[Video] Liberty Geist Snow Globe Challenge featuring Sarasvati


GungHo has been spoiling us with unique challenges these past few days with the currently active +297 Zeus Dungeon (my strategy and post can be found HERE) and now the Liberty Geist Snowglobe Challenge. In order to complete this challenge, you must use the Snowglobe Rouge you received in the mail (do not fuse away) and have him be a sub on your team (cannot be leader). Full rules are stated below:

Liberty quest

TLDR: Do not fuse that Snow Globe, use him on your team as a sub, complete in solo mode with no continues on either difficulty.

Video clear

My team looks very unusual, but at least showcases ways to overcome the various mechanics. Outside of a flubbed combo on the boss, the run went relatively well.

Team roster

I used the exact same team for both Mantastic and Fantastic and only forgot to inherit an active onto Fantastic’s Snow Globe.

3069 Blue Sonia BL Hermes Hera-Is 520 3069

The only skill inheritance I had was Awoken Hermes A Hermes on the Snow Globe. The skyfall component is only somewhat helpful if you are not using your Sarasvatis on cooldown to combo better with orb changers. Hera-Is is used for the 30% gravity to bypass the 76% Resolve on floor 5.

I used the RCV RCV Latent badge because it allows me to quickly heal back up after taking damage as I was required to stall and wait for water orbs on numerous occassions.

Strategies employed

There are of course many different teams that can clear this dungeon and I mostly wanted to play Sarasvati as I find her playstyle exciting along with having incredible damage that somewhat trivializes boss HP pools once 12 water orbs are on the board.

When playing Sarasvati, the largest hurdle you will face is water orb management. It is very challenging to kill a floor with under 11 water orbs and once you have 12, you simply overkill it. There is no happy middle ground and as you can see from the video, I spent quite a few turns praying to RNG-esus for a water skyfall which would allow me to sweep the floor. Due to the fact my team has only two subs that can generate water orbs, I have to be very careful with my active usage and sometimes hold off on using Sarasvati’s active to correct bad board with the additional 2 water orb spawns.

The real MVP of the team was Hera-Is as she is able to completely bypass floor 5’s 76% resolve with her 30% Gravity. If you allow him to live, you are most likely going to die to the challenging mechanics, high damage, and absorption effect. Other than that, the dungeon is relatively straight forward and most teams are able to tank at least 1 hit on each floor.


I do not know where/when the 3 Snow Globe rewards will be delivered, but I am in no hurry. My guess it that it will come at the end of the event. Regardless, hopefully this video showcases the various mechanics in the dungeon as well as providing some inspiration as to what you need to bring  to overcome the challenge of using a Snow Globe as a sub.

Let me know what team you used and your general strategies in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!



12 thoughts on “[Video] Liberty Geist Snow Globe Challenge featuring Sarasvati”

  1. As expected, Myr makes it pretty easy. BMyr even more so. For Alfecca, waste a turn to get jammers/poison then heart-cross and kill without matching the poison/jammers. Since you have poison/jammers on the board, he’ll change them to Blue instead of healing himself and can just be pinged from there. The other floors aren’t anything out of the ordinary.


  2. I cleared it in Mythical. Definitely harder without Awoken Hera-Is. I lost with both Sarasvati and Rukia when the skyfall combos got out of control on Alfecca. In the end I used:

    Sumire – Sumire (lv. 50) – Gabriel – Rukia – Red Snowglobe – Sumire

    I got lucky with Sumire. I used the Red Snowglobe to kill Alfecca after it was left with 1 hp. I didn’t have a board change after being left with a water board, but with skyfall I still managed to get a 5 connected orbs plus a bunch of combos.


  3. I ran on the lower difficulty with a Summer Lakshimi / Summer Myr team. The final boss’ combo shield was nightmarish. Trying to make 6 combos with a heart cross was incredibly hard for me, maybe just because I’m unused to it. It took about 60 turns. On the bright side, everything else was easy :/


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