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Version 11.2 Update, Ragnarok Dragon Evo, and if Arena 2 is Worth Running


Version 11.2 is now live in North America and Europe and brings with it some very minor changes and small additions. I had almost completed my write up for the new Norn evolutions (  ) but it looks like that will have to wait for another day.

Regardless, Version 11.2 provides a revamp of Arena 2 with the introduction of new Latent Awakening Tamadras, minor quality of life improvements, two new Awoken Skills, and a new evolution for Ragnarok Dragon .

This article will touch upon all the new changes introduced along with determining the viability of the changed Arena 2.

Video commentary

–video coming soon—

Latent awakenings

Latent awakenings are a way to add further customization to your favourite monsters as they can significantly alter the way they function.

Each Monster comes with 5 default slots with the (expensive) opportunity to add a 6th slot. While most Latent awakenings occupy one slot, some will require 2 spaces, but tend to have stronger benefits to compensate. Continue reading Version 11.2 Update, Ragnarok Dragon Evo, and if Arena 2 is Worth Running

Awoken Lucifer vs Arena

This is by no means a full team building guide (one may come in the future for Awoken Archdemon Lucifer) and I simply wanted to showcase how I use Awoken Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer to clear Arena 1 with reasonable consistency.  Arena  is a gruelling 21 floors and requires a high end team along with careful planning and a little luck to clear successfully.  Furthermore, the floor spawns are drawn randomly from several fixed monsters and no two Arena runs will be the same. This also means it is possible to get horrible (or amazing) luck as challenging bosses may repeatedly spawn.

Arena DQ Hera
Such a scary pre-emptive

Awoken Archdemon Lucifer has the inherent advantage of producing a very durable team due to 1.82x HP/RCV along with 16.4x ATK to devil and god type monsters. This alleviates the need to bring any form of damage mitigation as you can survive the largest pre-emptive strike on floor 19 and the God Killer God Killer awakening helps burst through the final floors. However, to tackle Arena, Awoken Archdemon Lucifer teams require certain key subs/role fulfilment: Continue reading Awoken Lucifer vs Arena