Beach Myr – Worth the 500,000 Monster Points? Review and Analysis


GH Boss: “We need to increase revenue, think of an idea!”

GH Peon: “Recolour Myr,  make her prettier, less Lolli, and 500K MP?”

GH Boss: “What a Myraculous idea! 5 magic stone pay raise, go roll yourself a new silver egg!”

Perhaps this played out differently than my imagination, but it is akin to the trend of making an Eschamali in every colour. It has already been well established that Light Myr Miru is one of the top tier leads and is capable of clearing any dungeon Puzzle and Dragons has to offer (you can see my Arena 3 clear/video HERE). 49x ATK may not sound that impressive; however, when paired with a 75% damage reduction shield and the ability to stack row enhances, you are capable of delivering lethal damage while benefiting from 4x HP/RCV when forming a heart cross.

Unfortuantely, Beach Myr Beach Myr is an 8-star Collab roll or 500,000 Monster Points and is a colour swap of the 100% farmable Light Myr. With such a steep price tag for what essentially amounts to something you can acquire through a lot of hard work and dedication, is it really worth the cost? If you wish to read more about Light Myr, feel free to check out my discussion HERE. If you wish to read my full PAD Island review, please check out my next article HERE.

Mantastic video comparison

Here is me discussing my article in my Mantastic Voice. Simply another medium to absorb the information:

Beach Myr at a glance

Beach Myr
Beach Myr

Dragon / Machine / God
4,380 HP / 1,710 ATK / 660 RCV
1,000 Total
Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Lock Resist TPA Water Row blue + orb blue + orb blue + orb Skill Boost

Active Skill:
Question Orb  Arrow Heart (except from Water)
Freely move orbs for 7 seconds
7 turn CD

Leader Skill:
7x ATK & 50% damage reduction when matching 5 hearts in a cross formation. Extends time to move orbs by 2 seconds.
49x ATK / 75% damage reduction

  • Damage and shield carry over on a sweep and persist if no preemptive
  • You can touch and hold a heart orb after using Myr’s active to cancel the change the world effect without triggering an enemy’s turn

Sample gameplay

Beach Myr has a unique playstyle and is one of the few leaders to utilize the heart-cross formation to deal damage. Furthermore, the extensive additional time to move orbs allows you to fully set up your board. Light Miru has been heavily utilized by the Japanese player base and Beach Myr is also capable of Myraculous clears.

Solo Arena 3:

Solo Arena 2:

You can do your own searching via


  • 1,000 weighted stats with a healthy distribution between HP, ATK, and RCV
  • 49x ATK multiplier while being able stack water rows Water Row
  • 75% Damage reduction shield that carries over on a floor sweep (effectively 4x HP / 4x RCV but survives gravities). A team with 25,001 HP can survive a 100,000 attack.
  • 4 additional seconds to move orbs
  • Unbindable leaders
  • Do not have to go through the hassle of evolving Myr
  • Less Skill Up requirements
  • Active guarantees a heart cross and ample time to form. Can also be used in conjunction with other orb changers
  • Massive sub flexibility
  • New playstyle (relatively speaking)
  • One of the prettiest monsters in Puzzle and Dragons
  • I am wet with excitement
  • Call her Summyr?


  • Fragile if unable to form a heart cross as no HP / RCV multiplier
  • 49x ATK is reasonably low; however, you will be able to survive essentially any attack due to the 75% reduction shield
  • Deals half damage to wood bosses. This is not a problem yet with the current meta; however, things could change in the future
  • No haste on her active which prevents a system team from forming
  • Challenging to control your damage as it is 49x or 1x, at least you can make a 3-match to minimize the damage
  • No sub attribute means diminished damage and only 10 total damage from the team versus super high defense monsters
  • Minamul uses as a sub
  • Active is of lower value and is almost always used as a base for Skill Inheritance
  • 500,000 Monster Points for what amounts to a farmable monster

Comparison to Light Myr

So how does Beach Myr compare to her light and farmable cousin? Is there any real need to purchase her when you have the option of farming your own without spending 500,000 Monster Points? By comparison, every other Monster Point card has cost 300,000 MP. The following chart showcases their unique pros/cons that the other one does not share along with cards that have no equivalent:

Light Myr Miru
Beach Myr Beach Myr
  • Farmable
  • Access to Wedding Akechi W Akechi
  • Access to Wedding Gadius W Gadius
  • Access to Apocalypse Uevo Apoc
  • Access to DQXQ Awoken DQXQ
  • Access to Venus Venus
  • More 2/3 light combos
  • Light is less resisted
  • Comes ready to use
  • Easy to skill up
  • Access to Summer Urd summer urd
  • Access to Sumire Ult Sumire
  • Access to A Sun Quan A Sun Quan
  • Access to Nut Nut
  • Access to Sarasvati 3069
  • Access to Orochi Awoken Oorochi
  • Access to Isis Isis
  • Hot and cool
  • Sexy
  • Water has access to some
    of the best row subs
  • Challenging to skill up
  • Difficult to acquire
  • Intensive to evolve (see below)
  • Too Lolli for my tastes
  • 500,000 MP
  • Water struggles vs wood

Despite the differences in their sub pool potential, the fact that water has no Wedding Akechi W Akechi will hinder your output. Being able to combine a light and heart orb maker with enhancement saves a sub slot and has perfect synergy with Saria Saria boards.

However, most players are unable to farm their own Myr, let alone skill up/evolve and being able to purchase a flexible end game leader is very appealing.

When compared to Ra Dragon Ra Dragon or Xiang Mei Xiang Mei, Beach Myr’s team building is much more flexible and effectively cheaper in the long run due to not having to run numerous Xiang Mei.

In addition, Light Myr is light and has significantly more power than fire/water/wood teams due to no type disadvantage. As such, Beach Myr will automatically be less powerful and even though there is no supreme wood boss yet (there will be in the future), it is something to consider

Finally, you also need to consider what the next wave of MP cards will be and what they hold in store, but the wait could be long and disappointing. Beach Myr is here now and is able to clear every dungeon in the game.

Light Myr evolution tree

Simply amazing

Miru Evo

What awakenings do I prioritize?

Due the relatively low 49x ATK multiplier, the best way to increase your total damage is through water rows Water Row. Beach Myr already provides 6 enhanced orb blue + orb awakenings to ensure every single orb that appears comes enhanced.

Matching strategies

Your playstyle will feel quite unique as we have had very little exposure to heart-cross leaders. They are tricky to form and will take a lot of practice to perfect as it is not an instinctive match. Thankfully, Miru provides an additional 4 seconds to move orbs which will give us plenty time to perfect our combos.

When trying to form a row, just be aware that a heart-cross occupies 3 rows on the board so you will have to ensure they do not overlap. You are able to do a Sumire Ult Sumire x Beach Myr pairing, but will have to conciously make the effort to form a 5o1e combo for full effect and thus changes your team away from rows to enhanced orbs.

In addition, you can pair Beach Lakshmi B Lakshmi with your Summyr to form a 43.75x ATK / 1.5x RCV / 67.5% damage reduction shield team.

Team Building Options

Beach Myr has amazing team building potential as she can essentially use every single water sub, even those that break hearts due to the bountiful array of other cards who can reform them along with Myr spawning 7 new ones. I am not recommending any pure heart makers due to your leaders already covering that role and you are better off bringing subs who have a different kind of utility or more water orb generation.

Higher tier subs:

  • summer urd Summer Urd  is your best option for a full board changer as she has perfect synergy with Andromeda Bankai Andro. She may not have the largest plethora of awakenings, but she is capable of forming a 2/3 water, 1/3 heart combo potential. By comparison, Ryune Ryune can only combo with Hatsume and Y’shtola  (un-ideal subs) and Skuld Skuld ult evo with the seldom seen Fenrir Fenrir mystic knight. The alternative solution is inheriting Urd Urd onto your leaders.
  • Bankai Andro Andromeda is one of the strongest water cards in the game and has perfect synergy with Urd boards and the Myr playstyle. Her amazingly high base stats combined with fantastic active makes her a dream sub and almost indispensable. Finally, the recover bind awakening Bind Clear awakening can act as a pseudo bind clear in times of emergency.
  • Ryune Ryune is nearly on par with Summer Urd in terms of board changer viability and at least has the combo potential with Hatsume Hatsume who did receive dual killer awakenings and Y’shtola Y'shtola. One thing to keep in mind about Ryune is her lack of an ultimate evolution which could propel power significantly higher.
  • Beach Escha Beach Eschamali is simply amazing even without the presence of any water rows and heart orb removal. The 7 water orb enhances blue + orb add incredible damage when combined with her double-water orb changer and 4 turns of skyfalls. Just keep in mind she removes wood and heart orbs so you must bring some form of a heart maker (or Miru) to produce your 5 required orbs.
  • B Navi Navi is the dark horse of the PAD Island REM as she is one of the most powerful silver cards to date. She brings triple row and enhanced heart awakenings along with the rarely seen coop bonus Multiplayer Bonus awakening. This brings her weighted stats to just below 1,500 when +297 and eclipses anyone else on your team. Furthermore, her active provides 3 turns of heart skyfall on a short 5-turn cooldown. This results in 60% uptime (increased with haste) and essentially guarantees you will have ample hearts for your cross or you can inherit a different active onto her for more utility.
  • Ult Sumire Sumire when used with other haste oriented subs (or more Sumires) is a powerful sub on Beach Myr teams as you are able to cycle your actives faster and continously produce your heart crosses and water orbs. If you somehow have 4 Sumire, you are able to form your own system by using a single Sumire active every turn. However, this is more of a solo placement as the haste has less value in coop.

Viable subs:

  • Isis Awoken Isis is your best body for inheriting a new active due to her 3-turn base cooldown, high weighted stats, and synergistic awakenings. Furthermore, she can double as an emergency bind clear, but that has lower relevance on Myr teams.
  • Skuld ult evo Skuld is another powerful board changer who unfortuantely has no combo potential outside of Fenrir Fenrir mystic knight (who is an okay sub, but somewhat mandatory if you run Skuld) and will leave you at the mercy of RNG-esus or partially corrected with a Myr/Sumire active.
  • A Sun Quan Awoken Sun Quan is an often overlooked card that is surprisingly powerful. His active grants you 2x damage for two turns along with two turns of delay. This flexibility is wonderful and can be used at your discretion. Furthermore, he also provides a single row, orb enhance, and three TPA awakenings. He feels superior to I&I I&I due to the built in delay and ability to circumnavigate certain mechanics.
  • Gabriel Gabriel seems to be a card no one truly loves (myself included as he was my very first REM god, discreditting the swarm of 3/4 stars) as Andromeda is largely superior in every way.  However, his 2,000 auto heal is quite impactful when forming heart crosses as it will effectively feel like 8,000 health restored.
  • Y'shtola Y’shtola is a 5-star pull from the Final Fantasy Collab REM and has a powerful dark to water, fire to heal orb changer along with haste. Unfortunately, they suffer from poor awakenings and low base stats. One interesting pairing is using Typhon’s Typhon active into Y’shtola for a 1/2 water, 1/2 heart board.
  • Blue Sonia Blue Sonia has amazing base stats and awakenings. However, her active does not produce heart orbs, but can be corrected with Gabriel.
  • 3069 Sarasvati will gain more viability as a sub with the additional awakenings. However, her active is risky to use because you could override your previous heart orbs, but the three turns of skyfall could be worth the risk.
  • Nut Nut has dual TPA along with 4 enhanced orbs and the ability to form 5 water orbs on the left-most column. Just be careful you do not override your heart orbs and become unable to trigger your heart cross.
  • Awoken Oorochi Orochi is everyone’s favourite multi-headed dragon and can be used as a sub on Beach Myr teams. Granted the delay is not as impactful due to the 75% damage reduction shield; however, it is worth noting as it can save you under the right situations and does not need to be inherited. 
  • Hatsume Hatsume is a viable 5-turn orb changer who has perfect synergy with Ryune actives; however, despite the additional Healer Healer Killer and Dragon Dragon Killer Killer awakenings, remains less viable unless you run Ryune on your team.  
Subs that break heart orbs

These subs remove your crucial heart orbs. You are still able to use them; however, you must be careful to have a secondary active ready to produce at least 5 heart orbs to form your cross. Beach Eschamali is the strongest option available as she provides the most value from her active.

  • Scheat Scheat has the most powerful active alongside of Beach Eschamali. However, the 5 TPA TPA go somewhat to waste when you are trying to form rows. Yes, her burst will be high on herself, but the overall damage on rows will be significantly lower.
  • A Hermes Hermes can be used due to his powerful active that has great synergy with their enhanced water orb awakenings. Futhermore, the mixture of TPA and rows allow him to provide wonderful passive damage with the skyfall buff assisting in your damage output and overriding various boss debuffs.
  • Alrescha Alrecha is starting to see more time in the spotlight due to their future ultimate evolution that should hopefully follow suit with the rest of her pantheon. However, excluding that future buff, Alrecha brings the beneficial enhanced water blue + orb and heart orb +heart awakenings. This provides an extra source of damage along with the haste allowing you to cycle your actives faster and removal of poison/jammer orbs. Finally, she can also be used as a base for skill inheritance due to their 7-turn cooldown.

Sample teams

One nice benefit of running Miru is the flexibility she has in choosing subs. This is partially due to the inherit tankiness you have through the 75% reduction shield.

Beach Myr Bankai Andro Bankai Andro Ryune A Sun Quan Beach Myr
Solo Arena 3 shown above

Beach Myr summer urd Bankai Andro Ult Sumire Ult Sumire Beach Myr
More haste-oriented

You can also do your own research via

Skill Inheritance

Miru has an okay active; however, she can be significantly upgraded through Skill Inheritance to provide both heart and water orb generation. Even if you only get to use the new active once, it is worth the effort along with protecting yourself against skill delays. Skill Inheritance is not mandatory, it is simply a tool used to make your life easier and to expand your utility. With that being said, the most popular inherit is Urd Urd for her perfect synergy with Andromeda Bankai Andro.

Beach Myr Myr Question Orb  Arrow Heart (except from Water)
Freely move orbs for 7 seconds
7 turn CD
 Inheritance Options
Damage Enhance Kanna Thor I&I A Sun Quan Izanagi Muse
True Damage /
Neptune Awoken Archdemon Lucifer rodin Ra Cerebrus Rider Chibi Lilith Famiel Lumiel Lightning
Board Changer Urd Skuld ult evo Ryune Typhon
Genie Susano Indra Kush Valen Ganesha Raphael dtron Isis Cursed Dragon
Delay Awoken Oorochi Sun Quan Zeta Hydra Oku Cao Cao  ForestBahn Wee Jas
Green wee jas KenpachiSagirinokami
Orb Changers Bankai Andro Ult Sumire Gabriel Y'shtola Nut Hatsume Sadalmelik Sharon Rukai Kuchiki
Bind Clear Ame Amate Awoken Ceres Sakuya Metatron Green Odin Isis Fire Dragon Knight Water Dragon Knight
Earth Dragon Knight Shining Dragon Knight Shadow Dragon Knight Guan Yu Red Guan Yu Red Riding Hood Snow White Thumbelina
Sleeping Beauty

What you choose to use will depend on the cards you have at your disposal along with the requirements of the dungeon. I highly recommend you read my Skill Inheritance: Advanced Strategies article as it will provide you with a wealth of information on how to make the most of your actives.

Latent Awakening set-up

Beach Myr teams will have small benefit from damage reduction outside of one card having a rainbow resist (as a means to survive 100% gravities by having 1% of each colour) should your shield not be up. Afterwards, you are free to do as you please.

The viability of skill delay resists Skill delay resist latents has diminished through skill inheritance as you are able to protect yourself by using the additional cooldown timer as a “shield” against delays. However, many players may still find the need to protect their inherited skill and could benefit from the now farmable skill delay latents. The fact that Myr teams are not reliant on damage reduction makes the delays all the more appealing.

However, if you are like me and lacking skill delays, your next best bet is throwing on HP Imp HP or RCV Imp RCV latents as those will have the most value for your 1,000 base stat Myr.

If you are doing coop, your survivability dramatically increases as you benefit from the health of your partner’s subs. This also allows you to bring more actives and acts as a pseudo protection against skill delay as bosses can only delay one team at a time.


Beach Myr is an incredibly powerful card that is capable of clearing any dungeon in the game. However, her price tag of 500,000 Monster Points will be off putting for many players when you are able to farm your very own Light Myr. In addition, there is no Wedding Akechi equivalent and less synergy with board changers.

With that being said, most players do not own a Wedding Akechi nor are able to farm/evolve/skill up their own Light Myr and being able to purchase your very own sexy Myr ready to use is very appealing. You are also able to build an endgame team right away without needing as constricting subs as Ra Dragon and Xiang Mei.

Let me know if you are planning on purchasing Beach Myr and what you are going to run?

Happy Puzzling!

64 thoughts on “Beach Myr – Worth the 500,000 Monster Points? Review and Analysis”

  1. Ugh the 500K MP cost is just ridiculous, it’s not like I can farm up 300K MP so fast either but 500K MP??? And god she is so beautiful. I have YY so I don’t exactly *need* Summyr when Regu-myr does just fine. (Summurd/Regulurd works better cry cry).

    I’ll probably roll a few times because I want that silver Sherias roots cosplay girl. Her awakenings are really great and she’s a good candidate for inheriting something. Although knowing my luck I’ll end up with 2 back to back beach Meimei. *sigh* Her art is so much worse than Haku or Leilan what happened


    1. Maybe you should just spend the next year farming up to 500k so that when the next year comes, a new super powerful monster at the same mp cost will come into existence lmao


      1. It’s always a race to keep abreast with powercreep! We will never know how strong the next wave of MP cards will be nor if they actually work with our box. If beach Myr allows you to clear end game content, it is worth the investment


    2. I completely agree that Beach Meimei got the short end of the stick for artwork. She is way to Lolli for my liking

      Do you have a team to support Summyr foxwaffles?


  2. Sadly I haven’t tried running Myr’s dungeon, but I already have the arena 3 team and 500k monster points. I would do anything for my waifu’s with Myr being my favorite. While its a dumb decision Waifu for Laifu RIP 500k MP.

    Also it saves me the initial work for Myr’s evolutions. I will use Sniper Myr to obtain the original.


      1. I don’t have the perfect team for Light Myr. I have all of her subs suggested except Ilm, fuma, NY Hanzo and Wedding Gadius/Eschmali.

        I have all of Summyr’s subs. I have double andromeda, Ryune, multiple Urds for skill inheritance, Awoken Sun Quan, Skulds, and two A. Isis one being penta maxed and rainbowed. I Should be the protag of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure part 8 since I have 4 nuts and just as many muses.

        I used my health latents on Blonia, So I’m thinking of using recover Latents on Summyr.


        1. If doing coop, RCV is more important as you already have bolstered HP (she actually gains more stats from RCV than HP in terms of weighted numbers)

          As for your water box, it sounds like you have the makings of a Fantastic team =)


  3. Really interesting pricing. She’s obviously extremely valuable as she’s capable of clearing all current content. There’s a farmable equivalent, but the sub pool for the farmable is more restrictive, the dungeon is pretty difficult, and the farmable’s evo mats are very time consuming to obtain.

    I can certainly see how the 500k would be justified. My main concern will be how many others will buy her? I bought Xiu Min, and while I find him very fun to play, it’s tough to find anyone else that runs him for co-op play (and even to some extent solo)


    1. It’s hard to say how many people will be purchasing her. She comes ready out of the box and is easier to skill and evolve than the other MP cards.

      Perhaps holding off your purchase until you get a feel for how many others do purchase


  4. I still plan on making Light Myr but, I’ll be buying her if I don’t pull her as part of my ongoing quest to drown myself in Blue cards and tears. Will run Andromeda+Gabriel as staples and hopefully pull BEschamali as well. Besides that, I’ve got all the subs except Sumire and Ryune and have Urd and Y’shtola as orb-change inherits.


  5. I’ve barely just gotten close to 300k mp and now this SumMyr drops. Argh. I even have Andromeda and Skuld, which would make her somewhat viable. But alas, I’m non IAP and 500k is out of my reach. I shall go back to praying for 2 DKalis and buying RaDra.


  6. I don’t have the second Andromeda. I do have Gabriel, Sumire, Nut, Orochi, A. Isis, A. Sun Quan, Sarasvati, and Hatsume. I also plan to pull the REM. Any thoughts for a suitable replacement?


    1. You don’t need a second Andromeda, one is sufficient and you can always use Gabriel who is a close second (just less combos and awakening potential)

      Do you have a Urd to inherit onto your Myr?


      1. I have no Urd at the moment. I’m hoping to pull Summer Urd to inherit. That being said… this will be the determining factor in deciding to purchase Beach Myr. My hope is to alleviate the need to continue pulling the REMs for a while. Lately I’ve been a slightly heavy IAP player in the search for end game Teams that will keep my interest in playing PAD for a long time, thus self justifying all the money I’ve spent so far. I’m in serious need of a box analysis as it seems as though I’m always one crical monster short of my ideal teams. This also applies to having the right skill inheritance monster’s as well. My current and future teams are heavily based on your awesome reviews and insightful team building posts. I’m so close to fully enjoying playing PAD is a did in my early game days.


        1. Well I am glad I have been able to help thus far Jax =)

          As for the struggle of using non-ideal teams, I know the pain. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to make a perfect team yet and always have to work around my shortcomings

          Tbh, if you have a decent water box and can form a water heart board change combo, beach Myr will be worthwhile


  7. After only logging in for the past 4 days playing diablo, I come back to this beauty of a card. I have a huge box, but not the subs for a light myr team. With that said I have the perfect blue box to support this waifu so I shall be emptying my bank account to try to get her from a roll and buy her for MP if I don’t. Wasn’t gonna bother with this new event until I read your post. I shall bow down to you who has given me new waifu material.


          1. I bought it right when she came out by selling all my non good inheritance dupes. 😛 I had ryune before I rolled summer urd and maxed her out sooo now I am biased to using ryune. Atleast until I get the rest of the team 297d then I can work on usin urd.

            Now I just gotta wait for her buff.


    1. Good choice. I know Beach Myr was a big get for my 20 box – I had plenty of ilght subs for regular Myr (Lightning, NY Ama, Raphael, Wedding Akechi, unevolved Pollux+Thor+Venus), but no box space to evolve my subs much less a Myr! Buying Beach Myr, on the other hand, gave me another leader for my Skuld/Ryune/Isis/Sumire/Rukia box. And my first roll on the REM gave me Navi and second gave me Summer Urd, who is just about perfect.


      1. Oh that is something I hadn’t considered for Beach Myr: 20 box challenges! I can only imagine the nightmare it would take to actually evolve her with limited space lol

        As for your water subs, it sounds like you are rolling in the good stuff!


        1. So I rolled one more time on the REM… and got another Beach Myr. Is there anything I can do with second, or was the first a big fat waste of MP?


            1. I know, right? Fortunately I’ve pretty much stopped playing PAD anyways, so wasting 500,000 MP isn’t too big a deal. And I’ve still got 188,000 (+25k more if I sell the second Myr), so I’m within range for a new MP card at some point.

              But still, aggravating. Eschamali would have been an amazing roll, but this 8* was almost sad.


              1. Yeah, if only it was Beach Escha, then you would have been one of the happiest pad players lol Hopefully Myr gets buffed to a viable sub and then it was all worthwhile -P


  8. My biggest problem with light myr is while I can farm her on legend with lucifer. I don’t particularly enjoy farming with lucifer as it is so slow. And while I can have decent luck with rem my skill up luck is so bad. 2 fusions of five myr during 3x=0 skill ups. I would have loved to farm with DQX but I don’t have coop to do it or a wedding Azami. I have the wedding akachi and sarie though so incentive to get her.


  9. Nice post! Just a side note that Typhon + Y’shtola is also a way to make a perfect board. Unfortunately, we don’t have a beach Typhon yet, but we can hope!


  10. Oh did you hear from the stream—-Myr and Summyr are going to be buffed! I wonder what it’ll be? It can’t be new awakenings because they already have a cap at 9 so it’ll either be a stat buff, an AS buff, or an LS buff. If it’s an LS buff I’m going to go crazy screaming, she really doesn’t need a buff at this point LMAO


    1. I just heard the news and I am just as curious as everyone else as to how they could buff one of the best cards in the game. She does not need one. I would have preferred it if Z8 received one as it could give him and dark teams more relevance (as they have been falling behind)


  11. As someone who has actually played Beach Miru quite a bit (including regular Miru with blue subs way back before she was even released) and beaten Arena 1/2 with her, I think your analysis is a little off.

    Some things to be added to top tier: Skuld for board change. Skuld has 2 tpa and 2 OE which shouldn’t be overlooked, she honestly isn’t 2nd tier. TPA builds are surprisingly good. She also has Kamui but he sorta sucks.

    Gabriel should go in top tier as well. 3 rows and an active that fits perfectly makes him core right away. I have 2 Andromeda but I chose to use both Andromeda and Gabriel on my team because there is more orb change diversity that way. Additionally, he combos into the new gfe Sitri for a 2/3 water 1/3 heart board. Sitri is another sub you forgot. She has amazing stats but meh awakenings. Still a great inherit, though. The active is one of the best in the game.

    And honestly, is Eschamali that great? Many people I talked to think the light one being used on vanilla Miru was just something you just put in there because you need to justify the huge cost of getting her. After trying her out in the Combo Master app (because no way i’m actually getting her), I would honestly rather put another orb changer in there. Sure, dark Eschamali is great on say, Lucifer. But that’s on a team with no orb enhances. On Miru, between the leaders, there is already 6 orb enhance. This means 7 more isn’t going to help nearly as much, because there are diminishing returns, and stacking rows/tpa will contribute more damage than she will.

    Both Gabriel and Skuld are at least on the same tier, if not a tier above beach Eschamali. You are definitely right on the Urd inherits, she is probably one of the best for this team. In fact, I prefer running Urd inherits over actually running Summurd, in favor of Ryune’s row awakenings or Skuld’s TPA. Don’t overlook Navi either. She has 3 rows and makes a great inheritance base. Additionally, her heart skyfall buff is better than you might think. It basically guarantees you will be able to make that cross for the next 3 turns, which takes a lot of pressure off your other actives. Navi is at least 2nd tier but I would personally put her in the top tier as well.


    1. Building TPA is dependant on running subs that have 2 or more themselves to be truly effective. Furthermore, Skuld has no ideal combo card which diminishes your burst potential. She would mostly be used to correct a bad board, but not creating a burst heavy one.

      Good call on Sitri (we don’t have for a while in NA yet). With that active, Gabriel would have more uses as that skill can be inherited to avoid the poorer awakenings. However, for now, Gabriel is not as ideal to run as Andromeda and is also missing the bind recover which is tremendously helpful.

      Beach Escha still brings more damage to the table than any other sub. Her skyfall buff is a significant damage increase for 4 turns that synergizes perfectly with her orb enhances while overriding debuffs.

      Running Summer Urd allows for less stalling as you will have access to her active significantly faster and is almost in sync with Andro (9 vs 8)

      I just finished my PAD Island REM review and finally got around to examining Navi and will add her in shortly


  12. Should i go for this rem or for the godfest one tommorrow,,, i already have the lakishna,indra, and vitra so im hoping to get the exclusive
    The silver eggs are amazing though a lot are better than the gold


  13. I blew some cash to pull from beach rem I ended up with one of everything, for subs I have sumire urd, beach urd, Gabrielle, orochi, beach eschMali,

    No nut, no Andromeda or sun quan…any thoughts on team building?


    1. Shame no Andro =(

      For subs, I would run Beach Escha, Summer Urd, Gabriel, and another orb changer that can be used in conjunction with Escha. Orochi has less value on heart cross teams due to the shielding you receive

      As for inherits, you either want to use Urd or something to combo with Escha


  14. I have all the blue sub’s…but I just finished my light myr and am feeling bitter.

    I’d like to see a dark myr at Halloween?!!! I feel like she and Esca are going to be like Kali where we see the color swap every season.


    1. Escha for sure will be colour swapped with each season. Myr, harder to say as this is only her second incarnation. Nothing wrong with having one of each colour. Both have their own advantages in certain dungeons etc


  15. If you HAD to choose one, would you prefer pentamaxed:

    LMyr / Wukong / ADQXQ / Apoc / Apoc / LMyr


    BMyr / Andro / Andro / Ryune / Navi / BMyr



    1. Actually, I think I’d replace Navi with A. Sun Quan. You already have 10 Rows without Navi. Bringing in more TPAs for minibosses might hold more value than doing overkill damage on bosses.


      1. It’s hard to pick either team as I don’t know inheritance set up. Otherwise the light team is stronger due to board changer synergy

        As for Navi vs Sun Quan, it depends on the dungeon. Sun quan does offer 2x dmg to water for two turns along with delay. The passive damage from Navi is significant, but you will brist higher with sun quans active. You could always inherit sun quan onto Navi. Again it depends on what you are playing and if tpa trash is an option


        1. Ah, sorry. Forgot about inherits.

          LMyr (Muse), Wukong (ADQXW), Friend LMyr (Flex)

          BMyr (Urd), Friend BMyr (Flex). I guess I can switch between ASQ and Navi depending on the dungeon.

          So far, the only time I really needed the Apoc+ADQXQ combo was for Kali.

          I’m trying to decide for my girlfriend because she can make both teams. Can’t decide if she even needs the BMyr team (500k MP) if she can just make the LMyr one. I dunno if having both would be worth the effort. I know some dungeons are hard for Light teams, but that’s not very common. Maybe just farm the LMyr team and hold the MP for the next power creep? I dunno.


          1. I am not a huge fan of Muse on Myr, the burst is rarely needed and are better off with another orb generator (I don’t even run a burst active in Arena 3 but do so in Machine Hera). You will need the DQXQ+Apoc on harder content when you start progressing through as it is a much more reliable source of damage

            I really like beach Urd for Summyr.

            As you are lacking Wedding Akechi (and the Saria board to combo with), both teams are on similar footing, although you have a bit more utility on Summyr with Sun Quan and Navi. Thus, both should work equally well even though water has a weakness to wood (which does not matter yet)

            If you are capable of farming Light Myr and skilling her up sooner rather than later, I would stick with that team


  16. Dear Mr. Tastic,

    My REM luck has been simply absurd. I had 26 rolls saved up and decided, “why not blow them?”. By roll #24 I was already grateful for the 1 Beach Urd and 2 Navis I had received among the other, expected garbage but then proceeded to pull SumMyr and Beachamali back to back on rolls #25 and #26. I was absolutely flabbergasted!

    Already the proud owner of a hypermaxed YouYu team, complete with showoff Scheat, I am finding myself at a loss to make all these precious puzzle pieces fit together. My instinct tells me Bescha may be better on YouYu’s team and Scheat on SumMyr, due to TPAs working pretty well for her. But I’m afraid I just don’t feel like I know enough about the game to make such a call.

    Until then, I will be assembling my team as: BMyr, Bescha, Smurd, Navi, Andro, BMyr.

    What do you think?


    1. WOW that back to back 8-star rolls! Simply Myraculous!

      I would say that Bescha > Scheat in both cases, unless you are only going to go for TPA

      For Summyr, you want to stack rows and the orb enhances work in tandem. Your proposed team of BMyr, Bescha, Smurd, Navi, Andro, BMyr. sounds pretty amazing. What inherit are you going to use on Myr and possibly Navi? I recommend a orb changer than can work in conjunction with Escha instead of a board changer.

      Tell me your options and we can further plan =)


      1. Thanks for your kind reply and sagely advice!

        I have a lot of options for inheritance it seems so I’m glad you asked, as it would be my next logical place of confusion.

        I have Blonia x2, Acubens x2, MoriMotonari x2, Alrescha, Urd, Navi, Amberjack, I&I, Starling, Beast Rider, Snow White, A.SunQuan, Nut, Sadalmelik, Sharon, Hatsume, FenrirKnight and also Summer MeiMei.

        When you say “an orb changer that can work with Escha” the first thing that came to mind was Acubens. My understanding is, with her help, he can basically turn an unhelpful (no hearts or blue) board into something more blue while not sacrificing any hearts and activating the water skyfall chance in the process.

        Am I on the right track?

        My PadHerder:,0,31,8191,4294967295_63,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0


        1. I would put Urd on Myr as that is one of the best board changers and can combo with Andro (also strong on its own)

          For Navi, you could inherit Orochi or A Sun Quan as needed. You may not even use the active, but its a nice option


          1. Thanks again for your advice, I will definitely be taking it. And thank you as well for that +297 Tamadra from the Stream rewards! Now 3/5 of my Myr team are hypermaxed. 😀


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