[Video] +297 Zeus Dungeon Clear and Strategies Guide


North America has finally received the +297 Zeus “Gift” Dungeon today and it presents a unique challenge for players to overcome. I am well aware that there are many different teams that can clear this, but I wish to showcase how I have successfully cleared with my Dark Metatron dtron team along with my strategies and checklist of utility. Do note that this dungeon must be completed in solo mode.

Video clear

Team used

I decided to go with my Dark Metatron team due to the colour advantage, ease in which to activate her multiplier, and ample Skill Boosts Skill Boost to allow for the much needed Skill Inheritance actives being ready in time. For reference, Dark Metatron forms a 2.25x HP / 36x ATK team when under 50% HP. I also used the +5% Attack Imp ATKAwoken Badge as it was the one that provided the most benefit. My subs were mostly chosen for their synergy with each other through Skill Inheritance as well as being my strongest options.

dtron Dark Valk Awoken Persephone Awoken Archdemon Lucifer Awoken Pandora dtron
1157 Awoken Karin Baby Satsuki Ra

Dungeon mechanics

+297 Zeus is a reasonably tricky dungeon as it has numerous mechanics that can trip up the average team and careful planning is critical to avoid failure. Universally, every team requires:

  • A board reshuffle to remove the 20 locked orbs spawned by Zeus. This can include the Pierdra Badtz-Maru 1157 (from my early days of pulling the Hello Kitty Collab),  Mastering 1317. or Keiji Keiji. If you fail to bring this, you are most likely going to fail unless you have a very large shield to withstand the attack.
  • A really big shield can be used in lieu of a board reshuffle. This will give you time to remove the jammer orbs and re-optimize your set up. This is where complete immunity comes in handy such as Raphael Raphael or Thanatos Thanatos comes in handy.
  • Ability to hit 62 million damage. This may sound daunting, but it is vital to your success as you do not wish to play around with Zues once you reshuffle your board. Remember that dark teams deal double damage and anyone with God Killer God Killer will be very powerful. Remember, you can inherit over their active so you can still make use of those niche cards (Fenrir Fenrir, Acubens Acubens, etc.). For mono colour teams, it is vital you bring a means to form a 2/3 primary colour board for optimal burst damage.
  • A way to bypass the masks. You may choose to do this via large burst (have to overcome 8 million defense) or true damage/poison.

If you can address all these points, you should be able to succeed and you can be creative with your team compositions. You can do your own YouTube research via the link provided HERE.

Dungeon strategy

The dungeon is relatively straightforward once you can overcome the hurdles mentioned above and I simply want to provide a bit more clarification on a floor-by-floor basis.

+297 Zeus
1 262
Blue Chimera cannot be killed on turn 1
2 175
114 / 1.2M
300  /  8M
114 / 1.2M
1-3 turn skill delay preemptive. Very high defense. Possible to stall a bit
3 192
Preemptive 20% Jammer skyfall debuff
4 263
Random 2 (can be same colour. Just under 11k preempetive. Given 2 turns to kill after.
5 187 62,313,636 Preemptively locks 20 orbs. Very very ideal to board reshuffle them away. Vulnerable to God Killer God Killer awakenings. Should try to one shot after you correct your board.


+297 Zeus “gift” dungeon provided a nice change of pace in terms of content difficulty. It can be a daunted encounter, but I am confident with my guide you will be better prepared to face him and enjoy another +297 reward. It was also fun giving him a good Spanking 😉

Happy Puzzling!

35 thoughts on “[Video] +297 Zeus Dungeon Clear and Strategies Guide”

  1. Cleared it on the first try with YY. The team I ran with was YY(Scheat), Hermes, Andromeda, Nut(Susano), Skuld, YY(Urd). Only scary part was Zeus himself and even that would’ve been a joke if I had a board reset to use. That mask floor is an absolute godsend.


      1. Nah, I managed to clear enough orbs to pop my board changer and kill turn two against Zeus and could have tanked another hit if at full HP. It’s not something I want to have to repeat in the future though.


  2. I was able to do it with an inherited Raphael shield, as well as getting lucky and his 20 spawned orbs working well for Roots (wasn’t perfect but wasn’t bad either). It’s very easy to stall on the masks for skills, as the middle one doesn’t do significant damage and will waste a turn resurrecting one of its fallen buddies (who reset to 5 or 6 turns). I hope we see more of these types of dungeons in the future! Challenging, low stamina, high reward. Thanks for the guide!


    1. Yeah I love how it was low stamina to enter. Doesn’t hurt as much if you fail lol. I know there is a 297 hera to look forward to!

      Also, congrats on your roots clear =D did you burst or true damage down the rainbow mask?


  3. Thanks for the guide. Had a friend lead with a Luci/Maeda inherit, and used Awoken Vritra for the God Killer + 2x spike. Easy to stall on floor 2 for ages if you immediately kill the two weak masks, allow to mystic mask to resurrect one, then Oblivion Nova on the mask. The remaining mask will just bind you and give you 6 turns to heal and ping it down.


  4. For me, I used A. Lucifer team. I didn’t have a board refresher. So, at the Zeus floor, I tanked first hit and cleared locked orb as much as I could. Then killed in one shot in the second turn.
    I had 4 god killers in the team, one of them was A. Vritra. So, it wasn’t a huge deal.


  5. Cleared it with:

    Awoken Lucifer (Castor skill), Summer Claire, Summer Pandora, Akechi, Lu Bu, Friend Lucifer (Red Sonia Skill).

    Just needed to clear enough locked orbs in the first turned.


  6. I really liked this dungeon. It was difficult for me (1 year playing), but the 25 stamina cost allowed several attempts.

    Cleared it with:

    Awoken Lucifer (Castor) [Bind Immunity Badge], Beach Pandora, Beach Claire, Akechi, Lu Bu (only one not +297), Awoken Lucifer (Red Sonia)

    F1; any skill but Lucifer
    F2: Killed both light masks with the two Lucifers. Charged all skills while saving orbs.
    F3: Used saved orbs
    F4: Red Sonia Skill on turn 1, Castor Skill on turn 2 (Not enough hearts for Claire).
    F5: Cleared as many locked orbs on turn one. Used Panda + Akechi + Claire + Lu Bu on 2nd turn. It was enough for 2 Rows and 1 TPA.

    Hopefully I didn’t post this twice as my first post isn’t showing up.


    1. I also enjoyed the dungeon for the reasons you listed. One of the things that keeps me going is the thrill of new challenges and puzzling my way over them.

      I feel that most people used Lucifer to clear this dungeon (including my Mom) as he has a wonderful mix of Burst, Suvivability, True Damage, and Tanky-ness

      Congrats on your clear and hopefully your breakdown helps other Lucifer players!


      1. I used Lucifer as well and one shot it on the first try. Of course team was 297’d but ran Luci, UU Pandora, A Pandora, Eschamali and Claire. Basically the same strategy as AO. I had Pandora and friend Luci with Loki inherit so it wasn’t hard.


          1. Lucifer has Satsuke. Claire has Karin. UU Pandora and friend Luci had Loki. I killed boss with Karin + Satsuke + Loki. I had three Rows plus a five orb dark Skyfall. It’s possible Lucifer might have one shot Zeus.


            1. It’s very doable for Lucifer to one shot zeus as he has effectively 31M HP due to dark advantage. Furthermore, you can stack rows and God Killers! I one shot him for my Mom so I know its possible =P


  7. I cleared it with aluci and thanatos. I used a skill on floor 1 then both lucis to clear both light masks and stalled a long time for skills on dark mask.


  8. It took me a while to beat it with YY. I had to lug around my unevoed Maeda Keiji for the board refresh, and I used up almost all my actives before the boss, but somehow I managed to do enough damage to Zeus to OHKO him.

    My team setup was

    YY (Scheat inherited)/A. Hermes/Skuld/Nut (Rain from FF collab inherited, but didn’t need)/Maeda Keiji (unevoed lol)/YY (Urd inherited)

    Finger badge

    F1. Kill normally, might need to use friend YY and forego the inherited skill
    F2. This is where I stalled a ton. I just killed the gold and indigo masks over and over again until Keiji and my other skills were up, then burst
    F3. Kill
    F4. Stall the extra turn, then kill
    F5. Keiji, then (in a perfect world) Skuld (or Urd if you saved it), Scheat inherit, make TPA board, kill


    1. Well congrats on your victory! A clear is still a clear and the time taken isn’t too important. It is pretty wonderful how much damage YY can deal and he is definitely a good choice for this +297 dungeon

      Hopefully your breakdown helps other YY users!


  9. Probably the most fun I had playing P&D in a while, theorycrafting for this dungeon with XM was a blast. I could stall on floors 1&2, but on floor two I set up an ideal board and used ra, so I could use that board on floor 3. Floor 4 was a Saria active, and floor 5 was Keiji (inherited on rrh) -> Gadius -> Uriel -> XM(Arcline). One shotted the boss with ease (granted I got an ideal board with 3 fire rows and 3 heart combos).


    1. Oh nice! Congrats =D

      Preserving your board with true damage is a wonderful way to ensure you do not waste additional actives on floor 3

      I look forward to the next set of unique challenges!


  10. Cruton1113 days ago
    😮 Waiting for that post! I have everything except phersephone evo’d and Awoken Panda evo’d. Probably going to use your team for it ;-; I hope I can do it D: Might have to add you cause I don’t have the orb refresh in my box ;-;
    Awesome video! and it was surprisingly fast!

    Mantastic PAD
    Thank you! Also, the corresponding post is now live =)

    I mostly chose my subs as they are my best dark cards and I can use Skill Inheritance to make them more ideal.Leave your IGN and I will make sure I accept you

    330,129,309 – If I can link my PAD herder if you can make a team that I can run through it. I’ll go check out your post though :D

    Oh, I totally forgot that I didn’t put my Pad-Herder ;-; Sorry! Here it is: https://www.padherder.com/user/DriftedAway/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,4294967295_63,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;boxfav,0

    I’ve tried w DMeta and I’ve gotten to Zeus but I didn’t have enough to 1 shot :c

    Mantastic PAD
    Am I correct in seeing that you have 3 Plums? Awoken Lucifer is probably the most popular lead for this and you have Haku/Akechi burst combo. Plum team works too as your damage is skyhigh and can set up on masks

    I do have 3 Plums, although I don’t have any friend that runs her so she’s just been sitting in my box until I max skill and level them. ;-; Thank you for replying 😀 Watching your video’s and stream have re-ignited PAD for me 🙂

    I copied the chat we had on youtube to see what we were talking about. 🙂 And I just realized that I have to add you first instead of giving you my number. My IGN is DriftedAwy.


    1. Thanks for copying the message! YouTube is very bad at giving me notifications on preexisting comments and their subsequent replies

      I also accepted your friend request =) I had a flood of invites and only one spot!


  11. Tried like 15 times with ADQXQ and like 10 times with ALucifer or APanda … no success I’m in great despair … I’m always dying because I have to use an active on the 4th floor due to bad rng / skyfall


          1. Still need to complete it with my sub account, problem is I do not have Archdemon Lucifer on that account :/
            Notable teams : I have ADQXQ / A Pandora (haku / Satsuki / Hanzo / Tsukuyomi / Zaerog8 / Durga)
            Notable subs : Maeda Keiji / Sherias Roots +200 / Kana +297
            Missing subs : a dark nuker / Zuoh
            yesterday managed to go to Zeus with the ADQXQ team :
            ADQXQ +297 inherit / Maeda Keiji / Chibi Valkyrie / Kana / Sherias Roots +200 / ADQXQ Friend no inherit
            Activated the 100x on last floor + kana active : hit him for only 1/3rd of his hp …

            Any suggestion ? PadListener is broken so I have no link to an updated padherder 😦


  12. Just got an idea by re-reading your advice : gonna bring fenrir with Durga inherit. Will try with :
    A Panda / Fenrir inherit Durga / A Haku / Satsuki / Hanzo inherit Sherias Roots / Friend (main account) A Panda inherit Maeda Keiji
    Maybe I will have troubles on 4th floor 😦


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