthermore, I am able to build a capable team that has 3/4 subs with Balance and Devil typing.

While Nohime does punish 7×6 teams within Arena 6, it is perfectly stallable and was what I chose to do as my team has high Effective Health and strong recovery. Furthermore, this dungeon lacks any gimicky turn 1 executes (assuming you do not hit down to low HP) which promotes easier stalling.

Let me know what you think about Nelle x Yugi along with the teams you have built with these two leaders in the comments down below.

Happy Puzzling!

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10 thoughts on “Nelle x Yugi Versus Arena 6”

  1. The thing I’ve been the most confused about is the new mechanic that Aten possesses in A6. I’m not sure what exactly it is? but a new icon appears when facing him, and I’m hoping to get some clarity about it.


    1. Its a “super resolve”. Resolves used to leave foes with 1hp if not FUA’d, this aten new resolve leaves him with 10% of his hp.


  2. Hi, I am a great fan of your posts and I follow it regularly. Excellent video of clearing A6 !!

    I would love to add u as BF

    Yugi, Nelle, and Alice is my three best leaders


  3. Killing Undine without Yugi transforming is bad as you could get Paimon on the second floor who preempt is a ten turn bind. I’ve been there. It sucks lol


  4. This article was a game changer for me! I had both leads in my box and was able to make a similar team, this allowed me to clear A6 AND AA3 which had been giving me so much trouble for a while. Thank you!!!


  5. What would you recommend as a replacement for Hiei? I don’t have him so I’m currently using L/D Yugi, but I’m not sure if that’s enough damage.


      1. I would need to know who you are pairing with but the main idea with Hiei is that he provides personal damage when only a Row is matched as it is possible to have insufficient damage without a VDP


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