[Video] Sarasvati vs Legendary Sea of Stars


With patch 9.3.1, we were given the new technical dungeon Legendary Sea of Stars along with the highly anticipated Uuevo Sarasvati 3069. Sarasvati forms an incredibly hard hitting 100x water row Water Row leader who is capable of dealing spectacular damage. As such, I wanted to showcase her play style along with how to easily clear Legendary Sea of Stars:


The key to clearing this dungeon is bringing a delay for the bosses, damage control for floor 7, and the ability to burst through the 8.888M defense.

I will be doing a full write up on Sarasvati soon so stay tuned =)

Happy Puzzling!


6 thoughts on “[Video] Sarasvati vs Legendary Sea of Stars”

    1. To my knowledge, it’s primarily because his Awoken isn’t Physical type, whereas LW is, and he used to have his Hermes on his Blonia team which required Physical types, so it wouldn’t really be worth the devolution, re-evolution at the cost of better materials, more tamadras, and bubpys, just for some differently balanced stats (although Awoken has a bit higher weighted) and some not-super-useful awakenings. Also LW has Devil Killer, which can be a great boost in some situations.

      I could be wrong, but that’s what it seems like to me.


      1. Also the active upgrade on Awoken does nothing in this situation because of the permanent skyfall buff from the dual Sarasvati.
        Sorry for double posting, I forgot about the active.


        1. Max is right about my B/L Physical Hermes choice as I used to play a lot of Blonia before

          As mentioned, the skyfall buff has little value on a Sarasvati team so the active is reasonably on par. In addition, A Hermes is heavily weighted in attack and that is somewhat redundant on Sara teams. Thus, the big boost in HP on B/L is welcomed by comparison

          As for offensive awakenings, the 2x OE is alright, but most teams already surpass the 5 needed for all orbs to fall down enhanced and devil killer is useful in certain situations


  1. awesome video bro. I’ve been looking forward to her release. After watching your video I have a question though.

    Is she going to be a viable solo lead?

    that was not a lot of health even with the co-op and Blonia on each team. my schedule makes it hard to play co-op through the internet, and I certainly don’t have a Fantastic alt.

    Im going to be pouring resources into either a Sarasvati team or a Sumire team in the coming week and it will be for solo. I look forward to your write up on Saras!


    1. I actually have quite a bit of health due to the abundant physical monsters and water usually having naturally high HP

      Sara still works as a solo lead, but you need a lot of fast orb changers. Sumire is a much stronger solo lead (especially with haste cards) so I would strongly suggest you invest into their team instead


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