[Video] +297 Hera Dungeon Strategies and Guide


To mark the celebration of the third year anniversary, GungHo will be granting players the opportunity to play the +297 Hera “Gift” Dungeon. The word Gift is misleading as it is a challenging dungeon to clear and Gift is only used to indicate that it is a one-time clear and has to be done in solo mode.

Mantastic & Fantastic’s video clears

Mantastic’s Sarasvati 3069

A much riskier team due to the orb hungry nature of Sarasvati. There is a certian amount of praying required to either skyfall a water combo or have enough present to conserve actives. However, it was a pleasure to play with and the damage on Minerva was Nuts Nut 😉


Fantastic’s Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ

DQXQ was a lot safer by comparison due to the less orb hungry nature of her leader skill. I could use the 16x ATK and TPA down the easy floors and only had to form rows starting at floor 5. It also helps that both leaders have a more impactful active skill.

Team used

Will update when I play this dungeon. Myr Miru is the default/easy choice but may try and use a different leader to showcase a more novel strategy.

JP clears

As this is a one-time clear dungeon, I decided to showcase various JP clears with leaders I do not own to provide another layer of inspiration for theory crafting viable teams. You can use the search term as well:  神王妃 絶地獄級

Light Myr Miru

Reco’s clear using Myr. I also speculate she will be the easiest to use for this dungeon.

Ace Best Cat Cross Bastet

Awoken Liu Bei A Liu Bei

Xiang Mei Xiang Mei

Dungeon mechanics

+297 Hera imposes new threats to overcome compared to the previous +297 Zeus. You will may not be able to use the same team again and will have to readjust team rosters/inheritants to survive this grueling 10-floor dungeon. Below is a pseudo checklist of what to bring:

  • A big shield will be required to survive Hera’s 45,246 preemptive. This could also be circumnavigated via a heart-cross leader or a tank team.
  • Ability to hit 7+ combos to bypass Hera’s combo shield. This will prove to be challenging for teams that rely on rows or 5o1e
  • Ability to deal with floors 1-4 ideally without using actives. They actually hurt
  • Capacity to deal large damage on floors 5-9 to deal with the Greco-Roman Gods as they all have high amounts of health and can be challenging to stall on
  • Deal 35 million damage to one shot Hera while overcoming the combo shield
  • Damage reduction on the Greco-Roman Gods will force you to deal more damage to kill them with specific colours

Dungeon Strategy

Due to the length of the dungeon, you will have to be prepared to manage your actives in order to maximize their effect. Many short actives can be used throughout the dungeon and Minerva offers a place to stall, especially if you take the RCV badge.

+297 Hera
Floor Monster     HP/Def     Comments
1-4  Various
Up to
844,092 /
These things hurt and are reasonably durable. Proceed with caution
5 Venus 4,005,921 50% Water/Light reduction
-2s to orb movement for 5 turns
Best to kill her asap to avoid the binds
6 Minerva 3,163,959 50% Light/Dark reduction
6 combo shield
Best place to stall until How boring
7 Awoken Ceres 4,591,041 50% Light/Dark reduction
Preemptive skill lock
High chance to bind
Best to kill asap
8 Neptune 1,570,209/
50% Light/Dark reduction
1.38M defence
Makes lots of poison/hearts
Can stall with a heart breaker
9 Awoken Hades 13,333,332 50% Wood/Dark reduction
99% Preemptive cut
Gives you 5 turns to kill
Can stall until Death Scythe
10 189 35,286,426 45,246 Preemptive
Absorbs under 7 combos
Ideal to one shot

I will edit my strategy accordingly once I actually play and clear it.


+297 Hera is another challenging “gift” dungeon that will force players to use their puzzling skills to conquer. I will try my best to use a variety of teams, but may default to Myr on at least one account.

Happy Puzzling!

27 thoughts on “[Video] +297 Hera Dungeon Strategies and Guide”

  1. Dear Mantastic,

    I have a stash of unused +eggs and I am in desperate need of advice about which team to make +297 now that I have finished by go-to team (A Shiva). Taking into consideration the leader, available subs, and play style, which team do you recommend I work on next?

    Option 1: A Pandora team (subs incl. Lu Bu x2, Ronia, Alechi x2, D Meta, Okun).

    Option 2: Sarasvati team (subs incl. Blonia x2, I&I, Andromeda, Orochi, Mori).

    Option 3: L Myr team (subs incl.Sun Wukong, DQXQ, Apocalypse, Venus, Raphael)

    Thanks in advance for your guidance!

    P.S. I also have an almost ideal hypermaxed A Ra team that I intend to turn into a Ra Dragon team next time it is offered in the MP store. The only downside is my B/G sub is Orochi (instead of Isis).


    1. Best team is easily Myr as she can clear more content than any of the other ones listed and her power is only rivaled by few. Inherit a board changer on Venus and orb changer on Myr and you will be set! I would not use Raphael

      Although ra dragon may get a big buff once they reveal more about his new evo


  2. I beat it easily with Sherias Root. You can 1 shot every floor, even hera. I used indra for her pre emptive, and then used orochi to give me 5 turns but i didn’t need it since i 1 shotted her!


    1. Care to share the Sherias team? I have one I have never run – it’s too easy to stick with familiar. But my heart cross isn’t reliable yet. LoL! Could use options!


      1. Yes absolutely! I think orochi is probably most ideal with its active and incredible 2 prongs, then i use indra for hera pre emptive, i have kirin for bind clear and I’ve been using ra to cancel out the time debuff. Even though ra isn’t dragon, you still do insane damage either way. I always 2 prong blue and light and that’s plenty. My indra is only level 26 too


  3. I used my AMeimei Team and somehow beat this dungeon… Setup was AMeimei/Kaede/Kushinada/AAmaterasu/AYomi/AMeimei
    the good thing is that Hera can’t one shot you, Yomi had Carat’s skill inherited.

    This dungeon is overall a lot easier than 297-Zeus! 😀


    1. I agree that this dungeon is easier than Zeus as you do not have to build wonky teams to specifically counter the locked orbs

      Also, congrats on using a novel and unique team!


    1. Looking at your box, you have 3 +297 Kaede so I am going to presume that is your main team (outside of Sakuya) However, Kaede is a much stronger option and does not require a shielding sub to tank the preemptive.

      I am not too familiar with Kaede’s damage output so idk if you need to bring a damage enhance etc


      1. Thanks for the reply Mantastic, I actually rarely or never use my Sakuya team unless someone ask me to use it, left it there so my other BF can use them. Teams that I have been using aside from Kaede team are l Kai, a luci or Kanna.

        This is the team i used Kaede, Kaede, a.ra, GZL, a.orochi, Kaede. Also getting to Hera, is not easy for me using this team. Was lucky enough to reach hera with some skill left by which was able to make a good board but I keep on messing up on the combo requirement when I trigger GZL 2x dmg. So after some attempts I stopped. Base on my skill I can’t seem to trigger a 7 hit even with a good board. So I’m in the mercy of skyfall. By which it always ends up badly.

        Was hoping if there was any rainbow team within my box that has a higher chance of winning rather than Kaede.


        1. Why is A Ra on that team? And tbh, Kaede is going to be your most stable team of your options and you simply need to take your time to come up with a combo-able board. I would stick at it. +297 Hera only costs 25 stamina to enter and can be done solo so take your time!


          1. Thanks for the advise, will try it out more and replace Ra with Kaede. The reason I put ra was to negate the negative time on venus.


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