Thank You Skill Inheritance


I have cleared Arena 1 numerous times, but there is always an element of risk as I am using a non-ideal team. However, with the introduction of Skill Inheritance, my clear rates and consistency have significantly improved. This is because I am able to inherit a valuable skill on to both Lucifers Awoken Archdemon Lucifer to give their actives more value and allows for access to a wider range of subs. Furthermore, I am able to have access to a board changer that can be combo-ed with one of my other orb changers to produce a 2/3 dark board. The following 90 second video showcases how Skill Inheritance helps trivialise the Kali at the end of Arena by utilising actives I would normally not have access to.

Inheritance Setup

  • Awoken Lucifer 1 Awoken Archdemon Lucifer inherits Satsuki Baby Satsuki
  • Claire Dark Valk inherits Awoken Karin Awoken Karin
  • Awoken Lucifer 2 Awoken Archdemon Lucifer inherits Awoken Freyja Awoken Freyja

This allows me to remove Awoken Loki Awoken Loki from my team and replace him with Claire who has superior RCV and allows for easier stalling and the option of utilizing a 5 turn orb changer to hasten my runs. However, the key feature is being able to access a 2/3 dark board via Karin and Pandora Awoken Pandora as I lack both Akechi Akechi and Zuoh Ult Zuoh. This allows me to easily burst any floor and I have consistently one shot the Light Kali since.


Skill Inheritance is Fantastic for players who are lacking key subs and still wish to clear high end content. It also allows me to be more creative with team building and active management as I need to carefully plan for the inherited active. Also, thanks Momtastic for your Penta Lucifer with the damage enhance skill.

P.S. other resources on Lucifer or Arena:

Happy Puzzling!

26 thoughts on “Thank You Skill Inheritance”

    1. Thanks! With akechi is about 1-2m more dmg per card if you can 3 row cascade. My moms team can do that… Cleared arena for her as she has a better team than me lol


  1. Wish I could have you clear the dungeon for me. I’m still too scared to try the ultimate dungeon and prolly give it a go when the half-stam for all multi-player special dungeons drop for NA pad

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    1. You should give it a shot when you are short on time and oozing with stamina just to get a feel for it =) It takes a lot of practice (and failed runs) to clear consistently as you need to at least encounter all the spawns and being prepared to deal with each challenge as they appear. I had to readjust slightly with the SI changes to my team, but once I did, it was a lot smoother sailing


  2. And dayum!! I just saw that video of pulling off 3 rows where only two rows would normally be possible. Gonna have to take a screenshot of that and practice!

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    1. Haha I am quite skilled with bi-colour boards and one reason why my Blue Sonia team can clear so much content as I can squeeze out an extra row or combos. It took a lot of practice and now it has become second nature. This was the biggest benefit for me for my lucifer team as I can now easily deal with the Kalis


          1. Posting helpful resources/links is always appreciated! As long as it benefits others, I encourage it =)

            Setsu has quite a nice compilation of those images (and easier to navigate). If I could figure out how to post it in a readable/easy to navigate manner I could do something like that. I recall I used something similar to learn my 2-colour matching patterns.

            There are still some WordPress mysteries I have yet to conquer, but I can try to do something like that in the future!


  3. Man, Skill Inheritance is great, but I’m still struggling on Arena 1 :(((( The farthest I’ve made it was floor 19. Got Beelzebub and had no board changers active…Slowly inching closer to that finish line, haha…


    1. Well you are at least progressing! I have completely lost track of how many times I failed before I got into the swing of things. I have encountered every spawn numerous times and every horrible back to back floor combo. The more experience you have, the better you will be at judging when and where to use actives along with stalling etc. I hope you keep at it as this is the best time to play =)


  4. So right now I’m running an a.panda team with bankai panda, zuoh, akechi, and loki as subs. As of right now, I ran arena 1 and arena 2 twice each and every time i ran into kaguya. I’ll chalk that off to my luck, but I’m not feeling confident using my a.panda team anymore. I did roll lucifer this pcgf though, so do you think i should wait to get a lucifer before running arena again or keep trying with panda?


    1. There is no real value in running Arena 2 (outside of clear and glory) and should instead focus on 1 as it is much easier

      Running into Kaguya is just bad luck, you have a 1/5 chance of him to spawn and the only way to deal with him is to have a bind clearing card on your team while gently chipping away at his HP to just knock him under 50%

      For your Panda team, you should not need to run Loki and instead should use another orb changer/bind immune devil/high RCV card. Otherwise your team looks strong

      Lucifer team’s main benefit is the Godkiller and ability to use Yomi Dragon without gimping their stats. However, to achieve a much higher consistency with Lucifer, you need to invest in skill inheritance (ideally something similar to mine) to help close the gaps on his weak active compared to Pandora.

      Lastly, Arena has a lot of RNG, sometimes you will get floor spawns that are horrible and challenging to overcome. It also requires lots of experience (I have seen every spawn and possibly every death combo back to back) as that will help you stay calm and clear the floors in the most optimal way possible.


  5. I managed to beat arena 1 after about 8-10 attempts the other night with Lucifer as well running:

    UU Pandora/Loki
    D Kali/UU Pandora

    Got decent luck with spawns on the winning run getting Athena, Zeus Mercury, Zaerog and Kagatsuchi as the post 15 spawns along with Dark Kali. Karin + Eschamali + Loki took her to 40% and there was enough dark orbs to do a TPA and row next turn to kill her.

    I am not sure I want Karin or Meimei on Claire though. Karin has the ability to combo with my leader as well as Eschamali/Pandora but Meimei would give a big heal when used with Pandora. I might just throw Hades on Lucifer and switch back to Meimei to have the more sure kill. (And remove any chance of knocking Kali into rage modes) Thoughts?


    1. Karin’s active can combo with Satsuki and I lack a Meimei (until last memorial roll) so I’m still using Karin, but the heal potential with Meimei is wonderful and a lifesaver.

      You should be one shotting Light Kali every time with a 2/3 dark board and I would be impressed if you could get Dkali into 5% rage zone on your first turn. I would put Loki onto your lucifer and leave Pandora without an inherit. Her active is so strong as is. You may not need Satsuki looking at your team (as Eschamali handles poison). For myself, I usually Karin or Pandora on floor 18. Yomi D or Karin/Pandora on 19 + Loki. Kali I use Haku + Satsuki. By that time Claire is back up due to all the hastes. You would need to run Arena more to get a feel for it and determine what works/doesnt as you have only seen the end a few times

      I presume Dkali is for pseudo bind clearing?


      1. Well with Eschamali it’s easy at times to get plenty of skyfalls into unplanned extra damage. I’ve not been burned by it yet in this occasion but I could see it happening. I don’t have a Haku or Zuoh so I do unfortunately need to leave Claire’s inherited active for Kali.

        As for DKali yeah she is there for her stats and especially awakenings. She’s an unbindable monster with bind clear active. I’m not willing to spend 300k points for a sub in YomiDra so she is the next best thing. It’s easy enough to conserve six hearts for when I know I’m going to be bound, and if I can’t well can always pop her Pandora active. Plus she has two fingers, something this team desperately lacks. When I played this team before with Loki on the team I’d constantly flub things, UU Pandora plus DKali gives me 2 seconds.


        1. Sorry meant bind clear awakening, obviously her active is unreliable for generating six heart orbs to do a clear. But she’s just there for the fantastic awakenings and stats. Plus completes the all Waifu sub team. 🙂


          1. You somewhat have to expect Eschamali will grant a single extra skyfall combo. You should be one shotting Light Kali every time anyway.

            And in regards to Dark Kali, she does act as a budget Yomi Dragon and I am glad you chose to inherit a sensible active that can more reliably generate enough heart orbs for a bind recover

            I also feel your pain with a lack of time extends. It feels challenging when playing a row intensive team zzz

            Lastly, pretty girls > weird dragons 😉


  6. Mantastic.Can unmaxed skills be leveled up after the skill is transferred? And can skill 1 be leveled up once a second skill is added?


    1. Yeah on both. The monsters are both in your box. It is just that the one being inherited from can’t be used on a team. It can be skilled and evo’d just like normal.

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      1. Thank you very much. I was having no luck with my attempts, but am relieved (sorta) to hear that it is just the usual success rate problem.


          1. Yup, I’m in California today, so about two hours til 3x( not that I’m counting) . Thanks again, been saving up Nagas.


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