Midsummer Week’s Tournament- Zeus Verse Strategies


The Midsummer Week’s Ranking Dungeon has arrived in North America and features an exciting 12 floors. This basically screams out Zeus Verse time! For the most part, this will be the most accessible leader for the average player due to the fact that he is farmable while also having no team building restrictions. The only major drawback is that players must remain at full health.

While there are other builds available, they require more rare/hard to build compositions along with some relying on the No Skyfall badge. As such, I will be focusing on the most common choice: Zeus Verse (I also cannot make any of those teams so anything written about them is from observation, not actual experience).

118,500 clear

–video coming soon–

Score breakdown

In Ranking Dungeons, players are scored based on the following:

  • Each Combo is worth 5,000 points
  • Each second remaining is worth 500 points
  • Hitting 40 Million damage is 10,000 points
  • Each active used to kill a floor (no combo made) is -5,000 points

Due to the fact that the Midsummer Week’s Tournament is 12  floors, each Combo is worth a small amount of points and is not worth pursuing:

5,000/12 = 417 points per combo.

With this in mind, combos are not worth pursuing and it is best to try and 1 combo a given floor when no Combo shield is present.

Zeus Verse

Zeus Verse is one of the best farmable cards to acquire in PAD as he has a high multiplier that requires little effort to proc along with useful awakenings for this event.

In essence, players will have 225x ATK when full health but will also have 4x RCV. This healing aspect will not help you activate the turn you are injured, but will help return you to full health after matching. Thus, the most common strategy when facing preemptives is to simply use a Healing active.

Furthermore, there are no typing/colour restrictions for Zeus Verse which means players can populate their teams with anything they choose. As such, cards with high personal damage either through Killers or >80% tend to be favourable as they can deal their full damage with only a single combo.

Key awakenings

Due to the fact that this is a 12 floor dungeon, our strategy must also adapt as combos become less valuable compared to Time Remaining. Thus, being able to 1 combo a given floor is superior compared to full board solves.

With this in mind, having enough damage to instantly kill a floor with a single combo becomes paramount. Thus, Killers and >80% are valuable but for maximum scoring potential, players should pursue L’s .

L’s are worth 400 points per match which is significantly higher compared to TPAs TPA (50 points each). As such, players should try and incorperate this awakening into their team and matching if convenient. Remember, each second remaining is 500 points so players should only try to match an L if it is convenient/easy to do.

For players that have bicolours with Hearts, having VDP and SFUA is a great way to pad your score as there are three floors that require 5 combos to pass. This is not needed but does give the chance to add 2,500 points via Matching Bonus.

Notable mechanics

Full dungeon info can be found HERE.

For the most part, your focus should be on killing each individual floor with as little combos as possible. Which colours/patterns matched will come down to your unique sub composition but there still remains a few key mechanics to overcome:

  1. Floor 5: 99% Gravity This can be solved via either a full health heal or a 100% Damage Reduction shield used on the Floor 4
  2. Floor 6: 10.2M HP This is a large amount of health and you either need a Physical Killing card or something that has numerous TPA/>80%
  3. Floor 7, 8, & 9: 5 Combo Shield Each of these floors requires 5 combos to overcome. Find that fastest 5 or use bicolours with VDP/SFUA
  4. Floor 10: 500M DEF Lits The two Lits have 500 million DEF and a small True Damage Laser is the cleanest solution (eg. Ra )
  5. Floor 11: 24M HP: God Killers or high Dark damage is the best solution here
  6. Floor 12: 54M HP Evo Material Boss The final floor has a tanky Boss who also has a Dark Absorb. In an ideal world you can just single combo to kill but that will require Latents 44 and Puu . Having both Zeus Verse at 110 with these will kill on a single Light TPA. The more Killer damage you can bring, the easier it will be

This is not an exhaustive list of the mechanics seen, only the more noteworthy ones. Be aware that the beginning floors can have multiple spawns. This is one reason why Mass Attack Badge is favourable but if you are matching L’s it is not needed.

Sample team composition

The following is the team I used on Mantastic’s account and covers all the key mechanics along with being reasonably budget friendly.

it is wise to have a full spectrum of colours in order to have more flexibility when matching as more colours can sweep a given floor.

A Midsummer Week’s Tournament – Zeus Verse
Mass Attack / No Skyfall Badge
Card 3272
SA TPA physical killer TPA
Latent 4444
physical killerphysical killer 4444

Shazel and No.6 are Killer sticks who also have natural L’s whereas Horus gives me the chance at Guard Break  on the 5c floors. Dark Athena is simply a high damage Dark card with 3 SB Skill Boost who can kill Gigas on Floor 6 with either a Water or Dark TPA.

The heal used via could also be Amaterasu or any 100% Damage Shield that is used on Floor 4.

Alternatively, using something like Beach Yog can fulfill the VDP + SFUA combo:

Both compositions feature the same overarching strategy but having the chance to use SFUA (gained via Weapon Assist) + VDP gives a little extra chance for a higher score.


The Midsummer Week’s Ranking Tournament gives players the chance to acquire a Crown if they are able to score in the top 3%. Due to the 12 Floor length, the most common leader choice will be Zeus Verse due to availability and ease in team building.

Let me know which teams you have had success with and how you think you could improve your score.

Happy Puzzling!

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21 thoughts on “Midsummer Week’s Tournament- Zeus Verse Strategies”

    1. I heard the card Emperor of Palamecia is a double Evo killer card, and it drops from the current FF Collab dungeons. It should be easy to obtain?


  1. Thanks for the article! Since I dont have either Ceres or Ameratsu, do you have any suggestions on which cards have 100 percent damage void?



    1. Try squeeze amaterasu tamadra into the team, i managed to get 8% so far with Zeus (kitty ribbon), amaterasu, valk claire (kuwabara), no.6, artemis (puu)


        1. Managed to 7% but i think im done for this, mostly failed coz RNG didnt gave enough orb color to 1C on floor 1-6, 11 & 12. I could use active on those floor but it took precious few second from the score.


    2. You can use any 100% Damage shield on floor 4 or a fully maxed Xiang Mei with Attacker weapon, latents, and Super Awakening

      XM lets you match Fire and Hearts to kill and heal thus saving an active


  2. Thank you for the tip and the write-up, Mantastic.
    I am using dual Raizer lead with one single sub of Lucifer set up that I saw from internet. Similar idea, only difference is the damage multiplier comes from low health instead of full health. =P


  3. Thanks for the help Mantastic! Always appreciated.

    If i had the no-skyfall badge… it be an easy crown… sitting at 5%. I’d have to get lucky with no falls.


      1. I used Jeanne from shaman king collab as leader. team members are: no. 5031 for half heath activation; Satan for 0 rcv; two tengus inherit with bicolor changer.


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