[Video] Awoken Lucifer VS Arena 1 Floors 17-21

Today I took a break from plus egg farming and revisited my old friend, Arena 1. I have cleared Arena numerous times when it was a technical dungeon and have a strong understanding of how each floor works and what kind of damage is required to successfully clear. I was also fortunate my friend visited today and I was able to record on Mantastic. With their help (and more powerful laptop) the audio came out sounding quite amazing for my standards. Perhaps if they visit more often I will be able to produce higher quality videos in the future. I only began recording on floor 17 after I had finished stalling for my actives as the previous 16 floors are more straight forward (and it was also at that time I got their laptop).


 All max-skilled and +297
A Lucifer
Awoken Archdemon Lucifer

Fire resistWater RedWood resist
Light reductionDark Reduction
A Pandora
Awoken Pandora

Fire resistFire resistFire resist
Fire resistFire resist
A Haku
Dark ReductionDark ReductionDark Reduction
Dark ReductionDark Reduction
A Loki
Awoken Loki

Fire resistWater RedWood resist
Light reductionDark Reduction
Yomi D
Yomi Dragon

Dark ReductionDark ReductionDark Reduction
A Lucifer
Awoken Archdemon Lucifer
Fire resistWater RedWood resist
Light reductionDark Reduction

My team has not changed since my previous clears and if you care to read about them you can find my previous postings HERE and my one shot of Light Kali happiness HERE. The key to playing Awoken Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer or any other tank team is knowing when to stalling and when to sweep the floor. You must be able to calculate your healing potential and if it is safe to take two subsequent hits in a row without healing. One misconception is the need to always be at full health. This is not true when your HP is above 40,000 as you should only heal when the next hit will kill you. For example, if you were at 29,000/40,000 HP, and the next incoming hit was for 11,000, you should take that hit to go down to 18,000 HP and then try to heal all the way back to full HP on a 3 or 4 heart orb match. This way, you have conserved your heart orbs over two turns. This will take patience and practice to not over heal when it is not needed. If you are struggling against Sopdet on floor 13, please refer to my guide on dealing with here HERE. For Lucifer, you only need to match sets of 3-4 dark orbs and slowly widdle her down.

I also have a comprehensive team building guide for Awoken Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer should you be interested in building an Arena-worthy team.

Hopefully this provides some inspiration and best of luck in your future endeavours.

Happy Puzzling!



18 thoughts on “[Video] Awoken Lucifer VS Arena 1 Floors 17-21”

  1. After reading your blog, I got this team set up and hypermaxed (minus a few latents). Things were going well, but I got stopped on Sopdet… how do you deal with her?


  2. Not having Haku, Akechi, or YomiDra or Loki means RIP me for Arena with Lucifer. But that’s OK, one of these days I’ll try using Thor x Saria since I actually have a near-optimal setup that employs Raphael for that.


    1. Thor + Saria are quite powerful and have similar clear rates to Lucifer so you should be well on your way to your first clear =D I also feel Raphael makes things so much easier as you are almost guaranteed to burst Kali down enough and have that safety net otherwise


      1. Yeah I still haven’t cleared it yet mostly due to a lack of time. School and everything…

        I’ll likely get around to it when it’s re-added to permanent Technicals again.


  3. Hi Mantastic, congrats on the clear!

    My main team is A.Luci, and I just finished plussing my team this event.

    My current team is A.Luci/YomiDra/Eschamali/Eschamali/Akechi. Only A.Luci and YomiDra are hypermaxed while the Eschamalis and Akechi are sitting at skill level 2 (even after spending 1000+ stamina in dark dog dragons… D’:). I do have an A.Haku, D/R Haku, and A.Loki as well (non-plussed, non-skilled).

    I guess my question is how critical is it for the team to be max skilled and fully latented to beat Arena 1 (or even Arena 2)? I really want to beat Arena 1 the next time around, but I can’ imagine being able to max skill my subs before then… Also, is A.Loki really critical for the team to beat Arena?

    Thanks! Love your site by the way,


    1. Latents are far less important than max skill. Provided you have at least a rainbow resist on a single monster to prevent 100% gravity attacks you are fine. Anything else just makes your life slightly easier. Max skill just means you spend less time stalling in between bursts.

      Loki is almost mandatory for Arena as you need his burst to punch through high defence monsters (eg. MeiMei), high HP (Grisar, Beelzebub), and Kali along with allowing you to conserve other actives as the damage carries over to the next floor. I use Loki on Grisar, 19, and somewhere in the first 15 floors if needed.

      Haku (of any evolution) is fantastic with Akechi, but Escamali is superior as a general rule of thumb. Your team could look like:

      Lucifer, Yomi D, Eschamali, Akechi, Loki, Lucifer

      and that team can clear Arena 1 (and probs best chance at Arena 2)

      Hope this helps and thank you =)


  4. Awesome, sounds good! I’ll go ahead and start maxing out my A.Loki.

    I need about a truckload of Badpys, though… 😥



  5. Nice video again man!

    I Finally got all my light cards +297 & max skilled, Thoria is doing almost everything and is awesome have so many options hyper maxed for the flex spot, but i’m wondering… why Luci team is so popular? And by that, i mean really popular!!
    What makes Luci team so good?
    I have Lucifer, but not sure if worth start developing a new team, from the scratch.

    In theory, Awoken Apollo is not better? Same HP with nice rcv and attack?
    And in this case, i can reuse all my Thor/Saria subs (a lot of rows and max skilled cards)

    Or there is something more in Luci team that i not seeing (in this case i’ll jump in this boat)



    1. The god killer component is quite incredible in regards to bolstering your massive row damage. Also, dark monsters have some of the strongest cards to draw from including Yomi Dragon who is a fantastic card overall and greatly reduces the chance of binds. You are also correct about his multiplier being higher for row teams at 16.4x.

      His major downside is a relatively weak active and is partially why awoken Pandora is stronger (that and higher multiplier)


  6. I don’t have Loki, and was instead going to do luci/yomidra/akechi/eschamali/oku. Is that ok or is Loki a necessary member? I also have Hamal, Castor, and Zuoh among others if they are better subs.


    1. Oku is a viable replacement for Loki and the delay component can be invaluable in certain scenarios (thinking of Hino). Just note your burst will be lower due to 1.5x vs 2x damage and you will need use more actives on floor 19 (before Kali)


  7. I know this is a bit of an outdated post, but I still am looking to try to do various arena clears. I have Lucifer and Gremory, and enough to build sub-par teams for both of them. Which one would be better in this scenario?


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