PAD Island REM Analysis and Review

Introduction & Overview

Let’s go to the beach, each. Let’s go get a wave eh. Poor singing aside, summer is in full swing and GungHo has decided to spoil their fans by releasing one of the most exciting Collab REMs to date. Like the June Bride REM,  the PAD Island REM features a diverse array of monsters that are valuable at both the 8-star level as well as 4-star tier. Their power combined with festively drawn artwork and beach-wear attire is simply Myraculous. The prizes of this REM include Bikini Eschamali Beach Escha, Summyr Beach Myr, Goemon B Goemon, and Navi B Navi. However, nearly every single card in this REM brings something to this beach party and is well worth several rolls, even if just for the silver eggs. Overall, this collab promises to be a Splashing success.

As a side note, they missed the glorious opportunity to have a topless Lifeguard Odin. Antonio could have had a new Halloween costume.

Antonio Odin

June Bride REM
 8 Star base Beach Myr Beach Escha B Claire
 7 Star base B Meta B Sonia B Pandora
 6 Star base summer urd B Chester Meimei B Lakshmi
 5 Star base B Kurone B Fuu
 4 Star base B Awilda B Goemon B Navi Armadel

Video Commentary

Naration of this article in my Mantastic voice. I don’t read word for word and is more so a summary so reading is still a good idea!

8 Star Rolls

jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
Beach Escha
Machine / God
blue + orb blue + orb blue + orb
blue + orb blue + orb blue + orb
blue + orb Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost
8 star base
Jammer Poison Green Heart Arrow Water + 4 turns water skyfall
10 turn CD
1.5x HP / ATK God & Machine types. 4x ATK maching 5o1e
2.25x HP / 36x ATK
Look at all that enhancement! And I am not talking about her assets, but rather the 7 water orb enhance blue + orb awakenings! It is no surprise that one of the most popular monsters in Puzzle and Dragons is one of the rarest rolls from the PAD Island REM. Beach Star Goddess, Eschamali will be a fantastic sub on essentially every mono water team even if they are row based. This is because row enhance Water Row awakenings begin to lose value once your team has 10 of them. At that point, you should switch to enhanced orbs as they will add more damage. Furthermore, with a total of 7, Bikini Eschamali will ensure every single water orb that appears will come enhanced along with having perfect synergy with her skyfall active.

Beach Eschamali’s active is phenomenal as she grants a double orb change AND 4 turn skyfall buff for only a 10 turn cooldown. In addition, she can be used to remove jammer and poison orbs which can alleviate team building constraints as you will have less dependency on a full board changer. This ability to overflow the board with water orbs will be most beneficial on row based teams as they are able to match the clumps more easily than a TPA based team. However, for those players who already own Scheat Scheat, the active will feel less unique.

Looking at what teams Beach Eschamali can fit on include, but not limited to: I&I I&I / Ryune Ryune, You Yu You Yu,  Neptune Dragon Neptune Dragon, and Sarasvati 3069, She can even be used on the heart dependent Summer Myr Beach Myr or Lakshmi B Lakshmi if you are able to bring a heart generator to compensate.

As a leader, Beach Star Goddess, Eschamali forms a modestly strong God & Machine type team that has more damage output than a Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon team who is similarly designed. However, Beach Eschamali will be much more susceptible to dungeon mechanics as she can be bound and does not offer a passive bind clear. Furthermore, the HP boost is less valuable in coop as you will have more than enough health to survive every reasonable mechanic. At that point, recovery will become more valuable and healing may become an issue. Regardless, a simple 5 orb match will deal tremendous damage and you will have a nearly permanent access to the skyfall buff.

Overall, Beach Eschamali is a fantastic card to roll and has relevance on numerous water teams. Her main drawback is her rarity as she is an 8-star monster. GungHo really nailed the recipe for revenue generation by combining a powerful card in a bikini.

Beach Myr
Dragon / Machine / God
Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Lock Resist
TPA Water Row blue + orb
blue + orb blue + orb Skill Boost
8 star base
500k MP

Question Orb Arrow Heart
7s Change the World
7 turn CD

7x ATK + 50% damage reduction when forming hearts in a cross formation. +2 seconds to move orbs
49x ATK / 75% Damage Reduction
Sniper at Rest, Myr hits the mark and soft spot in my heart. She combines everything I could ever want in a monster along with receiving a buff in the very near future! However, she is actually a colour-copy of a completely farmable monster (Light Myr Miru) and her strength and power is somewhat in question as to whether she is worth the 500,000 Monster Points (very rare to actually roll). I go over Beach Myr in greater detail in a previous post HERE.

However, the main points to consider are the water typing and access to powerful subs. Light Myr has Wedding Akechi W Akechi / Saria Saria burst combo that water cannot match (as there is no Akechi equivalent) and water is inherently weaker as an element compared to light due to the wood resistance.

Despite these drawbacks, Summyr is still an incredibly powerful card and is capable of clearing any dungeon in the game. Furthermore, you do not have to go through the hassle/stress of evolving and skilling up a Myr. Thus, Beach Myr is a huge gain for any midrange account.

Whether she is worth the 500k MP will depend on your box and goals. You also have to consider she is 67% more expensive to purchase than any monster point card and we do not know what the next wave of MP cards will be.

B Claire
Attacker or Healer / Devil / God
TPA Dark row Dark row
Skill Boost TPA Skill Lock Resist
Machine Killer
8 star base
300k MP

Heart Arrow Dark
5 turn CD

3x ATK Devils. 1.5x HP for dark
2.25x HP / 9x ATK
Claire was last year’s prize card and is currently available for 300,000 Monster Points. To help sweeten the deal, GungHo has given her a Machine Killer Machine Killer awakening. She also differs from her REM equivalent with slightly higher base stats and a SBR Skill Lock Resist instead of enhanced heart orb +heart awakening. This does not seem like a significant upgrade considering the sheer rarity of rolling an 8-star Collab card (or 300k Monster Points). As such, we need to determine Beach Claire’s viability and just how strong the Machine Killer awakening is.

Currently, Annihilation tier content is considered the most challenging dungeons in the game (outside of Arena 3) and GungHo has been following a very mechanical theme (Mech Zeus, Hera, Athena, etc). As such, Beach Claire will be automatically dealing 3x damage to each floor. In fact, the machine killer is one reason why Sephiroth Sephiroth has even appeared on various tier lists as he is capable of somewhat trivializing Machine Zeus. Thus, the Devil-based Claire will find an automatic home on his teams while covering the water attribute.

However, heart-breakers are currently the worst type of orb changer due to the popularity (and power) of the heart-cross meta. Furthermore, dark does not have a supreme leader (outside of Gremory Gremory) as Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer and Pandora Awoken Pandora are starting to lose ground due to the inability to stall as effectively.

Perhaps the best part is you can choose how tanned your Claire is by choosing a certain evolution path. I prefer the Snow-White Beauty version.

7 Star Rolls

jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
B Meta
God / Healer
Auto heal Bind Immune Bind Immune
Skill Boost Skill Boost Bind Clear awakening
Skill Lock Resist Skill Lock Resist
7 star base
8x card RCV heal. 3 trn bind clear
4 turn CD
1.35x HP / 3.5x ATK God & Healer. 1.5x ATK on skill use
1.82x HP / 27.56x ATK
Not sure if Wetatron has a nice ring to it; regardless, Guardian of Paradise, Metatron recently received a new ultimate evolution that not only made her prettier, but provided the Light Metatron-style card their n^y micro buff. Despite the fact their name is Metatron, they are still not in the meta and have not been for a very long time. In her current incarnation, Beach Metatron is an okay card at best.

As a leader, she provides a modest 1.82x HP / 27.56x ATK team. However, her lack of any offensive awakenings may cause your team to falter, especially when 1/3 of your team lacks contribution. Thus, you will struggle to hit large enough numbers while only having modest survivability.

Looking at her sub potential, Beach Metatron is largely outclassed by Awoken Isis Isis due to the offensive awakenings and 1 turn lower cooldown. However, she can still act as a reasonably base for Skill Inheritance due to a short 4-turn cooldown.

I just wish Beach Metatron was as powerful as she is pretty.

Beach Gronia
B Sonia
Dragon / Attacker
Wood Row TPA TPA
Bind Clear awakening Skill Boost Skill Boost
Wood Row Time Extend
7 star base
All  Arrow Water Green
2 turns haste
14 turn CD

2.5x ATK / RCV Dragon & Attacker. 1.5x ATK when 6+ combos
14.06x ATK / 6.25x RCV
Paradise Jade Dragon Caller, Sonia is dressed to impress and her pirate hat is the key to her power and potency. The best thing about Beach Sonia is her active as it provides a dual colour board change (Fantastic for water and wood teams) along with a massive 2 turns of haste. In addition, her high base stats and useful awakenings make her either a sub or assistant for skill inheritance. However, that is mostly where the benefits stop.

As a leader, Beach Sonia is rather lackluster as her REM counterpart, Gronia Green Sonia, never saw popularity due to the restrictive typing leader skill. And Beach Gronia further amplifies that problem by only using Dragon and Attacker types. To complicate matters further, her multiplier is tied to forming 6+ combos whereas Blonia and Gronia only require 4+ connected orbs. Thus, if you were trying to form rows, you may sometimes struggle to hit your maximum damage as you would flop out at 6.25x ATK otherwise.

B Pandora
God / Devil
Dark row TPA TPA
Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Dark row
Time Extend Skill Boost Healer Killer
7 star base
Green Arrow Dark
Light  Arrow Heart
Heart  Arrow +heart
8 turn CD

2x ATK when 4 connected dark/water orbs. 4x at 8+
16x ATK
As part of the annual buffs to the older PAD Island cards, Bleak Night Daughter, Pandora received a healer killer  Healer Killer awakening. This is rather unfortunate when all the current top tier bosses are either gods, devils, dragons, or machines. Regardless, Beach Pandora is a slightly more offensive form of Uuevo Pandora Bankai Pandora due to the additional TPA. As such, you can use her in the same way on your various mono-dark teams. The enhanced heart orbs are an often overlooked benefit as they provide a substantial boost to healing or can be combo-ed with a heart breaker for enhanced dark orbs.

One major appeal for Beach Pandora will be as a sub for the upcoming Gremory Gremory who utilizes the infamous heart-cross mechanic and prioritizes devil and balance type cards.

Overall, Beach Pandora is like her Uuevo REM cousin, except much, much prettier and ready to use right away.

6 Star Rolls

 jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj Notes
Summer Urd
summer urd
God / Attacker (or Physical)
TPA Skill Boost blue + orb
Skill Lock Resist blue + orb +heart
blue + orb Time Extend
6 star base
All Arrow Fire Water Heart
9 turn CD
Up to 3.3x ATK based on health, 1.35x HP / RCV fire type
1.82x HP / 10.89x ATK / 1.82x RCV
Summer Urd was once a prized roll from the PAD Island REM, and that still holds true today if you run either Lakshmi (REM or Beach REM) or Beach Myr and have an Andromeda Bankai Andro as one of your subs. This is because of the perfect synergy between Urd and Andromeda to produce a 2/3 water, 1/3 heart board for explosive damage.

Even with the advent of Skill Inheritance and other tri-colour board changers that produce hearts and water (Ryune Ryune & Skuld Skuld ult evo), Summer Urd will still be a top tier sub for Lakshmi and Summer Myr. This is because Ryune and Skuld have no naturally strong pairing along with the lower cooldown (not inheriting regular Urd)  that is almost in sync with Andromeda as you bypass the base card’s cooldown. Skuld has almost comparable awakenings and Ryune is still missing an ultimate evolution so I would still run Summer Urd over them if given the choice.

Finally, you also have the option of choosing if she has glasses or contacts along with a physical or attacker typing. I prefer glasses.

B Chester
Dragon / Devil
TPA Skill Lock Resist Time Extend
Skill Lock Resist Skill Lock Resist Skill Lock Resist
6 star base
10% gravity
Jammer Poison Arrow Heart
8 turn CD
Chester is not a pretty girl nor handsome hunk and breaks the theme of this otherwise visually appealing collab REM (Lifeguard Odin where?). Normally, Chester would be a dissapointing roll from any REM; however, GungHo went a little over the top and added in a fourth SBR Skill Lock Resist awakening. This means Chester can provide 80% resistance on his own. Now this may seem excessive, especially in an era of coop where both teams share SBR awakenings; however, one very popular coop-button team exists that has almost no skill bind resistance: Awoken Liu Bei A Liu Bei.

Awoken Liu Bei revolves around using multiple Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios to button their way to glorious victory, but all their key cards lack SBR. Thus, you can throw Chester onto your team (maybe inherit a more useful active) and have only 1 other sub providing skill bind resistance and you are all set!

God / Balance
blue + orb Enhanced Wood Orb +light orb
blue + orb blue + orb blue + orb
blue + orb Skill Boost Time Extend
6 star base
All Arrow Water Green Light
8 turn CD
3.5x ATK match 3/4 Water, Wood, Light, or Heal. 2x ATK for 5o1e
49x ATK
Meimei feels a little flat to me in terms of her artwork when compared to the other PAD Island REM cards. However, she does have the handy ability to inverse her attribute and the water/wood enhanced awakenings to better suit your teams. Furthermore, her active is unique in terms of the 3 colours spawned and has numerous combo synergy. However, she does not produce heart orbs (and lacks haste) so she has less power than the various other tri-colour board changers available.

Five orb enhances are powerful, so she may still see some play on your non-heart cross teams; however, heart crosses do seem to be the way of the foreseeable future.

Combo potential for water teams include Heremes A Hermes, Fenrir Fenrir mystic knight, and Gabriel Gabriel (a first!).

B Lakshmi
Physical / God
Skill Boost Auto heal Bind Clear awakening
Time Extend blue + orb Skill Lock Resist
TPA Water Row
6 star base
4 Question Orb  Arrow Heart
50x card ATK & 50% damage heal
8 turn CD

2.5x ATK / 1.5x RCV for water. 2.5x ATK and 35% damage reduction for heart cross
39.06x ATK / 2.25x RCV / 57.75% Damage Reduction
Beach Lakshmi is nearly identical to her REM counterpart Awoken Lakshimi, except that she hops on the heart-cross bandwagon instead of matching clumps of hearts. The heart cross provides a wonderful 57.75% damage reduction and significant attack multiplier. This does allow her to form quite a powerful team; however, she pales in comparison to Myr who is both prettier, unbindable, higher multiplier, and better active skill. Perhaps the main drawback of Beach Lakshmi is the lack of time extend. Myr, Kaede Ult Kaede, and Sumire Ult Sumire all provide ample time extend and heart crosses are not easy to manipulate into position. Thus, you could always pair your Lakshmi with a friend’s Summyr for easier activation and stronger synergy.

When looking at Lakshmi’s awakenings, I feel the that when the designer was asked what should she receive, their response was “yes.” As such, she can focus on either rows or TPA along with a sometimes helpful bind recovery Bind Clear awakening (if she is not bound).

Beach Lakshmi has virtually no uses as a sub as her awakenings are far too scattered and her active is both too long of a cooldown and inefficient for most teams.


5 Star Rolls

 jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj Notes
B Kurone
Healer / Attacker
+heart Skill Lock Resist Bind Clear awakening
Dark row Auto heal Auto heal
Auto heal Auto heal Skill Boost
5 star base
Light Fire Arrow Heart
7 turn CD
Kurone promises a whale of a good time. As a cheerleader from your monster box. The original REM sticker girls were never strong/viable and a beautiful bikini outfit still suffers from the same setbacks as the originals. Kurone is also not a devil or balance so she will not be able to be used as a budget Gremory Gremory sub. On the bright side, I like her attire.
B Fuu
Healer / Attacker
+heart Skill Lock Resist Bind Clear awakening
Light Row Auto heal Auto heal
Auto heal Auto heal Skill Boost
5 star base
Dark Fire Arrow Heart
7 turn CD
Fuu is the light (and less attractive) counterpart to Kurone and has the same viability and power. You could at least use her as a budget sub on Myr Miru teams; however, if you are able to heavily invest in Myr, you probably have better options.

Four Star Rolls

The PAD Island Collab features perhaps the best line up of silver cards to date. Each one has significant value and considering they are the lowest rarity, should be easy to get. Just keep in mind they do they not evolve and you are unable to make use of their active as an assistant for skill inheritance.

 jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj Notes
B Awilda
Dragon / Attacker
blue + orb blue + orb blue + orb
blue + orb blue + orb Water Red
Water Red Water Red Water Red
4 star base
30% damage reduction for 1 turn. 20x water attack to 1 enemy
5 turn CD
I am not sure why she is called Incognito Queen, Awilda; however, she certainly is pretty and festively dressed (albeit in heels) for the beach. Awilda was one of the previously featured silver eggs and many players have found a usage for what was at first a disappointing roll. Beach Awilda provides 20% passive reduction to water type bosses and many players abused this with Courage Green Puppeteer Courage (changes boss attribute to water) to create 100% immune teams through various other damage reduction awakenings or leader skills. This kind of “cheese” team has proven effective, especially in Challenge Modes where you only have a single leader skill.

Outside of the fermented dairy teams, Beach Awilda can make an okay base for skill inheritance as she has 5 enhanced orb blue + orb awakenings and a short, 5-turn cooldown.

B Goemon
Physical / Dragon
Fire Row Fire Row Skill Boost
Skill Boost
4 star base
All  Arrow Fire
Reset team HP to 1
200k Fire damage to all enemies
15 turn CD

1.2x ATK physical & dragon. Increase ATK based on how low HP you are. Max at 5x
36x ATK
Unprecedented Surfer, Ishikawa Goemon rides in upon the crest of a wave into the PAD Island REM. He may say something along the lines of “Dude” or “Surf’s Up” or some other hip to the hop phrase I am unfamiliar with. Regardless, Goemon is arguably one of the strongest four stars ever released and has incredible value right out of the egg. Goemon Goemon has significantly risen in popularity due to coop and the viability of push button teams. However, he took a bit of investment to create a team and only comes with a single Skill Boost Skill Boost. Skill boosts are the limiting factor for speed and efficiency, and by providing two instead of one, you have gain more flexibility and team building options. If both leaders are Beach Goemon, your team has an additional 2 Skill Boosts to play around with. This means you can form significantly stronger teams along with even using Beach Goemon as a sub for two more floors of destruction.

Acquiring Beach Goemon can benefit any account and is even more important for those just starting out. As showcased in my 100% farmable button Mechdragon team (full post HERE with video), you are able to use the ogres from Monday Dungeon in conjunction with the Descend Goemon to clear Mechdragon in about 73 seconds. However, very new accounts may struggle with acquiring the fully evolved Goemon (and skill ups), and Beach Goemon solves both those problems with the extra skill boost (entire team with dual Beach Goemon and ogres = 20 Skill Boosts).


B Navi
Water Row Water Row Water Row
+heart +heart +heart
Skill Boost Skill Boost Multiplayer Bonus
4 star base
Increase heart skyfall for 3 turns
5 turn CD
First off, Navi is simply amazing. She could have easily been a 5-star or even a 6 and she would not look out of place. She boasts 9 powerful awakenings that have great synergy with water teams. She may have low base stats at 687; however, through the coop bonus multiplier Multiplayer Bonus, all her stats are amplified by 50% (including the plus eggs). Thus, she will end up with just under 1,500 weighted stats when 297-ed.

In terms of team placements, Navi can be used on virtually any mono-water team due to her powerful awakenings and augmented healing for the team due to most of the heart orbs coming with an enhance. These enhanced heart orbs can be converted into enhanced water orbs with the right actives. In addition, her Dragon typing enables her to be used on Blue Sonia Blue Sonia teams. However, with the introduction of Beach Myr Beach Myr / Sumire Ult Sumire (and lesser extent, Lakshmi) and the heart cross meta, Navi may have found a place to call home. The skyfall buff has a 60% uptime and will ensure you have ample heart orbs present for matching. In addition, her short, 5-turn cooldown can be used as a base for Skill Inheritance. One thing to keep in mind on Sumire teams is the numerous haste actives and the potential to have 100% uptime on Navi’s active.

The main faults I can find with Navi are her solo-play capabilities. Lacking the coop bonus hinders her stats and a lack of SBR Skill Lock Resist may place constraints on team building.

I strongly encourage everyone to roll the PAD Island Collab just for Navi (and Goemon) as their value and low rarity means they should take few attempts.

Balance/ Devil
Enhanced Wood Orb Enhanced Wood Orb blue + orb
blue + orb Enhanced Wood Orb Enhanced Wood Orb
Enhanced Wood Orb Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost
4 star base
Question Orb Arrow Green
Green Arrow Enhanced Wood Orb
4 turn CD
Armadel rounds out the the PAD Island REM and is another powerful four-star roll. She features a beach-themed outfit along with a wonderful 5 enhanced wood orb awakenings. Furthermore, she has a short, 4-turn cooldown and can act as a reasonable base for skill inheritance for mono-wood teams. I would not be disappointed with any of the silver rolls.


The PAD Island REM has the best line up of silver eggs of any Collab REM to date. Nearly every card brings value and their own unique power. I highly encourage you to roll for at least Navi and Goemon. The five stars are much less promising by comparison and would probably be the largest source of frustration. Even the higher end golds are still reasonable and all the eight stars have relevance and power.

If your box monster box mainly consists of water cards, this is the Collab for you as you can significantly bolster your roster and options with the chance of rolling a top tier leader and sub.

What do you hope to roll and how many stones have you saved?

Happy Puzzling!

99 thoughts on “PAD Island REM Analysis and Review”

  1. Great review! I never rolled a ton during previous visits from the summer crew, but I plan to rectify that this time around… blue is my favorite color, and there a ton of cards with good value!


  2. Rolling for Navi as she’ll be welcome on both Lakshmi and Sumire, as well as my LMyr janky water sub crew. After reading this review, I’ve been convinced to roll at least three times… hopefully I won’t end up with 3 Fuus…


  3. Ten rolls: Goemon, Lakshmi, Navi, 3x Awilda, 2x Armadel, 2x Fuu… Bad gold eggs, thinking on selling one Awilda, one Armadel and one Fuu. Fuu, I hate you 😛


      1. Well, I can farm stones for two rolls before PAD Island Rem ends… Should I try to roll or not to roll, this is the question 🙂
        Meanwhile my Awoken I&I are ready, expect a request for your advice 😀


  4. I got super lucky on 4 rolls: Goeman, Navi, Awilda, aaaaaand Eschamali. I still want Myr but I don’t think I should push my luck haha! Great review =)


      1. Noo, don’t think I’m going to be able to gather the MP in time as I just bought Yomi Dragon not too long ago. Plus I don’t think I could lay down the 500k on one monster in good conscience =P


          1. Errr, yes? Truthfully I don’t know how I would play without the guidance of your blog haha. I should link padherder, I do have an extensive collection. But I get lost on team building and I’m not the best at important skills like rainbow matching or tons of combos =P


            1. Well the main benefit of Beach Myr is she comes ready to use right out of the box (REM/MP store?) while having a relatively easy to build team. She is also a leader that is capable of clearing end game content and provides ample time to move orbs.

              Who do you currently use (padherders do help!)?

              Also, glad to be of help =D



                Okay so I can clear a decent amount of legend/a few mythical with a Ronia/Lu Bu team (people say it’s a n00b team but it’s done me good). But I kinda hit a wall with more difficult content. Trying to pilot an A.Shiva team and a ADQXQ team, trying to construct a Y.Dragon team. I have a lot of potential in the box, but no one to talk PAD shop with for help/ideas and a lot of low leveled monsters ;-; You are so wonderful responding to everyone on here =D


                1. I try my best to reply! Sometimes it may take a day or two, but I at least respond =)

                  As for your box, your yomi dragon team can consist of Christmas Haku, Akechi, Pandora, and Beach Pandora

                  DQXQ can use Apoloo, Wukong, Pollux/Kali, and either Baal or Thor
                  If you want to run Wedding Akechi (or inherit his active) you need to run baal to have a dark attribute

                  Shiva can run Urd, Set, Ares, and Hino. ou lack utility, but will hit super hard =)


                  1. Oooooo yes! Didn’t have a clue for Yomi, was close on the DQXQ team, and those were exactly who I already have on the Shiva team! Yay! I suppose it’s a matter of leveling/practicing now =3


      1. Got another Navi. Pretty happy, she is off color but I think will be a boon on my Gadius team. Dad got two Goemons, a Navi and an Adwilda. But he did get a GZL and some other minor ones for the GFE. I got a troll Shaitan so I stopped at 1 for them.


        1. You can use a team of only Goemon and it would be reasonably efficient for button farming so make sure your Dad keeps them both!

          As for Navi on Gadius, I would use her until you roll something better


  5. Posting my results since you asked about them-
    22 4*s(5 Goemon, 6 Awilda, 7 Navi, 4 Armadel)
    5 5*s(4 Kurone, 1 Fuu)
    2 6*s(1 Lakshmi, 1 Urd)
    2 7*s(2 Metatron)
    0 8*s

    At least I grabbed the entire silver lineup and board-change I wanted most. Looking at rarity alone, I’d say I had decent luck. The cards I actually got though leave quite a bit to be desired.

    Metatron is just a complete disappointment outside being new. Lakshmi would be cool if A)I wasn’t buying BMyr and B)I didn’t have a hyper-max A-Lakshmi. Speaking of BMyr, I really want to buy her already but, I’d be completely devastated if I pulled her in the upcoming days.


    1. I had another reader who bought Beach Myr then pulled her. So I would wait until you are finished rolling =)

      As for your rolls, I am glad you managed to get Summer Urd as she is somewhat key to success with Summyr. I do agree that Metatron is mostly a (very) pretty box cheerleader without a true home in today’s meta

      At least Beach Lakshmi is stronger than REM in terms of feasibility and the option of pairing with Summyr to help compensate for the lower ATK multiplier

      Finally, thanks for posting your results =) Hopefully I can get Goemon and Navi in the few rolls I have


      1. I earned two more rolls and pulled a second Urd and Pandora. Urd’s cool for SI and, even though I don’t know where I’d use her, a TPA Pandora is pretty cool.

        While it pains me to give up on Gronia and Meimei, I’m thinking I’ll call it quits here. My final tally comes in at 12/15 cards after I buy BMyr.


          1. She’s been great! Haven’t brought her to a real dungeon yet but, I spent hours running Ultimate EC yesterday. Truth be told, I’d tried Heart-cross before with Sumire but, didn’t really like it. BMyr though has been surprisingly fun. While I hate to say it as a YY fan, the 5o1e clause was really awkward when paired with heart-cross. Row/TPAs just seem to mesh much better.

            Also, I just realized there are in fact 16 cards in the Island REM. I completely forgot about Chester. Which is really sad when you consider he was one of my two rolls from last year alongside Claire.


            1. The 5o1e clause was the main deterrent from enjoying sumire. Heart crosses are already awkward and then you want to add in another funky pattern? Ridiculous!

              Also, the rows / tpa playstyle is far stronger for burst damage and ease of matching. Chester is also situational at best


  6. Rolled 2 packs, notables are BUrd and two Meimeis. Got all the silvers and both sticker girls, was hoping for Lakshmi, ah well. Got enough MP for Biru, so that’s the new project! Looks like enough of my blue friends have her that I won’t have friend issues.


    1. Wahoo too Beach Myr! I feel she will be the most popular of the Collab leads as she has the most relevance and power thus far. It’s also nice how she comes ready out of the box XD

      Let me know how your adventures go!


  7. So I rolled 3 times today. Got Lakshmi, Awilda, and a second Claire. I was lucky enough to get one of those the last time the collaboration was around. Is there any reason to hold onto the second Claire? I’m at 350k mp and considering selling a bunch for summyr..


    1. Your rolls are pretty Fantastic! You could pair Lakshmi with a Beach Myr for more dmg, shield, and time to move orbs

      As for your second Claire….hmmm that is a tough decision. She is so rare and we dont know if the next meta change would include her (how is your dark box) as machine bosses are abundant in Machine Hera/Zeus/Athena

      Do you have any other MP lying around?


      1. My Dark box consists of dmeta, Hanzo, beach pandora, one Haku, anubis, Finn, chibi lu bu, vritra, hamal, castor, and Loki. Some other random stuff around as well.
        As far as mp, I think I can get there, but I might have to scrape a bit. Not a lot of doubles so I’d have to pick and choose carefully.


        1. Hmm, well your dark box is mostly subs and no true leader. You still have 2 weeks to gather MP (could farm Rogues) and that may help alleviate some of the strain.

          I would be loathe to sell Claire as she is just so rare, but then again, her active is not the most helpful unless a new meta emerges


          1. I went through my box a bit with a more critical eye as far as what I’m likely to use and not use. I can get up to 179k mp or so. And I only need 150. That’s without selling anyone from any of my teams or Claire. So I have a bit of wiggle room I suppose! I guess now the main question is if I have the proper team for summyr.


              1. I have Summurd, Andromeda, Gabriel, Ryune, Hatsune, Karin, Nut, School Isis, Idunn&Idunna, rem and beach Lakshmi now, and Famiel.


                  1. Well, I did the monster sales today and found that I had some favorited that I didn’t see before and didn’t care about. Made it even less painful to get to 500k! Now to wait and see if I pull her or not… at this point I kind of hope I pull Navi over her though lol


  8. So I already have a hypermax Lakshimi and a near hypermax team for her (Orochi / Gabriel / Nut / Andromeda), and then I rolled beach volleyball Lakshimi. I’m debating if its worth investment to switch to that Lakshimi, since the damage shield seems really, really tempting. But I have definitely struggled enough matching rows of hearts, especially against combo shields, with Lakshimi, so that could definitely be an issue…


    1. Well, the volleyball lakshmi has more survivability but less damage. So the question comes down to what is more important to you

      Conversley, you can pair with a beach Myr for a higher multiplier, more shielding, and +2 seconds time extend.

      So it comes down to can you play heart crosses as pairing with Beach Myr is favourable instead of another Lakshmi


  9. Hello Mantastic,
    Apologies for my recent inactivity on your website. I lost my phone and have been device-less for the past 3 weeks. Can you summarize what happened while I was gone, both in terms of PAD and any achievements you got recently? Thanks


    1. Welcome back to the internet! Quite a few things happened:

      I hit rank 600, 1k days, and got my second crown (

      Myr was released (

      Heart crosses are now a thing

      I cleared Arena 3 (

      And now the PAD Island REM =D

      So lots of exciting things XD


  10. Thank you so much Mantastic. I was determine not to spend stones on this collab after buring my treasure chest on the wedding collab for a meager never ending stream of silvers. But… Your silver analysis made me go for 2 troll rolls. I got Gamon and… the elusive Eschamali. With my blue dominating box… I just still can’t beleive it… with a permanatedumb smile on my face. I just had to say thanks.


  11. Hey, Mantastic, what would you skill transfer onto Armadel? Just rolled her and actually might consider her for my Bastet team 😱


  12. Started an alt account so I can play with myself inspired by you.

    On both accounts now 15 rolls
    1 six star urd
    2 five star both fuu (sigh)
    12 silver, one goemon which is op in low rank, and 2 armadel I might use as leader with meimei – sub and freja sub
    Rest are navis and awaildas (sigh)


    1. Well I am glad you are following in my footsteps and playing with yourself XD

      At least Goemon is very powerful throughout the game and will help you clear content faster =)

      I would say stop unless you need a Goemon on both accounts (ideally alt)


      1. Appreciate the reply Mantastic,

        My alt is happily chugging through contents with starter red dragoon and permanent AShiva helper.

        Question though is if you think it’s worth it to switch from that to Beach Meimei lead with 2xarmedal, freja, and spica(?) subs

        And if so, is there a good helper I can assign from my main? I have regular meimei in my main but not evolved and anyway they are different orbs

        Thank you very much


        1. The meimei idea can be solved by using a mono wood leader such as Freyja or Sylvie etc. Shiva is still a strong pairing and is what I used to help my low level friends as it is more unconditional


  13. Made an alt account recently to coop with and pulled a liu bei so I could farm MP with my regular account. Your review made me try a few pulls on my alt and on my third pull I got BMyr! Guess I gotta buy her on my main account now and work on both of these teams!


  14. I did 11 rolls and got pandora, lakshmi, fuu x2, chester, awilda x2, armadel x2 and Navi x2.
    I’m not sure what to do with the pandora as I already have 2, one awoken and one bankai. Maybe skill inheritance or use it in dungeons that require all attributes since she has the water sub-attribute. I’m happy for the Lakshmi as I don’t have the regular one so it’s another potential water leader. And Navi will see some use on my water teams. As for the rest I’ll probably find some use eventually.


  15. After about 20 rolls on both accounts I got Beach Myr!!! On the main account which has two andromedas,
    B Urd,
    Sun Quan,
    3 Gabriels

    Any team recommendations

    Tyvm ManFantastic

    Add me if anyone wants to team up, I am also 2 light jewels away from L Myr



  16. Love reading your stuff here mantastic. After reading this post I decided to pull cause I needed one more water spot for my awoken i&i team. I currently am running awoken i&i/awoken hermes/ andromeda/awoken karin and hatsume. Would Genbu Princess of Paradise, Meimei fit better on this team than hatsume? Or should I try for something else?

    The only other ones I have pulled worth mentioning is lakshmi. Every other pull where silvers.


      1. Urd has wonderful synergy and the best of all the board changers (you have available) as she leaves you with 2/3 water, 1/3 hearts with Andromeda. Ryune+Hastume does the same, but hatsume is significantly weaker than Andromeda. As such, you could drop out either Hatsume or Karin for Urd (both of those can combo with someone else on the team, so choose based on preference)

        Hope this helps =)


  17. Hi mantastic i just stumbled upon ur site and your youtube videos and i can tell u are super knowlegable and dedicated to this game. I think your content is mindblowingly informative and entertaining. I have a question if thats alright with yo. I have almost all the subs for a ra dragon team. I have 2 dark kali, an indra and sunquan until i pull an isis. I was wondering if it is better to go the bluegreen sun quan with light light/ light green indra, or the new bluered sunquan with light green indra. Thank you very much.


  18. hi mantastic i just found ur blog and your youtube videos and i thought they were amazing. I can tell that you love this game and are obviously extremely knowledgeable. I have a question if thats okay with you. I have almost all the subs for a ra dragon . I have indra, 2 d kali and sunquan until i get an isis. i was wondering if its better to go the blue/green sunquan with light/light or light/green indra, or the new awoken blue/red sunquan with the light/green indra. Thank you very much.


    1. I’m glad you enjoy my content Daniel Park!

      As for your question, you have to keep in mind that indra loses his God typing and coop bonus with awoken. Sun quan is never a God outside of his w/L form. As such, I would stick with b/g sun quan and l/L God indra. You will have more stats and a better shield. Sun quan is mostly for the delay as the enhance won’t benefit anyone. Thus, purchasing ra dragon is a worthy investment as you have a nearly perfect team for him provided you enjoy the rainbow playstyle =)


  19. Hey I am wondering what I should do with the dupes I have rolled in this.
    7 Goemons :/
    4 navi
    2 Fuu
    2 Kurone
    2 awilda
    2 armadel
    Thanks for reading this. I honestly have no clue whether I should sell the dupes or not because I am fairly new at this game.


  20. I was hoping for Urd, Lakshmi, Meimei, Goemon, Navi, Armadel, and the stickergirls. I got everything but Urd from what I wanted so I’m very happy about that. I have a question about the Beach Meimei I pulled. I have a A. Bastet team and was wondering if Green Beach Meimei is better than Verdandi for the team. Current team is Osiris, Verdandi, 2 Vishnu. Thank you very much for all your advice.


    1. Congrats on your pulls!

      As for BMeimei vs Verd, Verd is superior due to the heart generation. Being able to heal and deal damage is far more important than extra orb enhances


  21. There is a spot metatron does hold over isis, she gets that extra SBR and extra skill boost and you can also make a row of hearts to clear binds. This works out well on a full sumire team – 1 so you can have all skills up on turn 1. So if you get her and tons of sumires you got a decent team. 😛


  22. How’s it going Mantastic?

    I was just wondering how a Sherias Roots would fit on a DQXQ team. The 2 extra time extends and the excellent active would be a welcome sight on the team, not to mention the god killer bonus.

    For reference my team would look as such:

    Awoken DQXQ
    Awoken Apollo
    Awoken Sakuya
    Super Ult Raphael
    Sherias Roots

    Any feedback would be great man!


  23. I think you’re severely undervaluing relaxshmi who has nearly the same power as Myr, and intermediate damage for when the shield goes down. Her flexibility to pair with blue myr, sumire, or even regular Myr may make her the strongest lead in the collab. She has a respectable 6.25x with no shield, and up to 39x with dual leads. Her subs are as flexible as they come, since you really only need the leads to make crosses. Ideally, gabe and andro can do additional heart lifting, and you can add sumire or nut for extra time if you’re struggling. Throw in an unbindable bind clear for good measure and you have a top end team with myr’s power and a fallback on trash floors for when the chips don’t land. You lose on shield damage reduction compared to Myr and sumire, but that’s the main downside.

    Oh yeah, and you have 2.25 rcv on top of everything else.

    Most flexible blue lead to date.


    1. She is flexible, but no where near the power of Myr (even pre-buff)

      Lakshmi is vulnerable to binds and if you have to dedicate a sub to bind clearing, that automatically makes your team weaker. Also, the lack of time extends do hurt you. Heart crosses are still challenging to make (along with water rows)

      When playing end game content, the non-shield damage is insignificant and her damage caps out lower. She may make mid level content easier as you dont have to heart cross, but that is not the purpose of Myr


      1. You yourself mention that Myr suffers from damage absorb bosses. Lakshmi allows for fine tuned control to handle this situation, and does it with ease.

        Technically you don’t need to dedicate a sub to bind clearing, since several decent blues have unbindable bind clear awakenings (and you’re producing hearts). There are also many, including Lakshmi and andro, that have bindable bind clear awakenings and make hearts, so if you’re not looking at leader binds, you’re fine.

        I don’t disagree that Myr is powerful. By all means, I support your opinions on her, but there are some very clear issues w her mechanic and her play style (many of which you’ve enumerated in other posts). I think there is a very justifiable compromise with a ReLaxshmi/BlueMyr team that handles many of these issues.

        Also, is your Myr team completely unbindable? If not, you need to deal with that anyway, since Myr can’t clear binds herself, even if she remains unbound. Many people, myself included, simply don’t have 5 unbindable top tier cards to assemble an optimal bind proof team. This means tacking on something to deal with that in one way or another regardless. Yes there are some subs that work perfectly, but the beauty of strategizing around an RNG based REM is to overcome missing pieces with creative solutions. 🙂

        As for the time extends, yes I agree 4>1. But at the same time, Lakshmi has a te herself, and many of her obvious subs have them, as well. Having played with her a bit, I think this is not the primary problem with her (it’s the lower % shield).

        Your post on her seems to miss the benefits and harps on her being inferior to blue myr, which is not really a fair comparison. We don’t all have 500MP or 8* REM luck!! I do wish I had Blue Myr, as well, but c’est la vie. Can’t have all the cards, I suppose…

        If you have ReLax (fully skilled) or have BMyr and a friend with ReLax, try some high end dungeon paired with BMyr and let us know what you think. I’m interested to hear your thoughts after trying it. I hope you’ll find that you can clear high end content in a similar way, with some plusses and some minuses.

        Thanks for the opportunity to offer a dissenting opinion, and for all of your efforts to provide a forum on an awesome game!



  24. On a related note, do you have a visual guide/video for heart cross making patterns? I’m finding it helpful to use a couple of three step formations, but I’m pretty sure I’m missing something very basic which would help me a lot. I’m sure you have some Myr videos posted which will cover this by proxy, so could you either point me to the most relevant video or do a quick page showing your most useful/easiest/perhaps obscure patterns?

    I think your readers would greatly appreciate such a useful resource relevant to the current meta!

    Thanks so much!


  25. Wow major changes with the new badge system!! The one that caught my eye is relevant to our discussion. “Unbindable leaders” badge. This is a major boost in utility for leads with bindable bind clear awakenings like panda, andromeda, Lakshmi, etc. Now there is really no need to dedicate a sub, particularly for cards like those that make hearts with their actives! (This is mainly going to boost the power of hero gods.) Other common leaders like Astaroth and Myr may still need to carry bind clearers for bindable subs.

    There is also a 1 sec time extend option, which seems helpful for heart cross generation, even on Myr teams.

    Changes are moving fast, and the value of each card is constantly in flux! Probably worth posting elsewhere in a dedicated thread, but thoughts?


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