Badge/Quest System Explained


The  9.3.1 came with a whole host of exciting updates, evolutions, quality of life improvements, and the Badge/Quest system. However, I will only be covering the Badge System in this article as I wish to clarify and explain how it works and how it will have an impact on your game play.

Video Commentary

This post will always contain the most up to date information as I cannot edit a video XD

Badge System 101

With the advent of coop holding countless advantages such as an augmented health pool, more actives, and half stamina, solo play has begun to feel a little lackluster. Thus, GungHo has introduced a system to help even the scales and reward those who choose to puzzle solo. The Badge system consists of a series of quests to unlock varying rewards:

  • Team Cost +100 – Increases Max Team Cost by 100
  • Move time +1 second – Extends Orb move time by 1 second
  • Mass Attack – Attacks become Mass Attacks
  • Team RCV +25% – Increases Team RCV by 25%
  • Team HP +5% – Increases Team HP by 5%
  • Team ATK +5% – Increases Team ATK by 5%
  • Skillboost – Team’s skills charged by 1 turn
  • Leaders Bind immune – Team Leaders become Bind immune
  • Skill Bind resists +50% – Increases Skill Bind Resist by 50%

In solo mode, you can choose to use any one of those badges; however, with the exception of +100 team cost, none can be used in multiplayer.

In addition to the badge for your teams, you will also unlock rewards periodically when you complete quests:

Periodic rewards

These rewards will be sent to your mailbox and will be held there for 365 days. However, it appears you can let them sit in the quest menu indefinitely. 

To access your quest log, simply go to Others -> Quest -> Degree of Difficulty:

how to get to quest

How this will impact solo mode

As mentioned above, solo mode has been lacking any distinct advantages over coop mode outside of convenience. Thankfully, these new badges will grant a significant improvement to your solo play experience as you can further customize a team to your liking. They will also enable you to gain benefits that coop cannot such as 1 additional second to move orbs or creating bind immune leaders.

One nice feature about the Badge system is the ease in which you can change on a dungeon per dungeon basis. Unlike skill inheritance, badges have no associated cost whether it be coins or Tan materials.

Taking a look at each badge, I want to examine the benefits to help you decide which one is best for you and your team:

Team Cost +100

Team cost has always been an issue for lower ranking players and gaining an additional 100 is equivalent to 100 ranks (once you overcome the friend list expansion). This will allow you to immediately use your new and exciting REM pulls without fear of compromising your team roster. I wish I had this when I first started playing PAD.

Move time +1 second

The additional time to move orbs badge can be seen as a blessing for many players or redundant for others. The value of time extend latents Imp Move Time has long been debated as it is sometimes viewed as a band-aid for a lack of skill. However, some teams NEED the extra time to thrive and not everyone has perfect teams at their disposal who naturally have time extends. As such, if using the time extend badge will enable you to improve your gameplay, it is worthwhile to use. Most notably, teams that are heavily rainbow based, row based, or heart cross reliant can benefit the most as they require lots of orb acrobatics to form their desired patterns.

Mass Attack

I do not foresee this to be particularily helpful outside of farming some of the weekday dungeons. As such, I do not feel this badge will see too much use as many teams already form mass attacks (eg. rows, 5o1e).

Team RCV +25%

This is perhaps the best badge in terms of stats gained for your team. +25% is a significant increase and equates to one additional combo being made every turn when healing (as each combo adds +25% healing). In other words, a team with 4,000 base recovery will now be boosted to 5,000 and will heal 10,000 with a 5 combo match. RCV is the most important stat once you can overcome the health thresholds.

Team HP +5%

Gaining an additional 5% health may be useful when trying to reach a certain health threshold to survive a particular attack. This is largely trivialized in coop mode, but is something worth considering. For example, a team with 20,000 health will be augmented to 21,000 HP. It may also allow heart cross teams to survive significantly larger attacks as they effectively have 4x the HP if they have a 75% damage reduction shield.

Team ATK +5%

This badge will probably only be used when none of the others will have an impact as the +5% damage is not that meaningful unless you are for some reason struggling to hit a certain damage cap. However, this badge will probably be used extensively for the Ranking Dungeons as this could directly save you time/combos formed or help you hit the 40M damage cap for +10,000 points.

Skill boost

Gaining one additional skill boost Skill Boostmay not seem very dramatic (especially when coop grants significantly more); however, it could be crucial to have actives ready by a certain time or to ensure you can begin abusing a haste system. Like the +5% ATK, the Skillboost badge will probably see a lot of value in Ranking Dungeons as it will help alleviate team building constraints.

Leaders Bind immune

This badge will make your (and only your leader, not friend) leader bind immune and is incredibly powerful for many teams. One thing that helps determine a top tier leader is whether they are vulnerable to binds. Thus, by creating a new bind immune leader, you can side-skirt numerous boss mechanics as well as alleviating sub constraints as you may not need to bring a dedicated bind clearer. Simply Fantastic and a few top tier leaders who can greatly benefit from this include, but are not limited to: Kaede Ult Kaede, Sherias Roots Sherias Roots, and Xiang Mei Xiang Mei. Furthermore, you can also use leaders with the bind recover Bind Clear awakening awakenings such as Lakshmi Awoken Lakshimi to gain significantly more power/utility.

Not as overpowered as I first thought due to only your leader being bind immune, not your friend.

Skill Bind resists +50%

This badge equates to 2.5 Skill Bind Resist Skill Lock Resist awakenings (why 2.5 I have no idea) and like the Leaders Bind Immune Badge, helps propel powerful leaders by providing protection against your skills being locked. This can largely be trivialized in coop; however, as a solo play option, this could make the difference between victory or defeat. For example, the newly released Sarasvati 3069 can be greatly improved as she lacks an SBR of her own.

Unlocking the badges

This can largely be done by organically playing through PAD as you normally would. Many of the quests revolve around clearing old content or dungeons you have already done. Outside of the Ranking Tournament ones, most should be relatively easy to complete and you can begin enjoying the benefits right away. In addition, you can also enjoy the Fantastic rewards such as gaining access to a limited time or weekday dungeon at your convenience. Just be aware they will disappear after their duration expires and once you active it:



The badge system adds amazing value to new players and those who clear more solo content. Each badge comes with its own unique advantages and allows for even more customization when team building as you can counter more mechanics without compromising your team roster. For more veteran players, you will simply be enjoying the additional rewards and occasional badge usage. However, for newer accounts, the badges and periodic rewards will enhance your game play as well as giving you something to work towards.

How do you feel about the new badge system and what do you plan to use for your various teams?

Happy Puzzling!



36 thoughts on “Badge/Quest System Explained”

  1. Back to the 50% sbr badge, I’m fairly sure that the badge halves remaining sbr not covered, rather than granting an additional 50%. For example, having a team with 80% sbr and equipping the badge will only result in a team with 90% sbr. Can you check on this?


        1. I dont´r remember the number…but in one of dzy streams he say that the badge isn´t a flat 50%…so woth this badge a team NEVER will be able to reach 100% SBR.

          I will need to see the stream again and I will reply with more details.


          1. I just wish GH would be more specific with their wording, there is no reason it has to be badly translated/worded. It also doesn’t help that there is no actual number value on SBR amount


          1. Thank you Jumbobg and Lunasu, I have found variuos sources also confirming that it is only your leader that is bind immune and made changes to the post accordingly

            rip bad English translation


  2. The two quests I have left are the top 50% and top 40% in ranking sadly. The highest I’ve gotten is 80.7% so it’ll be awhile before I get the next badges.


          1. It’s somewhat impossible to help you build a team for the next ranking dungeon as we dont know what it is! However, what are the teams you usually run (for descends etc) and I can help you with those =)


              1. Looking at your box, your strongest leads appear to be

                -Blue Sonia
                -Liu Bei (for coop buttoning)

                Dark box looks under developed

                From those, who do you enjoy playing the most?


                1. I pretty much enjoy all of them and I evolved Sarasvati. With Thoria my friends never seem to have the opposite one up. I keep Sumire and DQXQ in my first 2 team slots now and am working on some more of my blue monsters. Specifically Skuld, Sun Quan, Beach Navi, Lakshmi,and Viper Orochi.


  3. Whats your opinion on the optimal badges for these leads?
    1. Myr
    2. A Panda
    3. A DQXQ
    (I realize it’ll vary by the dungeon, so let’s say for Arena 1)

    Myr: Honestly can’t think of anything else it could utilize beside time extend lol.

    Panda: Stuck between Time, RCV, and Bind — My team sits at 3.6k RCV (inc friend) and has 3 TEs. On the one hand +25% RCV sounds dope since it feels like I never heal back my hp pool to full, but on the other hand if that extra second gives me 1 more combo I already break even in terms of RCV (not to mention row making, damage etc). Bind immune would make it a perfect bind clearer, but I’ve rarely seen endgame panda teams bring/need bind clearers so not quite sure.

    A DQXQ: Time vs Bind? My team only has 3 TEs so row/combo making can be a b****. 1 more second could be a savior. But an unbindable DQXQ ?? Sounds gamechanging. What’re your thoughts?


    1. Myr should take HP or RCV (HP if it would allow you to survive a Kali enrage hit) otherwise, take RCV

      A Panda may need Time extend or RCV. Bind immunity also works and should be chosen if you lack other options (it only helps your leader, not friends)

      DQ wont benefit as much from bind as she has no bind recover. She would benefit the most from RCV imo as you need to stall/tank hits periodically. TE is useful if you cannot make the combo otherwise


  4. The more I look at the badges, the more I think they were originally going to available in coop and Gungho just moved them to solo mode with no changes. It would explain why the RCV boost is so large, the HP boost so small, unbindable only applying to one lead, and SBR being 50%(stackable to 100% with two).

    Currently, most of my solo teams(YY, BMyr, DQXQ) will be using the RCV boost. The exceptions being Lakshmi(Unbindable) and Rukia(Time Extend). All my other regular teams nowadays are just things I made to find coop partners easily(Panda, Liu Bei, MZeus).


    1. Hmm, I hadn’t thought of it that way. However, you do raise some very good points with how they are balanced/scaled.

      I also find myself running the RCV for every solo team across the board (whenever I do play solo that is) as it has the most bang for my figurative buck. On stream, some people wondered why I had the +100 cost, it’s just the default lol


  5. How do i unlock Leader bind immune badge ? I’m rank 400 and still can not see it anywhere in the Quest section. Can someone please help me ?


      1. Thank you for reply. I was stuck at the 3rd difficulty since i have never been playing multi mode before. I made an temporary alt to multi play with my main so i finally unlocked all the difficulties. I was thinking about making an alt to play with myself before since it’s very beneficial to play coop but i really don’t have time for playing 2 accounts :(. Anyway thank you, been watching your page for a long time, love it :). Keep up the good work and good luck with your health 🙂


  6. Mass attack badge eliminates the ability to target on multiple monsters. Now that the badge is in place how division turn it off? Without targeting I cannot eliminate at least 1 monster between rounds and thus they all get to attack.


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  8. So what does it mean on the badges where it says “team cost -300”? Can’t find the answer anywhere.


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