[Video/Brief Overview] Halloween Rare Egg Machine


The Halloween event comes as a small surprise as we will be receiving it alongside JP at the appropriate time. This is wonderful as we are able to jump on the hype train as it departs the station along with potentially having a stronger card 2-3 months before we normally would.

With that being said, the Halloween REM follows the trend of most 5-stone Collab and Seasonals: lackluster for almost all of the rolls except for 1-2 at the very top. This heavily promotes the usage of the Monster Exchange system in order to acquire the top prizes instead of vainly wasting Magic Stones to roll terrible low rarity cards.

Due to my own hectic schedule this weekend along with personal/health issues, I am not able to produce a full fledged review but my thoughts are summarized in the following video and written recap.

Video commentary

Video summary

The general gist of the video is that the new Cotton is an amazing card as she features triple 7 Combo 45 plus double TPA TPA (along with FUA )which makes her have 18x personal damage. Furthermore, her Leader Skill grants her 144x ATK / 68.36% damage reduction when hitting 7 or more Combos along with Light and Dark combos.

This grants her nearly 4x effective HP which means she can naturally tank all the Preemptives in Alt Arena in solo mode when running cards that are HP-inclined.

Active: For 1 turn, increase combo count by 1. Remove orb locks. Change all orbs to Light, Dark & Heal.
LSkill: 4x ATK & reduce damage taken when 7+ combos matched. 3x ATK & reduce damage taken when Light & Dark matched.

Sadly, she is not without fault as she is vulnerable to binds which can be overcome with the Nicol Bolas Weapon Assist. Due to the fact that we are receiving her at the same time as JP, it is uncertain how desirable she will be so my advice would be to hold off on trading in for her until the end of the event.

Other that Halloween Cotton, the rest of the cards are middling at best with the exception of the new Zaerog and newly buffed Halloween Verdandi.

Verdandi gains a new evolution along while also being able to receive Limit Break and Super Awakenings (most notably FUA ) while also providing Time Extend Time Extend with God typing which may be invaluable for Dark Metatron  teams. Healing to full health my seem counter intuitive for Dark Metatron, but having the ability to manipulate your health both ways can be important under certain scenarios or challenging content.

Farm Myne

Myne is a new farmable Descend boss who is able to provide a 1 turn cooldown along with beneficial awakenings and stats. This is amazing for players who have never rolled a Tardis  and her Team HP  can help shore up health concerns for various teams.

Due to the fact that she is farmable leaves no excuse to not have one skilled up and ready should one require her utility.

Active: Lock all Dark orbs.
LSkill: 5x ATK when team consists of units that are Dragonbounds &/or Dragon Callers. 4x ATK when 6+ combos matched.
Super Awakenings:  45 


The Halloween REM is horribly top heavy and it would be advisable to either Free Roll or utilize the Monster Exchange system to acquire Halloween Cotton.

The current Super Godfest gives a players a 19.6% chance to acquire a Godfest Exclusive which can in turn be used in this and future Monster Exchange events. As such, it would be a better place to spend your Magic Stones if any were available.

Let me know what you think about this event in the comments below along with the temptation to trade in for Halloween Cotton.

Happy Puzzling!

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36 thoughts on “[Video/Brief Overview] Halloween Rare Egg Machine”

  1. I had planned to roll on this event, but after seeing that all I really cared about was HVerd and HCotton (most of the other stuff I have), I rolled another pack in SGF and got some trade fodder. Much more efficient.

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  2. one thing I’d like to bring to the attention of all, is that the one downside of Myne is you can’t activate her skill if there’s no unlocked dark orbs to lock.

    otherwise this is really a situational/RNG thing and Myne has now given me a reason to use my Revo Anubis team.

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  3. Traded some of my stuff from SG to get two Verdandi. Did some deevloving 2 UE Sylvie’s & one Typhon that isn’t Max skill to trade for HCotton with using the other Verdandi. Roll wise was horrible until I hit HZaeroog. I’m not rolling anymore with thinking that I can exchange for another HCotton by devolving some other stuff that I don’t use. SG was a bust when it came to unuseable 7*s.


  4. Really starting to hate that only certain dupes can be used for each character you want to trade for. I got 2 unneeded Rodin’s in the 7* GFE. But they are not tradeable for Cotton. So i have to find other dupes.


    1. That’s how GH makes us spending stone (money) I guess?

      Ian, however is trading in two Verdandi, one Cotton, and contemplating for trading in another Cotton… with “bust” experience in the previous SGF….
      On behalf of all PAD player, especially free players, I thank you Ian!


      1. I did not trade two HVerdandi and Cotton for HCotton. I traded one HVerdandi, 2 Sylvie, and a Typhon for on HCotton. And i would not devolve any of my 4 Cottons to trade for a HCotton. I have 2 evolved HSonia Grands, and two other non Cotton creatures to devolve in order to get another HCotton.


    1. Donut, it’s a new decend’s boss. GH will likely announce the new descend through the stream this Friday. And it will be available to us either right after, or most likely next week. 🙂

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  5. HVerdandi was in my top5 most desired cards.. like a year ago. Her role (damage stick/board changer) is EXTREMELY crowded these days, and she offers little that other cards don’t already do.. Good board, still a premium card, but she just doesn’t feel nearly as l33t as this time last year. DMega doesn’t really need her, BJ can’t use her, Yusuke doesn’t want her, and Ed is falling out of the meta. That leaves.. what, Anublos? Vraska? ..yeah, she’s good on Vraska, but it’s not like Vraska was hurting for TE, a board change, or another double 7c, or even a FUA..

    HCotton is more interesting, but only merely on-par with a leader like Ed or Yusuke, and only with the Bolas equip. Hurts that she isn’t a God, for DMega, where she would’ve been truly phenomenal.


    1. Halloween Verdandi is not a terrible option on Dark Metatron teams as the full heal can be useful in certain scenarios when used in conjunction with Izanagi

      Also, Edward is now getting buffed to 196x ATK!


  6. After buying 30 stones from doing two previous spins, I hit 3 diamond in a row wherit was HSonia Gran, Verdandi, & Ruel. If only that Ruel was Cotton, but I can trade for another Cotton with devolving 2 HSonia Grans to only have one left.


  7. Pretty stoked. I got my 5 stones for 1450 days of playing and that netted me a HVerdandi. I do wish it were a cotton instead….but still pretty awesome.


  8. I’ll be passing on myne.
    The spinners that change the orb type are to hard for me to overcome. One of the worst mechanics they could’ve put in the game in my opinion.


    1. If you uses co-op to farm Ultimate Machinr Rush with the pixel Echidna/Male hunter. You can pretty much use the same set-up to farm Myne.

      Otherwise yeah… too much work for 30 skills-up. Might need to py it up!


      1. I think that is part of the thing I am struggling with – but probably on yusuke and future Ed. My two other light FUA are Paimon and sonia elle. Not sure if the upgrade is worth it, and if better monster exchange will come out soon


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