Egyptian 1 Pantheon Analysis

Please refer to the Master List for directory to the other pantheons and their analysis.

Take a look at my Popular Leaders and their Full Sub List post for inspiration on team building ideas. If contemplating on purchasing a MP Dragon, please check out my Monster Point Dragon Purchasing Check-list Guide.

Keep in mind all of the following monsters qualify for Skill Inheritance so do not be too hasty in selling dupes.

The Egyptian 1 pantheon features a diverse array of powerful monsters who both excel in leadership and new found sub potential with the advent of more challenging dungeons. Many make stellar leaders for a beginning player as they will teach you how to combo and manage your colours/orbs efficiently and transition into powerhouses with their awoken forms. Overall, a strong pantheon to roll for.

Egyptian 1

jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
Devil / God
Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Skill Boost
Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Time Extend
Skill Lock Resist TPA
Fire Arrow  Enhnaced Fire Orb + extend time to move orbs by 2 seconds
4 turn CD
Horus is a flaming hot chicken who is jokingly referred to as KFC or other poultry puns. Jokes aside, Horus is an underrated leader who is capable of forming a 45.56x ATK / 2.25x RCV rainbow team. What makes Horus unique is the ability control his damage and recovery through active usage. Most rainbow teams do not have a built in RCV multiplier and is one of the main reasons they falter in higher tier content.

Perhaps the reason why Horus is not as popular in today’s meta is due to the fact that 45.46x ATK on a rainbow team is not very game breaking (thanks Ra Dragon Ra Dragon) as you are unable to stack rows and may have limited access to TPA subs. In addition, Horus’s active skill is rather lacklustre and will mostly be used to trigger the additional damage component from your leader skill. On the bright side, Horus has double skill bind resist Skill Lock Resist awakenings and will alleviate team building constraints when trying to achieve 100% immunity.

Horus is seldom seen as a sub due to a underwhelming active as there are stronger damage enhancement options available.

Overall, Horus is still a powerful leader and is capable of clearing high end content with the right investment, player skill, and luck. He is also a fantastic leader for those who are just starting out as you will be forced to improve your comboing and orb matching skills.

Devil / God
blue + orb blue + orb Bind Immune
Bind Immune Time Extend Skill Lock Resist
Water Row Skill Boost
Reduce damage by 15%, 2 turn bind clear
3 turn CD
Isis is one of the most sought after cards in Puzzle and Dragons due to her incredible utility, active, skill inheritance potential, colour coverage, and beauty. It is sometimes challenging to find a sub who can cover both water and wood while being useful (others that come to mind are Sun Quan Sun Quan and Orochi Awoken Oorochi). However, neither of those offer the same degree of defensive utility as Isis along with a quick charging active. With an active that takes only 3 turns to recharge, Isis makes an amazing base monster for inheriting a skill. This way you can have the colour coverage and option of bind clearing along with an inherited active for only an additional 3 turns of cooldown.

Isis is naturally at home on mono water teams as she offers some offensive capabilities, but perhaps her most popular use is on Ra Dragon Ra Dragon (or other rainbow) teams. If you have a Dark Kali Dark Kali, your team is essentially bind immune as you your colour activation requirements will always be met. Furthermore, you can clear binds from other subs with Isis’s active.

Sub potential aside, Isis makes a wonderful leader for new accounts as she will help teach you the basics of comboing along with colour management.

Overall, Isis is one of the strongest and most versatile monsters available and is worth pursuing and investing in.

Devil / Balance
Poison resist Time Extend Poison resist
Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Time Extend
TPA Enhanced Wood Orb
Mass attack for 3 turns + 2s to move orbs
5 turn CD
Best Cat, I mean Bastet, is still a powerful lead despite what various JP tier lists report. She has not become weak, only that newer and flashier cards have been released (thinking of the next round of 300k MP cards). Granted 36x ATK may seem lacklustre, but you have to remember that wood has some fantastic sub options for a mono colour TPA TPA teams. Outstanding subs include, but not limited to Vishnu Vishnu (sometimes x2), Meimei MeiMei, Sylvie Sylvie, Kaede Kaede, Liu Bei Liu Bei, and Verdandi Verd. With ample access to wood orb generation and enhanced skyfalls, you can unleash incredible burst damage that is capable of sweeping most high level content. Furthermore, you are able to control your damage through combos made, electing to match TPA, and active usage as a component of your leader skill is tied to using skills.

The main downsides of using Bastet are no HP or RCV multiplier, a weak active, a reliance on using actives to trigger her full multipliers (think skill delays or locked actives), and a higher skill cap to use. However, with the introduction of skill inheritance, you will be able to inherit a powerful and useful active onto your two leaders.

Overall, Best Cat is a wonderful leader who will have players saying mee-wow at your burst damage and cuteness potential.

Devil / God
Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Lock Resist
Blind Resist Time Extend Skill Boost
Skill Boost +light orb
77,777 true damage to all enemies + 3s to move orbs
7 turn CD
Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra, Ra Ra Ra Ra. Something something P-p-poker face. Bad singing aside, Awoken Ra is still a powerhouse leader who offers 100x damage for only matching fire, water, wood, light, dark, and using an active skill. This is quite a low skill cap for 100x damage and upon his release, completely shattered the meta as he simply overpowered all the content put before him. However, with the advent of 300k MP cards and more ridiculous dungeon mechanics, Awoken Ra has lost his godly status, but is still capable of clearing end game content.

As a leader, Ra is bind immune and has the ability to control his damage through active skill usage. You can deal 4x, 25x, or 100x damage and this can be useful when you need to control your output. The main factors that are hindering his supremacy is a lacklustre active, vulnerability to skill delays (as you cannot trigger 100x damage), reliance on repeated active usage to sweep floors, and not being a pretty girl.

With the advent of push button farming and bosses with high defence and low HP, Ra’s active has found some more uses as it can be used to sweep these floors. On a push button team, he can be used for clearing the smaller floors and his two skill boosts Skill Boost will come in handy. When dealing with floors such as 10 million defence PreDRAs Fire PreDRA, the true damage nuke becomes invaluable and may be used for skill inheritance.

Overall, Ra is still a great monster and should not be discredited because newer and flashing cards have been released. You also want to keep dupes for skill inheritance or push button farming.

Awoken Anubis
Devil / God
Bind Immune Bind Immune Time Extend
Auto heal Time Extend Skill Lock Resist
Skill Boost Auto heal
Green Jammer Poison
Arrow Dark
4 turn counterattack
8 turn CD
The one true Doge has been heralded as the king of damage output (discrediting the even more unreliable Fenrir Fenrir) at the risk of an incredibly high skill/luck cap. Awoken Anubis can achieve 400x ATK at 12 combos and only begins to generate a multiplier at 9 combos. The average board may not even allow you to create 9 combos due to uneven orb distribution and causes you to rely on skyfalls for damage as the maximum matches you can generate from a regular board is 10 combos. Furthermore, there are very few players who can consistently hit 8+ combos and even those still need to pray to RNG-esus for additional skyfalls. Building upon the reliance of skyfalls for triggering damage, you have almost no reliable way to control your damage outside of using an active and matching under 9 combos for 4x damage. However, if you are able to maximize the board on a consistent basis, you will be greatly rewarded.

Looking at Anubis as a sub, he can find a home on numerous mono dark teams and his active can be quite powerful as a pseudo board refresh substitute. You generally use full board changers to remove excessive jammer or poison orbs and with his revamped active, Anubis can fulfil that role. His main drawback as a sub is an underwhelming active if you are not removing jammer or poison orbs. This is because an 8-turn cooldown for a single orb change is poor value when you could use something like Grisar Grisar who is 7 turns with haste. Furthermore, Anubis lacks any offensive awakenings and this will bring down your overall damage.

Overall, Anubis is an okay card to own as his leadership potential is marred by luck/inconsistency while his sub usage is most limited to a budget jammer/poison orb removal.

Happy Puzzling!

5 thoughts on “Egyptian 1 Pantheon Analysis”

  1. I’m a little confused and seek for clarification. When, for example in your review of Isis, you say that she has “skill inheritance potential”.. When saying “skill inheritance potential”, do you refer to her skill being inherited by someone else, or her inheriting someone else’s skill?


    1. Inheriting another monsters skill. Her base cd is only 3 turns and that combined with her favorable awakenings, typing, and colour coverage makes her an ideal fit. Her active is also handy for removing binds so that’s another aspect you don’t have to worry about


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