GungHo Pal Egg Machine – Why You Should Roll


The revamped GungHo Pal Egg Machine (PEM) is now live in North America and is a wonderful place to spend your Pal Points.

By comparison to the Rare Egg Machine, the PEM is a “free” way to acquire valuable cards. Players are able to acquire Pal Points much faster than Magic Stones and can farm them through Best Friends or special events. As such, it would be wise to utilize Pal Points in this event to acquire the new cards as they can provide value for most Monster Boxes.

This article will highlight the more ideal rolls and what players should be aiming for.

Video commentary

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Pal Point farming/usage

Pal Points are generated every day for just logging in along with being granted after using a friend in a dungeon. There is a limit of 99 Pulls that can be stored at a given time, but one can also save Pal Points in their Mailboxes for 60 days.

While the GungHo dungeon can give 100/200 Pal points per clear, the current one has no real meaningful drops and it is only in Part 2 of the event that we will have a real prize to chase in the dungeon. As such, if one wanted to acquire Pal Points, it would be more efficient to use your Best Friends for 100 Pal Points each.

This can be done through regular play or through the 2-stamina Normal Dungeons.

Awakening & Skilling Up rolls

Presently speaking, Tamadras and Pys are the most commonly used methods for Awakening and Skill Up your cards; however, players can still achieve this by fusing dupes/skill up materials.

Through the GungHo PEM, all duplicates will be able to provide an awakening when fused along with a skill up if used alongside a King Tan. Thus, fusing 4 duplicates with a King Tan will provide 4 Skill Ups and 4 Awakenings.

Thus, it is is best to try and do this and only revert to Tamadras and Pys at the end of the event.

Notable rolls

The GungHo PEM has many new additions along with buffs to existing cards, but only several have true value in the long run.

Many of the cards are chibi/mini versions of existing REM cards and they were once used as Skill Up Fodder, but the Active Skills change when Awoken so the PEM cards can no longer be used. With that being said, they can make budget subs for brand new players as they can provide modest stats and awakenings along with a potentially  helpful active skill.

On the bright side, the new Weapon Assist cards will almost always have merit as they provide free Awakenings and stats if inherited onto the same colour. If the base Active Skill is not interesting, it would be best to try and leave the Weapon Assist un-skilled.

Weapon Assist cards

Weapon Assist cards are able to provide additional awakenings to the base card when inherited. This can be invaluable as it enables a card to exceed the current limit of 9. Furthermore, they will also provide a stat bonus if on-colour.

Due to the fact that the inherited active skill may or may not be desired may lead players to not skill their card up in order to prolong the charge time of the inherit.

 Typhon (New)

Typhon provides a Super Follow Up Attack  and +5% Team HP . The added bulk from Team HP can be invaluable, but the Super Follow Up Attack is cumbersome and may trigger horrible flash backs from the You Yu Ranking Tournament.

Typhon’s active skill deals 200,000 True damage to all enemies along with 2 turns of haste on a 13/18 turn cooldown. This may have situational value but will most likely be left unskilled as better button options exist and the damaging value does not increase with higher base ATK.

 Helen (New)

Helen is another Weapon Assist card that provides 2 Water Orb Enhance blue + orb awakenings, but her true value lies in her 80% or more HP Enhanced ATK .

This Enhanced ATK awakening provides any card with 1.5x damage when above 80% HP which can be invaluable in helping a card deal more damage. Perhaps the best application of this awakening is on VDP  cards who need a little extra damage to ensure a kill.

 Colouring Book cards

The Colouring Book cards are fan-inspired works of art that provide players with a potentially viable early game leader or sub from what were popular cards of the past.

While these cards are quickly replaced by newer options, they may act as invaluable stepping stone cards for newer players.

On a side note, they can also be used to skill up their respective REM versions as they tend to hold more value compared to the PEM forms.

Viable subs

The following are viable cards from the GungHo Pal Egg Machine. These cards cannot be used as assists but can still be used under the right circumstances.


Arthur used to be an amazing button option as he provides both a modest size nuke and HP set to 1. The damage component is only 100x, but this may be sufficient for buttoning through certain content, but being able to adjust your HP to 1 enables button options like Vritra 3450 to reach their maximum potential.

One other pleasant aspect to Arthur is his ability to bring 2 Skill Boosts Skill Boost to help with active skill charging.

 Brunhild (New)

Brunhild is a new addition to the GungHo PEM and comes with an exciting 200x Wood nuke to all enemies as his active skill (takes element and DEF into consideration). This is combined with his 2,283 base ATK which translates into 2,778 ATK with Pluses or 555,600 damage. This can be sufficient to button through various floors while also providing 2 Skill Boosts Skill Boost.

While this is not the flashiest option available, the fact that he is free to acquire makes him quite valuable.

 Sargatanas (New)

Sargatanas is able to act as a budget God Killing card through his single God Killer God Killer awakening. Unfortunately, this is only 3x personal damage and he will be quickly replaced by most other things, it is not a horrible card to own.

In terms of his active skill, he is able to provide 1 turn of delay and 2 turns of Awoken Bind clearing which may be situationally helpful.

 Rutile (New)

Rutile will act as a budget Wood sub through her double orb changer that condenses the board to a 4-elemental form while also producing extra Hearts and Wood orbs. Sadly, this is nothing special and her weighted stats make it challenging to justify a spot for her.


The GungHo Pal Egg Machine is an exciting event that can provide players with additional box depth through various cards. For the most part, the Weapon Assist cards along with Arthur and Brunhild are the main prizes, the other cards can act as gentle stepping stones for newer players.

Let me know what you think about this event in the comments below along with your own luck in rolling these cards.

Happy Puzzling!


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  1. I think Brunhild is female, given her relation to the mythological figure with the same time and also how she is titled as “Shieldmaiden.”


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