4x Skill Up Rate is Coming to North America on Sept 2nd


The title kind of says it all and North America will be receiving a 4x Skill Up event to mark GungHo’s Fantastic trip to PAX Prime this weekend (September 2-11/early 12). Normally I would not make a posting dedicated to a basic announcement; however, this is the first time we have ever received a 4x Skill Up event (highest ever was 3x) and everyone should do their best to try and take advantage for this duration. Even with the advent of 3 min / stamina and coop play, skill ups are still a resource demanding venture. Skill ups are the most frusterating and sometimes rewarding experiences I have had while playing Puzzle and Dragons and being able to successfully skill up a monster every 4/10 times will feel Myraculous.

Planning ahead

This may seem like common sense, but you should hold off on any skill up attempts for another day to better increase your odds. Furthermore, you should also start mapping out who you want to skill up and how you can go about doing it. Is their dungeon available via coins (eg. Water Insect Dragon for SarasvatiΒ 3069), descend rotation, or are they a permanent fixture? In addition, you should also take note of the skill up rotation that is occurring on September 7th and do your fusing accordingly.

For myself, I do not have too many things to actually skill up (as I am swimming in 30+ Py of each colour); however, I will probably take this opportunity to expedite my Machine Hera skill ups:


Your move

How do you plan on capitalizing on our first 4x Skill Up event? What cards do you have at the top of your priority list and how are you going to go about in achieving those goals?

Best of luck and Happy Puzzling!

24 thoughts on “4x Skill Up Rate is Coming to North America on Sept 2nd”

  1. Lovin the 4x rate. Saved a crap ton of baby predra’s for this upcoming rotation and so glad I did as I got balboa last GF. And come Monday I’ll be able to skill up Typhon finally. The rest well I’ll be working the z dios mainly and you all know why


  2. “Skill ups are the most frusterating and sometimes rewarding experiences”…Like bride Izanami eating 17 ones just for one skill up T_T


  3. Just max skilled my Tsubaki (three skill up for four Red Dragon Fruit), three Queen Metal Dragon to max skill my Satsuki: zero skill up, I need only one level.

    GungHo added skill up materials for the samurai gods to carnivals: Dark and Fire… I’ve got Motonari and Mitsunari :/

    I’m thinking on buying lots of Water Insect Dragon dungeon to skill up my unused Sarasvati.


      1. Yes, water insect dragon is out 😦

        Well, all carnivals have been updated, so I can skill up my two samurai gods… Also metallic star dragons are all avaiable, my LD Pollux can’t wait! Lost of things to do πŸ™‚

        Just trow a cockatrice to my Gabriel: skill up! I can work seriously at a Sumire or AI&I team (Andromeda Max skilled and beach Navi nearly maxed out)… Or a Sarasvati one when I can skill up her obvoiusly :/


          1. Maxskilled my L/D Pollux! Eleven Light Gemini for five skill up, very nice ratio πŸ™‚

            Well, I’ve got to set priorities for this week:
            – get keepers for and a couple of blue mask Xuanzang, Zhou You and Hermes (I want my AQDXQ NOW, Hermes can wait ’til next week)
            – do Acqua Challenge, at least Aegir for that Bubpy for my beach Navi
            – do Inazami tournament
            – skill up Motonari
            – skill up Mistunari (is he useful for SI? I’m thinking to SI him on my ALuci, or is he too slow to activate?)
            – skill up Alcyone (any use for her in ADQXQ or for SI?)

            That’s overhelming ^^’

            Which of the three (Motonari, Mitsunari, Alcyone) should I prioritize?

            Also, I need two skill up for my Bankai Pandora (last X3 I did trow ten fairy/sprite only to get ONE skill up), but I don’t want to invest in Dark Carnival: two Hanzo, D/D Haku and Voice are already maxskilled :/


            1. Congrats on the Pollux! That is some pretty amazing skill up luck =D

              Well you do get 480 stamina every day and you may rank up! So I am confident you can accomplish everything!

              As for what to prioritize, you should do what you need the most. How often do you use Pandora or plan to?


              1. Bankai Pandora is a staple sub in my APandora team (APanda, Bankai Panda, Zuoh, Lu Bu and D/D Haku/Hanzo), but that’s not my main team, usually I play DMeta (AHaku, Lu Bu, Zuoh, Satsuki) or ALuci (AHaku, Zuoh, APanda, DMeta – SI SDK).

                At 170 stamina I can do just a couple of run almost every day (this morning I did my first at 6 a.m. πŸ˜€ )

                – Acqua Challenge: Aegir > done, I’ve got two Bubpy so I can maxskill my Navi ^^
                – Inazami Tournament > done, first Inazami clearing ever (with the aforementioned APanda team, 43,6%, I’m satisfied)
                – gather keeper > done, in fact I got a white keeper while doing Blue Keeper, very lucky
                – begun farming Taurus for my Alcyone (first run on all difficulties for the stone: one Taurus and two Capricorn), thinking to skillup her first

                After Alcyone, I hope to skill up another one and complete Acqua Challenge before the end of the week… well, it’s tuesday, I’ve got five days! πŸ™‚

                I want to thank you for your patience and your advice, this blog is invaluable for me, in fact I have become a better PAD player πŸ˜‰


                1. I am thrilled to hear you are improving due to my site! As for your progress, it sounds like you are truly on the right track and have more than enough time to complete everything you set out to do XD

                  GungHo gives us so much stamina now a days that you can complete most tasks with ease!


                  1. This was a great day:
                    Maxskilled Tsubak just a few hours before skill rotationi, four skillup for my Alcyone with eight Taurus and… got my lovely ADQXQ!

                    See you in the ADQXQ discussion πŸ™‚


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