[First Impressions] Full Metal Alchemist Return with Buffs & Assist Evolutions


On my YT YouTube channel, I often do First Impression videos of new content being released in JP in hopes of informing the NA player base to help us make better decisions moving forward.

Generally speaking, we are 2-3 months behind JP for most events and being able to see into the future can help us make an informed decision as what to do with our Magic Stones and resources.

As such, the Full Metal Alchemist is returning and we should be able to expect the same thing in the future as we did enjoy the Collab in the past. Furthermore, players will be able to utilize the Monster Exchange system to acquire and 6-star card.

Video commentary

In essence, all cards received the ability to be Limit Broken and Super Awoken which dramatically improves their weighted stats and viability in solo mode. Unfortunately, this will mostly only apply to the top rarity cards who also received sizable buffs and a Weapon Assist form.

Through their Weapon Assist forms, each gains more value as a duplicate and gives players more options if lacking key Monster Hunter inherits.

In regards to buffs, the most noticeable one is to Edward  who is able to gain a third 7 Combo 45 as a Super Awakening along with buffing his Leader Skill from 144x ATK to 196x. This is a massive jump in both personal damage and team damage and should help bring him back up to speed with current top tier leaders.


The Full Metal Alchemist revival grants sizable buffs to the top rarity cards along with being able to acquire them via the Monster Exchange. The main appeal of Edward is his team building flexibility as he can use any card while having a powerful damage reduction component.

A more formalized review will occur when the cards are being released in North America.

Let me know what you think of the buffs and changes in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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11 thoughts on “[First Impressions] Full Metal Alchemist Return with Buffs & Assist Evolutions”

  1. Speaking of Amatsu when is Monster Hunter coming back. Started this account with the Full Metal Collab. I’m saving trade fodder for when it comes back. Want to get a Diablos


    1. Wooo, Marty you mentioned something that hasn’t happened for MH collab yet. That is the trading !

      Given its 10 stones per roll, I am expecting trading price will be similar to DCDB trading…. which is totally out of most players’ reach.


  2. Can anyone say what exact monsters will be tradeable for Edward? Are they based on element, so they’re the same as HCotton?


  3. Thanks!! I have another thing to puzzle out.
    I just rolled a new alt for fun and I got five 6* GFE – 2 Venrir Viz, Kanna, Sherias Roots, and Skuld – that I can trade in for either HCotton or Edward. My remaining box would include Reeche, 2 Ilmina, Planar, AVaj plus awoken krisha, awoken antares, H rozuel and sarasvari. What do you think? Trade or not to Trade? H Cotton or Edward? Which of the five would you keep? Thanks!!


    1. Edward is a stronger leader compared to Hcotton and can use virtually any subs

      I would keep playing the alt account and see how DBDC treats you but I would personally not trade in for HCotton


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