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Thank You Skill Inheritance


I have cleared Arena 1 numerous times, but there is always an element of risk as I am using a non-ideal team. However, with the introduction of Skill Inheritance, my clear rates and consistency have significantly improved. This is because I am able to inherit a valuable skill on to both Lucifers Awoken Archdemon Lucifer to give their actives more value and allows for access to a wider range of subs. Furthermore, I am able to have access to a board changer that can be combo-ed with one of my other orb changers to produce a 2/3 dark board. The following 90 second video showcases how Skill Inheritance helps trivialise the Kali at the end of Arena by utilising actives I would normally not have access to.

Inheritance Setup

  • Awoken Lucifer 1 Awoken Archdemon Lucifer inherits Satsuki Baby Satsuki
  • Claire Dark Valk inherits Awoken Karin Awoken Karin
  • Awoken Lucifer 2 Awoken Archdemon Lucifer inherits Awoken Freyja Awoken Freyja

This allows me to remove Awoken Loki Awoken Loki from my team and replace him with Claire who has superior RCV and allows for easier stalling and the option of utilizing a 5 turn orb changer to hasten my runs. However, the key feature is being able to access a 2/3 dark board via Karin and Pandora Awoken Pandora as I lack both Akechi Akechi and Zuoh Ult Zuoh. This allows me to easily burst any floor and I have consistently one shot the Light Kali since.


Skill Inheritance is Fantastic for players who are lacking key subs and still wish to clear high end content. It also allows me to be more creative with team building and active management as I need to carefully plan for the inherited active. Also, thanks Momtastic for your Penta Lucifer with the damage enhance skill.

P.S. other resources on Lucifer or Arena:

Happy Puzzling!