Awoken Umisachi Yamasachi Clears Arena 3


To shake things up on my Twitch Stream, I decided to use my new Awoken Umisachi Yamasachi 2982 in Arena 3. I usually farm Arena 3 with my Myraculous Myr Miru, but was tempted by the prospect of the 400x glass cannon. I have probably cleared Arena 3 over 65 times now so I do know the dungeon inside and out. However, U&Y does need a certain degree of luck to succeed and is by no means a consistent leader.

Video clear

Team line up

I have not had much time to tinker around with my Awoken Umisachi Yamasachi team, but my current set up addresses most of the concerns in the dungeon and I got very lucky with the water orb skyfall (de)buff from the first floor. I plan to release my U&Y guide after Krishna so stay tuned for that and any changes I do make to my team.

Latent awakenings were either Time Extend or Rainbow Resist (1% of each colour).

Mantastic Team
Card Inherit Comments
2982 Makes water and dark orbs
Kali Sherias
  • Kali has better awakenings
  • Sherias upgrades her active
U&Y Makes water and wood orbs
Famiel Luck-based board change
Isis Susano Best shield I own
Fantastic Team
Card Inherit Comments
2982 Makes water and dark orbs
U&Y Makes water and wood orbs
Famiel Luck-based board change
Awoken Oorochi Emergency delay
Isis Indra 75% shield

Using water-based cards is great for when you are trying to kill with a 25x, 3 water combo match, but is largely not needed for most bosses as 144x does sweep. The numerous TPA can be helpful for piercing high defense bosses along with padding your damage on 144x. 400x kills everything, including Kali through her shield.

Reflecting on the run, I may want to try and find a recover bind Bind Clear awakening sub to help deal with binds when my Isis reach their shielding stage. It would also be nice to have some sort of heart orb generation as my current set up has no way to heal and use actives for damage. I do not own any Dark Kali Dark Kali style actives to inherit so my choices are limited with Linthia Linthia or Gainaut Gainut being lesser choices.


Awoken Umisachi Yamasachi is certainly capable of clearing Arena 3, but has far less consistency compared to the other high tier leaders. Being able to deal (amazing) damage is not the only thing that makes a strong leader as all the best teams have some sort of defensive mechanic.

What do you think of Umisachi and Yamasachi as well as who do you run on your team?

Happy Puzzling!

8 thoughts on “Awoken Umisachi Yamasachi Clears Arena 3”

    1. Awoken Liu Bei is primarily used for button farming in coop so it mostly consists of Zeus Dioses

      Your team appears to be used in solo mode and would work as you have a variety of orb changers, but the Zhuge Liang is better off with another orb changer or even a Zeus Dios


  1. Could you expand on why you think LKali has better awakenings than Sherias? I understand that killers are situational, but it feels counterintuitive to use LKali over Sherias in a water-based team. Thanks! 🙂


    1. I would also like input on this. Obviously with color leads you need to maintain proper orb management, but UY teams are still active dependent so why not just have the sherias active in the team for more haste usage?


  2. U&Y is a special kind of rainbow team as he hits so hard with a single orb change active. Yes having everyone as water is ideal in most cases (esp if going for 25x 3 water combos), but you can easily get away with a sub or two that is off colour

    Kali is a 7 turn cooldown while Sherias is 9. This is quite a large gap and it is far better to have her up more frequently. Also, Kali has better awakenings as Killers are largely irrelevant on U&Y teams as you already hit so hard. Kali also has nice base stats and heavily skewed towards RCV

    If Sherias gets a new evo with better stats/awakenings he may take her place, but I may decide to run Volsung instead for a 6 turn cooldown


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