GungHo Collab Ranking Dungeon Guide & Strategies


The GungHo Collaboration Tournament is now live and gives players the opportunity to chase a crown along with Rainbow Event Medal by achieving a high score. Players are ranked based on Combo Count, Time Remaining, Max Damage, and Skill Only Defeat with the top 7% earning a Crown and top 27% earning the Rainbow Event Medal.

This article will explain my thought process for earning a crown along with strategies for maximizing your score by using two distinct strategies.

Dungeon information can be found HERE.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

118,550 – Combo approach

Plenty of room for improvement considering I chocked on two floors.

117,600 – Zeus Verse approach

Fast, quick combos are key to success

Score breakdown

In Ranking Dungeons, players are scored based on the following:

  • Each Combo is worth 5,000 points
  • Each second remaining is worth 500 points
  • Hitting 40 Million damage is 10,000 points
  • Each active used to kill a floor (no combo made) is -5,000 points

Due to the fact that the GungHo Collab Tournament is 10 floors, each Combo is somewhat devalued assuming one combos each floor.

5,000/10 = 500 points per combo made means one has to move at an exceptionally fast pace to justify matching additional combos without active skill help.

With this in mind, players can inflate their combo count by either abusing bi-colour boards or buttoning a floor to decrease the number of floors the combo score is divided by.

For example, if a player uses 3 buttons, each combo now becomes worth 5,000/7 = 714 which can be further amplified via bi-colour boards and 7×6.

Two paths to victory

Being skilled at solving boards is a valuable skill to have, but no amount of amazing puzzling will compensate for a poorly crafted team. Thankfully, there are two distinct winning strategies players can use to secure a Crown: 7×6 with buttons and Zeus Verse .

7×6 with buttons

The first strategy relies on abusing bi-colour board changers along with 3 button actives on a 7×6 board to inflate ones’ combo count. This team relies on utilizing multiple Skill Boosts Skill Boost and may be difficult to build for a less developed box. With that being said, there are many farmable options one can use and the GungHo Pal Egg Machine offers several key pieces.

A bare bones approach utlizes Brunhild paired with a Ilmina friend along with Orpharions for Skill Boosts:

Combo Approach
Card 3274
Inherit 3236

The Avidya Saber provides 60% Blind Resist Blind Resist while Brunhild provides 20%. This brings your total to chance to resist darkness to 80%. As such, a more  budget player can piggyback off a developed Ilmina friend and pray 80% works often enough.

The ideal bicolour board changer is Ilm 3236 and ensures one can kill the final floor. If lacking Ilm, the next best option is to use an unevolved Leilan who provides a tri elemental board with Fire, Wood, and Light orbs with no secondary animation.

The general idea with this team is that one can button 3 floors, match bicolours on 4, and brute force through the remaining 3.

GungHo Ranking Template – Combo
Floor HP Notes
Floor 1 15,300 3274 Ilmina button
Floor 2 3.4M Solve Bi-colour
Floor 3 5.1M Combo/Bi-colour
Floor 4 3.4M Combo/Bi-colour
Floor 5 1M  Brunhild Button
Floor 6 3.4M Combo/Bi-colour
Floor 7 5.2M Dark preemptive (Blind Resist)
1 orb turned to Jammers
Floor 8 3.4M Combo/Bi-colour
Floor 9 200,000 Voids above 250,000 damage
Bi/Tri colour board
 Typhon Button
Floor 10 16M Solve Bi/Tri colour

I have only listed the highest possible HP for each floor, but damage is usually not an issue outside of the final floor.

Combo/Bi-colour means you can either regular combo or use a bi-colour and solve that board. The above team has 4 bi-colour boards so use them when you feel the normal board does not preset an easy solution or lacking Fire and Light orbs.

If one uses Anubis 3385 as a leader, the need to have both Light and Fire goes down.

Zeus Verse

Zeus Verse  is a potent leader for this Ranking Dungeon as he is able to deliver 225x ATK with a single Combo and only has to remain at full HP. Thankfully, the dungeon only features a single tiny preemptive so one only needs to heal up once and essentially any active will work.

The key to success with Zeus Verse is populating your team with Killer awakening subs/inherits/latents and being able to match 2-4 combos as fast as possible.

Key Killer awakenings for this dungeon include Balance Balance killer, Attacker 37, Physical physical killer, and Enhance Material 42.

The following is the team I used on Fantastic but adjustments can be made. If lacking numerous Killer cards, one will have to simply combo harder on each floor.

Zeus Verse Approach – Mass Attack Badge
Card 3370 Ult Zeus Dios 3370
Inherit X X X

The Astalos Flashblaster grants a single Enhance Material Killer 42 awakening which helps ensure a kill on Floor 10 with a Light TPA.

Just note my Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios has 2 Attacker Killer 37 awakenings to ensure a 1 combo swipe kills floor 7.

One Zeus Verse has 3 Enhance Material Killer 42 latents for safer damage.

The X indicates the inherit can be an on colour card or left blank.

Once again, the team can be modified, but having at least 1 Baldin or Aten 3268 is highly desirable as they provide multiple Killer awakenings.

GungHo Ranking Template – Zeus Verse
Floor HP Notes
Floor 1 15,300 Combo
Floor 2 3.4M Combo
Floor 3 5.1M Combo
Floor 4 3.4M Combo
Floor 5 1M  Sheena
Max Combo
Floor 6 3.4M Combo
Floor 7 5.2M Dark preemptive
Heal Active
Ult Zeus Dios Zeus Dios
Floor 8 3.4M Combo (save Light/Dark)
Floor 9 200,000 Voids Damage above 250,000
1 Dark Combo (2  combos total)
1 Light (3 combos total)
Floor 10 16M TPA Light

I have only listed the highest possible HP for each floor, but damage is usually not an issue outside of the final floor assuming one has enough Killer latent/awakenings.

Unless otherwise specified, one should be trying to make 3-4 fast combos each floor to help ensure enough damage and to also gently pad their total score.

Zues Dios removes the need to have any Blind Resist awakenings as his full board of Wood orbs can be swiped with no thinking involved.

Will NA outpace JP?

This is always a challenging question to answer as there are several factors at play. Firstly, NA is able to sometimes use new cards, but will have a feasible team template ready on Day 1 which grants more overall attempts as theory crafting is not required; however, NA tends to lag behind JP when it comes to pure Puzzling skills.

As such, there is a possibility NA will be able to surpass JP due to the extra knowledge of winning team compositions and the notion that we are great at using Zeus Verse.

The following chart was compiled by Pandaa and shows the JP cutoff for a Crown and 27% for the Rainbow Event Medal:

If the image does not load or is hard to see, the final cutoffs are:

Crown (7%) – 116,250

Rainbow Event Medal (27%) – 96,856


The GungHo Collab Tournament gives players the opportunity to acquire a 7% Crown or Rainbow Event Medal at 27%. As a whole, this Ranking Dungeon will be quite accessible for players who have the more ideal team templates as it will provide them with a significant advantage over the average player; however, everyone should have access to a friend Ilmina and this can help pad their score overall if pursuing the Combo route.

Let me know what you think about this Ranking Tournament in the comments below along with what team composition you plan on running.

Happy Puzzling!


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13 thoughts on “GungHo Collab Ranking Dungeon Guide & Strategies”

    1. for the floor you need a heal and a board change/blind resist. I didn’t feel like maxing a zeus dios so I used Yog. I found it was best to do a quick swipe and hope for combos on the board. After you know the hidden orbs are light orbs. I’m trying to think if there are other bicolour board makers where one color is hearts, otherwise the bicolour board is riskier but probably could work. Full team was zeus verse, avalon drake, baldin w/heal inherit, ronia, yog and finally got a 117600 so I am done with the dungeon. Only problem with this team versus mantastic’s is I’m not sure how to kill the damage void floor with light sub element. Maybe if avalon drake was max level (mine is level 100) since otherwise he’d do either 196k or 269k light damage. Maybe a light tpa and a combo would do it?


  1. I went with Verse, Mito,Sheena,Chibi Awoken Tsukuyomi (with a Awoken MeiMei assist for the board change),and Yang Guifei. I got a solid 26.0%


  2. I have the exact Verse team as you its great Im at 7 percent right now. I have 3 physical latent and claymore for one physical assist wondering why on floor 7 cant kill with one combo. what do you suggest. The team is great thank you but I think I can be faster with that one combo


    1. My Zeus Dios has 2 Attacker Killer latents to ensure a full board swipe kills on the blind floor with 0 skyfalls/enhanced orbs

      On a side note, my best verse score thus far is 119,300 which is close to what may be the ceiling for that team


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