[First Impressions] DBDC Buffs + New Cards & Sonia, Ney, Cotton, and More Buffs


On my YT YouTube channel, I often release First Impression Videos that summarize my initial thoughts on new content being released in JP if it is significant/meaningful overall.

As such, I decided to chime in my thoughts on the new Dragonbound & Dragon Caller cards along with significant buffs to existing cards. While this video can be educational, it is also an indication that DBDC will be coming back to North America in 2-3 months. As such, it may be wise to save your Magic Stones as it is arguably the highest value event in Puzzle and Dragons.


I forgot to mention that players can use the Monster Exchange to acquire 7* DBDC cards by trading in 5 rare Collab cards (7*+). This is an outrageously high cost and will not be applicable for the vast majority of the player base. With that being said, it can help those who have either been lucky or rolled excessively clean out their unwanted rare cards for something truly valuable.


Dragonbound & Dragon Caller should be coming back to North America in 2-3 months time so one may wish to start saving Magic Stones for this exciting event.

Let me know what you think about the new cards along with sizable buffs to Sonia, Ney, and Cotton.

Happy Puzzling!

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14 thoughts on “[First Impressions] DBDC Buffs + New Cards & Sonia, Ney, Cotton, and More Buffs”

  1. That trade in cost is beyond excessive. Maybe just a chance for whales to recoup some losses? Who has 5 ideals sitting around?


    1. It is geared exclusively for those who roll in large amounts. Essentially, one could trade in for 5 low quality collab cards (eg green kali) and then trade those in for ideal which amounts to 20x 6* GFE for one DBDC 7*


  2. I wish the heroine was at least somewhat comparable. I somehow got planar on 2 out of 3 accounts(one was during super godfest) it’s like I want to use her she is just insanely difficult to even use for a leader……… I know she is meant for a sub but it doesn’t make using her any better if her active skill takes longer to activate than most dungeons have floors…….. I think I’m going to try and get ideal now more than ever I need her…….. I have no real luck in this game……… I rolled 1 meimei 2 leilans and other non godfest exclusives at super godfest I only got skuld and ilm out of like 5 to 10 rolls……….


    1. Planar is an amazing sub for the upcoming super ultra evolved Metatron.
      And you have pulled two of them!? I consider you very lucky…


  3. Makes sense, thank you. I’ve been trying to get metatron for a while no luck I guess. I think I’ll wait for mega awoken ilm. I’m curious to see what they do. Maybe she will get a new set of awakenings so that she can be top tier again.


  4. so i hear that jp server got a 7* sgf. is it better to save stones for this collab or the 7sgf. or will the 7 sgf even come to na before this collab comes?


    1. I believe 7* SGF comes before DBDC

      In terms of rolling priority, if you have never rolled DBDC or rolled very little, it is where you should be spending your stones

      Otherwise, 7* SGF is the way to go


      1. ya i was out of the game during that time. also during the time of the yusuke collab:( i still manage to beat the monthly quests every month but i do feel like i missed out alot during that time and was just wondering what to save my stones for


        1. also, do the newly added cards bring more value to it? or are they not as good as the cards that were already in it such as enra, tardis, and ideal?


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