[Video] Solo Arena 1 vs Tsubaki System


In an attempt to showcase a wider variety of leaders and more solo content, here is my Arena 1 clear with Tsubaki Ult Tsubaki. I have been lucky/unlucky with the REM in that I tend to pull numerous duplicate cards; however, this ends up working in my favour as Tsubaki is an amazing sub on her own team. She comes with the ideal awakenings along with a 7-turn active that provides haste. This allows me to form a system and I could use 1 Tsubaki active every turn while simultaneously charging up two other cards. There is going to be a split evolution for Tsubaki in the future that makes her a stronger leader and sub so that is something to look forward to.

Video clear

 Team set up

Team building was quite simple for me as I simply used all 4 of my Tsubaki and a single Gadius Gadius. Tsubaki is essentially the best sub for himself as he provides an ideal active and awakenings. Gadius was chosen for his recover bind (and bind immunity), but was otherwise of little lesser value. However, this team would have been unsuccessful without Skill Inheritance and this is where the customization comes into play:

Tsubaki Team
Card Inherit Comments
Ult Tsubaki
Gadius Awoken Leilan
  • Saria Saria would be ideal
  • Synergy with Yamato Bankai Yamato
  • Bind Clear awakening for emergencies
Ult Tsubaki
Ult Tsubaki Bankai Yamato Emergency heart generation
Ult Tsubaki Cao Cao Delay if needed
Ult Tsubaki Silk 5.5x ATK boost

Strong points and hurdles

Presently, Tsubaki is a 76.56x ATK leader with no defensive multipliers (will gain 2.25x RCV in the future). This can prove challenging to use as you are vulnerable to large preemptives (I was gambling on no DQ Hera spawn) and even stalling can be a challenge with the low base recovery. Thankfully, the +25% RCV badge is a lifesaver along with having every heart orb come enhanced. Damage is also not an issue outside of the Kali stage or perhaps Hera-Is (Water Hera). Gaining 5.5x ATK from Silk is simply amazing (0.15*30 + 1) and was able to one shot Kali through her shield.

On the other hand, the team is risky to play as you are vulnerable to mechanics and I was somewhat fortunate to not encounter anything too dangerous towards the end. I had a small heart attack on the Tamadra floor as my leader got bound twice and Gadius failed to produce 6 heart orbs.


Tsubaki is a fun and fast paced leader to play when you are able to utilize numerous duplicates. This allows you to have countless enhanced orbs along with ample access to haste to keep the actives flowing. I look forward to her split evolution and future buffs in the upcoming months.

Happy Puzzling!

17 thoughts on “[Video] Solo Arena 1 vs Tsubaki System”

  1. I’ve been messing with Tsubaki since that GFE-only godfest, where I rolled 3 of her. I use 3 tsubakis, napoleon and gadius. It’s definitely fast and fun, but you really need to be hypermaxed to have good chances at Arena. Once she gets her RCV boost and can work with the +15% HP badge, it should be much more competitive.

    I’m pretty burned out on BMyr, so I’ve definitely been hunting for alternative leads for fun. (Looking forward to Dark Kanna!)


    1. I also cant wait to use the new evos and buffs so I do gain 15% HP (about 3.5 more hp?) so that may help solve Himalayn anger phases.

      Napoleon actually is a great option as you could survive hits that I couldnt


  2. Sub 2000 hp there on the early floors. Having that many Tsubaki hyper really life vs death mattered. Video was fun. Too fragile for my taste, oh captain my captain, but fun. By the time you have that many Tsubaki, (much less skilled and hypered), you have a more robust option, is the crux of it. For variety and entertainment though, sure.

    I’ve been lulzing about with khephri and weirder split lead play style things when it’s lulzy run time. Dual SQ leads. Wildcard bang whatever’s. Tsubaki is kind of…uh…mock serious. Idk. It’s okay to lose on stream if the team is totes adorbs or playstyle hilarious.

    I was actually worried you’d get light absorb zaerog, as it’s kind of hard to activate without, you know, matching light. Definately some sequences of 2-3 floor pairings that could go pear shaped and overstress a given inherit. Made for an interesting to watch video though. Thanks.


    1. I completely agree that if you can develop and invest in that many Tsubaki you probably have better options (which I do). It is mostly for fun and a change of pace in playstyle as she is the hardest hitting 5o1e leader I own

      With Tsubaki ult, I could run the +15% HP badge as I gain 2.25x RCV so that could help solve some of the fragility issues.

      As for bad floor combos, there are plenty that would have ended my run such as DQ Hera or Light Absorb Zaerog, and probably parvati is I cannot tank a Himalayn anger


  3. Very interesting article, with three Tsubakis I’d like to build a team just to change style of play. 🙂
    I’ve got some useful pieces like Gadius, R/G Cao Cao and Saria, it’s a long term project, I need to skill up two Tsubakis.

    What do you think about the new Tsubaki split UEvo? I’m saving my third Tsubaki for the EU/NA release


    1. It is mostly for fun and not that practical and I kind of regret the loss of resources used to make it lol

      As for the new evo, the dual dragon killers is pretty amazing along with buffed stats. I would probs keep 1 as is for leader skill and convert the rest to dragon killers


  4. Ok, after this video I retire all I said about Silk 😀
    Time to invest on her.
    Krishna is my wip right now, but I have 3 tsubaki’s, so I may try this build in the future for more excite pad adventures.

    Well done.


  5. Hi Mantastic, great video you made. And since the buff and split evo is already rolled out, and fortunately i have 4 tsubaki. Can you please give me and advice which tsubaki i should go as leader and subs? I dont have silk to boost my dmg though… or if you have time, please check my padherder below. Appreciate and thanks a bunch!!!



    1. I used a friend’s Tsubaki with Silk inherited so that made it a lot easer

      For Tsubaki choices, you must have one in the F/L form as that one has the better leader skill. After that, it is beneficial to have the rest as the Dragon Killer form because it makes for a stronger sub in most cases


      1. Thanks for your reply, yes i will evo one of them to F/L and the rest go for dragon killer. Hope i can finish skill up them before scarlet dg over.


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