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My Crowning Achievement!

Most people love Fridays and this Friday was extra special because I got my first Ranking Dungeon Crown! I have constantly floated around 2-4% in all the previous ranking dungeons as I lack the ideal teams required for 1%. It has generally been both Shiva Shiva D and Ra Ra Dragon Dragon dominating the charts; however, with the Athena Ranking dungeon, I only had to compete against Shiva Dragons Shiva D which removed some of my competition. The dungeon also favoured brute speed over combos and this plays into one of my strengths as I am able to manipulate orbs quickly and plan my path with minimal thinking.

Dtron 102k

What perhaps makes this victory sweeter is that I used a somewhat unconventional team and had to be quite creative in order to compete with an unconditional 25x multiplier. You can read more about the strategy I used HERE.

Crown rank

Hopefully everyone else is having a Fantastic Friday and I cannot stop saying “I have a hat / I have a crown” while mimicking a hat placing action to anyone I encounter in the real world (which is thankfully very few people). I am now regretting my initial starter dragon choice as blue is my favourite colour and wonder if I could change it somehow…

Happy Puzzling!